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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Meet the Next US President

  If you rely on the British media you probably haven't yet even heard of the next US President.

  Obama is toast - he has been incompetent is almost every possible way and America is still in a recession I have yet to find anybody disputing it could have got out of 3 years ago. The next President will be Republican. Herman Cain is leading the Republican pols and has convincingly won 2 major straw polls. His 9-9-9 plan (corporation tax, VAT and income tax of 9% and cut all the parasitic parts of government, particularly the EPA, accordingly is the issue everybody in America is talking about.

   Yet the British media have barely noted the lead candidate's existence. I went through the first 5 pages of this Google News today without finding anything from a British news source. The entire BBC has 5 mentions, 4 of which are  purely for their US & Canada subdivision.

    Compare this with the much hyped "occupy Wall Street" campaign for which the BBC has many pages (I got to 5 before quiting) or Google News with 37,400 items and the Guardian (natch) among the top and 7th places.

   Obviously, unless Britain's entire media are corrupt liars willing to censor any fact or tell any lie in the cause of the fascism of Britain's nomenklatura the likely winner of the next Presidential race is thousands of times less important than, what an eye witness not filtered through our media described as
I’d venture a guess of about 1,000. Multiple reports have said that far fewer, about 200, sleep in the park overnight. A thousand isn’t tiny, but in New York City it’s not a huge gathering ...relatively small when you consider the tons of publicity the protest has received. In addition, a significant proportion of the people I saw – I’d say at least a quarter - consisted of journalists, tourists and other onlookers. Indeed, OWS has become something of spectacle that people want to observe, another activity to cross off the sight-seeing list while visiting NYC....
It was a sea of mostly twentysomethings with dreadlocks, piercings and, of course, tattoos.....At the outset, it was said that the protesters did not know exactly what they wanted. I was curious to see if there was now any more clarity in the message coming out. There wasn’t. There was a mish-mash of slogans: ‘Quit coal’, ‘Stop hurting animals’, ‘Support revolution in Peru’. One woman held up a long-worded poster complaining about Staples, the stationery store.
Indeed, the striking thing was that there was little proper discussion and debate, despite the General Assembly forum. It was not the lack of a coherent message, but rather the lack of any attempt to come to a better understanding about things that was remarkable. These are the children of the politically correct era...The only union rep there was a speaker from the Communication Workers of America, but his fellow union members didn’t join him.
   From Spiked - a valuable bit of balance to the total lying our own and I suspect most US media have been engaged in. Any mass protest which contains only 200 people in one of the world's great cities , of whom 50 are journalists or other onlookers is clearly purely a media event no more spontaneous or representative of popular feeling than Al Gore's Pop Concert Against Global Warming or any spontaneous demonstration in North Korea. And not compatible with our MSM being any more trustworthy than NK's.

    Previously I have said I thought Sarah Palin would be the best next US President. I don't necessarily feel otherwise but she may. A couple of days before she announced her withdrawal I though she had shown that her tactic of not entering the race had succeeded. Perry's vote was crumbling and U thought she could have taken that as the moment to enter and triumph. I still think she could have. However she originally said she would run "if nobody else does". I think that, with a growing family, she was considering it out of duty not ambition.  Now, with somebody else honest, principled, competent, highly intelligent (worked as a mathematician)* with proven executive ability  to run large organisations (and rescue them from collapse) and with a programme of growth similar to hers she doesn't have to. She says
"Herman Cain is not a politician. He has the business acumen and that background in the private sector, knowing how to create jobs and meet a bottom line and understanding the work ethic. He's pulled himself up from the bootstraps.
That's that Americana story that so many of us are intrigued with and impressed with. So look forward to hearing more details about Herman Cain's 9-9-9 program."
  At the most appropriate moment (her timing has been flawless) I expect her to endorse him and him to win.

*The PM of Singapore, and son of its first PM also studied mathematics at  Cambridge (while most of our leaders did PPE at Oxford). There is much to be said for intelligent leadership.

Oh yes - he is black but not the sort of dependent black the ruling class like

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