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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Censoring the Riots - Just Cause You Saw It Doesn't Mean It Can Be Mentioned

  We have riots going on nightly in Britain. People have been killed both last night and the night before.. However we are not allowed to discuss who is actually doing it.

  Anybody can see, looking at crowd pictures, that the perpetrators are overwhelmingly young Negros. The BBC manage the trick of never mentioning colour but bringing in an inordinate number of West Indian "community leaders" to say that it is all the fault of the government "cuts" meaning they don't get enough money and makework jobs

   Last night Newsnight Scotland spent 20 minutes in a self satisfied discussion  of why Scots don't riot. Apparently it is due to our more socialistically inclined government & even the Protestant work ethic but almost no mention was made of the fact that we have a very low ratio of West Indian immigrants.

   Yesterday I reposted something I had posted on John Redwood. On his site he has replaced part of my post with  "(Unproven generalisation about who the looters are removed-ed)"

  This is what I wrote (emphasis added)
The other point that should be mentioned, because it isn't being, is that the rioters are overwhelmingly negro street gangs (despite the fact that the cover photo on several papers is of the sole white, or possibly mixed race, rioter). That is very good news because white or Islamic crowds, with political motivations would be a lot tougher. If this looting isn't stopped they will be next time.

John gets baracked by others there for having done the same and defends himself 
reply: I am not a believer in censorship, but I have no wish to spend time dealing with complaints that I am allowing unproven allegations on this site which are hurtful to others, or create tensions in communities.
I have some sympathy with this - he could easily get denounced by the PC brigade or even warned by the police. On the other hand if even a very senior "right wing" Conservative politician thinks it is politically inadvisable to  tell a truth which is visible with every photo (well almost every one, the papers use the one that isn't ;-) ) then what hope do we have of solving a problem we dare not even discuss.

  Dellors has a transcript of a Sky soundbite which shows how "right wing" they aren't either.
Funniest interview ever on Sky. Female Sky reporter interviewing a white guy who has had his shops burned. He said to her , the arsonists/looters were all black. She said to him , you can’t say that , there must have been white guys there as well. He thought about and then said , ok they were not all black , i was the only white guy there. Is that ok to say ?
This guy states this with a totally dead pan face without a hint of the pc faux pas.

She again corrects him and states nervously you just cant say they were all black , he responds , but they were i was there.

Unbelievable. The interview describes the state of our society in a nut shell.
The whole article is worth reading both where it points out that even the small number of looters actually arrested do not face punishing punishment. Also my comment .
The front page photograph on 3 newspapers yesterday was of one looter walking past a burning car. The gentleman was clearly either white or mixed race. However from the crowd pictures we have seen the vast majority are, to put it gently, of a dark hue.
Imagine how many pictures these papers all had to go through to find the one which showed only a white looter. To be fair there are many that show some whites but on a purely statistical basis the odds of a randomly selected picture containing only white rioters must be at least thousands to one against (in fact I suspect there are none showing more than one looter, all of whom are white and that if there had been it would have been used).
Since we have a free rather than centrally controlled press the odds of 3 newspapers independently choosing this picture must be thousands cubed (ie many billions) to one against.
Alternately the chance that our mainstream media is not wholly controlled for the purpose of lying to us in a fascist manner must be many billions to one against. Report Reply Edit
Is there something genetically inherent on Negroes that makes them tend to be more aggressive. Well I certainly couldn't answer that question under UK law but it has been scientifically answered.

PS Last night's news had a breaking item about trouble, involving police, fire brigades and a helicopter, in Felron Young Offender's Institution.  Today it has disappeared. Did it happen or was it a mistaken report, The problem with censored media is that we can't know,

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Yes, I noted the same thing, Redwood will not allow us to discuss the self-evident which is a shame, especially since no-one is asking him to agree with it, merely allow free commentary.

I also noted the complete absence of black people in the group defending their shops or the crew in Enfield. Until someone correctly diagnoses a problem it is hard to serioulsy believe it can be successfully tackled.

And the Met's smattering of "looters wanted" posters is as ethnically balanced as a Coca-cola advert.

I've also read unconfirmed reports that gold command ordered officers to observe and report rather than intervene which allowed the conflagration to really take hold early on.
I was censored on his site too because I told the "truth".

While the government continue to ignore the facts, these problems will never be solved. The growing frustration of white Britons will get worse.
@ Sue I have also been censored out entirely just for posting this youtube link on a middle east thread

I checked the source material as Mrs SAoT is a Farsi speaker, the claims the video makes are true.
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