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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recent Reading

  The people who did the alleged DNA testing of the Srebrenica bodies aren't going to let the defence experts check it, despite
Discrepancies have also been found between the ICMP’s findings and the original military records of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The ICMP claims to have found the mortal remains of at least 140 soldiers in Srebrenica-related mass graves whose original military records listed them as having been killed months, and in many cases years, before Srebrenica fell. The Bosnian government has resolved these discrepancies by disavowing the accuracy of their original military records and amending them to match the ICMP’s findings
  The alleged Srebrenica massacre in which the town was overrun and 7,000/8,000/11,000/15,000/insert desired number of the soldiers in the garrison is claimed to have been carried out by attacking forces that
." When Srebrenica fell, the UNMOsSrebrenica was "probably no less than 2,000 infantry."
 Or alternately it might be a fraud, maintained for nearly 20 years by governments who would thus be, by definition, wholly corrupt, racist, lying Nazi war criminals.
Obituary of a man whose invention changed the world we live in. Keith Tantlinger invented modern shipping containers. He and his boss ended up rich but not fantastically so though the value added to the world by making shipping a minor part of costs must run into trillions.. He also persuaded his boss to release the idea from coyright making it available to makind. Thus proving that patent laws do not guarantee inventors anything close to the value they add but also proving that many do not do it purely for the money.
The investment in global R & D is $1.2 trillion annually. 1.6% of world GNP. I have previously suggested X-Prize Foundations growing to offering 2% of national GNP, which would be expected to increase investment in winning projects alone to 6% of GNP..
Dan Hannan supports new Scottish libertarian party. So does Norman Tebbit. But Spiked doesn't seeing it as symbolic of the de-politicisation of parties - though it makes some valid points I disagree seeing it as the de-tribalisation of parties which may allow some real politics in.
Roger Helmer, leader of the Tory MEPs says there will be no growth with David Cameron's current addition to ecofascism and regulatory burdens.
7 Principles of sound public policy
"Arab spring" - "doesn’t mean that there aren’t people in the Arab world who want liberal democracy. It simply means that they are not powerful enough to topple regimes or maintain control of new regimes even if they did succeed. The Arab Spring is, above all, a primer on wishful thinking in the face of the real world."

Multiverse theory suggested by microwave background
The growth of free market traditional liberalism - "Compared with today's Republican presidential candidates, Barry Goldwater, the founder of the modern conservative movement – whose views were considered so extreme in 1964 that he was defeated in a landslide – would seem almost temperate. His blend of strict constitutionalism, muscular national security, and small-government economic policy – low taxation and light regulation – has become standard boilerplate on the stump today". - all the more impressive because the writer does not like the trend.
Time lapse film of Chinese building a block in 90 hours using prefabrication.  The building itself uses one sixth the materials of a comparable facility with 15 stories and 600 square meters per floor (~5500 square feet). Waste generated by construction was only 1% of the total weight, not including waste generated during prefabrication.

PS Figures slightly wrong re Srebrenica. While the Moslem Nazi government did initially suggest none of the soldiers escaped it is now known that 7,000 of them did, out of a garrison at the time reported as 7,500 but, if 15,000 were killed, as we are expected to believe, must have actually been 22,000.

So it was actually 2,000 Serb militia, overcoming a well entrenched defensive position held by 22,000 and capturing 15,000 of them. This is a military achievement with few peers in history - perhaps some of Caesar's battles against the Gauls or Clive's victories in India. However, seeing the reporting of it this claim unquestionably represents the very highest standard of honesty western journalists ever aspire and thus, unless they are, without serious exception, wholly corrupt lying Nazi filth without the tiniest trace of personal honesty or decency it must be what happened.

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