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Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Reading - real news reporting is to be found in the blogsphere and the MSM is mainly confined to rewriting government press releases

catastrophic global warming eh?

During the Bosnian war we were constantly told by the media that the Serbs were racists who persecuted Muslims and fought against the supposedly moderate Bosnian Muslim government of Alijah Izetbegovic. Citizens in the NATO countries believed this media fiction about Bosnia because it was all they heard and saw, or thought they saw. And seeing is believing.

We were told Mr. Izetbegovic was a great moderate, and the Sarajevo weekly magazine, Svijet, supported Mr. Izetbegovic. So isn't it curious that Svijet's pictures and captions, scanned and posted below, fondly remember a World War II Nazi SS Division made up entirely of Islamic Fundamentalists from Bosnia?

This SS division was called Handzar

The latest discovery suggests there are whole “reservoirs” — the term used by the researchers — of moon water, but not on the surface, and not in liquid form. Instead, the researchers said, the water is locked up chemically in the moon’s mantle, the thick layer just beneath the surface crust.

The implications of abundant water could be profound, for water is thought essential not only for human survival, but for replenishing rocket fuel. That would be a big boost for future exploration

why the British economy is in very deep trouble - shows our economy has been debt dependent (11% of GNP) since 2003 and that just assuming growth will get us out of it is not sufficient. I agree but am not pessimistic about the possibility of growth if those in charge cease preventing it.

This is to the report produced by Republika Srpska into the real Srebrenica Massacre on 3,870 Serb civilians, mainly women, children and old people, because the men were safe in combat. Many were beheaded  and Bosnian Nazi leader Nasir Oric has shown journalists videos of the beheading taken from his extensive home video collection. Most of this genocide was done after Oric's troops had been officially disarmed by NATO "peacekeepers" and took place under their official protection.

NATO gaultier, leader of the "Liberal Democrats" and an open Nazi supporter of child rape, genocide and the dissection of living people, Paddy Ashdown attempted to burn every copy of the report but one was  smuggled to safety and has is reprinted here.

Every single member of that party who is t=not themselves a lying racist Nazi, morally equivalent  to the guards at Auschwitz has denounced Ashdown's book burning and other obscenities. That is none of them.

"We are working fulltime to develop a series of suborbital space vehicles designed to pave the way for manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft," they wrote.,,,,
"The space industry is expanding in more and more different ways," Betts told He called the rocket "part of a larger picture of different kinds of groups entering into the space arena in different ways."
not bad on a £50,000 budget.

Listing of countries by per capita wealth. - everybody who realises the rest of the world exists should check this. The US has fallen to 7th place, UK to 21st (one place behind Taiwan). Note that Luxemburg's placing depends on counting incomes of people who work there but the per capita excludes those who live over the borders.

Cut taxes to boost economy, IMF tells George Osborne - but allowable political "debate" in the UK and even more in Scotland consists of whether boosting the economy should be achieved by the obviously far less efficient means of more government spending.

Northern Ireland ... there has been a collusion between the authorities and the media to play down the simmering violence that has continued in the years since the Good Friday Agreement. The authorities wanted to portray Northern Ireland as having thrown off terrorism and having moved into a era of peace and prosperity.

The reality on the ground was very different, but outside of Northern Ireland people looking on the BBC NI web pages would have long thought the official line was the truth. - this article from Autonomous Mind is exactly why real news reporting is to be found in the blogsphere and the MSM is mainly confined to rewriting government press releases.

pdf on Thorium reactors - the ecofascists don't think government should support normal nuclear because it is a mature industry and doesn't need it. True all it needs is the freedom to keep the lights on. They oppose supporting thorium research because it is "some way into the future".

"Kosovo is increasingly looking like a stimulus package for more jobs for the police, DEA and FBI.

In all the reports below, there is a reference to the drug operation functioning for “more than a decade.” Gee, what happened just over a decade ago that could have facilitated so many badasses from the Balkans?" - Julia Gorin on the truth about Kosovo which you also won't get on the MSM.

Ignored by the MSM, peers are quietly eviscerating the European Union Bill, intended to provide for referendums on future transfers of power to Brussels....Earlier this week, they voted by 242 to 209, to water down the Bill’s “sovereignty clause” and by 209 to 203 to insert an article which would cause the referendum lock to lapse automatically at the end of this Parliament.

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