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Thursday, October 06, 2011

All the News thats Fit to Print - What BBC & ITN Thinks Is and Isn't

Some stuff from yesterday.

Fit - C4 had an interesting bit about Validimir Putin having been shown on Russian TV bringing up a Greek Amphora and it turns out he hadn't actually discovered it.  The fact that in the original film the stuff was clearly marked out by white tapes underwater would have tended to make that clear at the time but apparently this is proof of how much Russian TV is slanted in his favour.

Not Fit - the original photo-op. Nor should it have been but if it wasn't newsworthy then is it not slanted to say it is now.

Not Fit - Any reporting whatsoever of the fact that for many years, as Andrew Neather boasted, the government deliberately hid from the people the fact that they were running a programme of mass immigration to "elect a new people" in Britain. (Though Sky has)

So, assuming that the broadcasters are not entirely government propagandists, pushing stories against their chosen enemies and censoring their lies and frauds Putin bringing 2 pieces if vase ashore in a marginally slanted photo-op is infinitely more important news, in Britain, than the fact of the British government importing millions of immigrants, against the interests and wishes of the British people.

A Fit Way to Spin - On Newsnight last night they had a talking head, the editor of the New Statesman (who to my elderly eye looked about 15), saying that the Conservative and indeed all the big party Conferences were almost empty. That their fringe events were almost entirely sponsors from big business, fakecharities (though that word is never used) and government. That, with the hollowing out (that phrase was used - possibly because it is a legitimate one in business) the conferences were only being kept going because the parties make lots of money and that perhaps it is time to end them.

An Unfit Way to Spin - would have been to make the obvious point that all parties are simply a charade designed to give the appearance of democracy when in fact every political issue is promoted or censored by the state controlled media. It wasn't made.

Fit - That the last growth figures have been recalculated to 0.1%. Still a suspiciously convenient figure since it is not technically zero, though well within margin of error of it.

Not Fit -  Since the state media line is, under all circumstances, that we need bigger government, that this was achieved with an, after inflation, increase in government spending of 1.3%, despite all the false claims of "cuts". So despite what we are told the "cuts" cannot be the cause.

Fit - Lots and lots of "news" (beeboid talking heads) about how "quantitative easing" is needed.

Not Fit - That despite the Monetary Policy Cttee's legal duty to restrict monetary supply increase ("quantitative easing") to keep inflation around 2% it is now 5.2% and they are making no slightest attempt to fulfil the duty they are officially paid for. Inflation is simply government parasites stealing from us by breaking their promise of the value of the non-interest bearing bonds they print (aka £ notes).

Accidentally Fit - Tina Fey interviewed in Frost on Satire (BBC4) saying Sarah Palin is very intelligent. I don't know how that wasn't noticed since all the others, who hadn't actually met her, were doing the normal "Palin is an imbecile" line which has been the media explanation for her popilarity over 4 years among ordinary people. It is clearly wholly false but the media scum have to be contemptuous of the ordinary people they are swindling to allow themselves to sleep at night.
damn sight better democrat than most of our lot, smarter and more honest than Cameron or Obama too - anybody disagree

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The KGB's puppeteer is better than UK or US democracy... Neil, you're a sick man.
A government drone who's paid to troll the internet.
I think you will find he was elected by the large maqkority of the Russian people. They freely decided they liked a government that provided 7% annual growth. Have you some evidence that the British people would not like such a government if we had enough democracy to be able to elect such a choice the chance?
Neil Craig: Growth at or beyond an arbitrarily defined rate is much more important than human rights and civil liberties. After all, what's a few dead journalists and brutalised provinces when compared with the insurmountable problem of MY TAX MONIES?!

Wait. The dead people were of the wrong skin colour, that is if they even were dead in the first place! Phew!
Well if that is the standard you adhere to you find that NATO have killed several thousand people with different coloured skins in Libya and will be eagerly denouncing them. You are clearly unaware the the people of Chechnya aren't black. There are also the hundreds of thousands "missing" from Yugoslavia and up to a million in Iraq. Are you seriously claiming not to have supported these killings or are you seriously claiming, with evidence, that Putin's Russia has killed anything close to NATO's "score". I look forward to your evidence - or not as the case may be.

Of course we have actively failed to achieve growth so maybe iot is only economically successful countries that should be blamed.
Russia is a total shit-hole of corruption and vulgar inequality. I go there often on business... you would NOT want to live there.

The Russians are, generally speaking, ill-educated nationalists who only want to regain there super-power strength so they can resume bullying their neighbours... why am I bothering, the wall in front of me is more likely to stop a think than your good self.
If you thought your last senence truthful you wouldn't have because you would expect me to delete it as, for example, "Liberal Democrat" blogs normally do of anybody who disagrees with them. I only delete when the commenter is being gratuitously insulting and has zero information content. You rise slightly above that because you claim experience of Russia, though the fact of your anonymity and manner suggests you may not be telling the truth about your experience - a common tactic.

Presumably you can provide verification.
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