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Sunday, May 29, 2011


  Here are a number of links to various news items about Yugoslav events. All stiff you virtually entirely censored from our media. I would also like to let anybody know of a regular news listing available from of news on the subject.I assume he will be willing to add those interested to his list.

Andy Wilcoxson Setting the record straight on Bosnia

Orhanleggers arrested in Kosovo

It is important that political leaders suspected of human organ trade are not elected into new Kosovo institutions, said EU Special Representative and after 12 years of NATO & the EU working and  killing to ensure exactly that

German military intelligence report, on wikileaks of "brief overview over Kosovo situation including smugglers routes, political aims of organized crime and difficulties when prosecuting organized crime. The second part presents the key players of organized crime, presenting individuals and corporate structures as well as connections between organized crime cells and intelligence services"

The trafficking of organs, on an international level, related to the MEDICUS clinic in 2008 in Pristina. Note the date - nine years under NATO rule the dissections continued and presumably still do

One of those nice Kosvo Moslem freedom fighters guilty of genocide against civilians on our orders turns out to be a Moslem terrorist guilty of killing to US soldiers, not on our orders. Who would have expected something likr that?
"teenagers, both boys and girls being abducted of the streets of Pristina ... 15 a fortnight ....abducting them into prostitution in Germany and Italy .... its a definite problem" Major Plummer, Royal Greenjackets
Our freedom loving democracy minded allies in the cause of western civilisation, the Croatian Nazis also dissected people to steal their organs.
Peter Hitchens on our organlegging policemen
Karadzic "trial" testimony proves who was guilty of genocide and of aiding and abetting
Karadzic asked “Do you agree with me that [UNPROFOR] should have thwarted attacks against Serb civilians from the areas under your protection?”

...“The Security Council mandate did not ask of UNPROFOR the sort of equivalence that you are referring to.”...

“In the morning hours of 26 June 1995, our (ie Moslem) forces attacked from the Srebrenica sector and set fire to the village of Visnjica. According to as yet unconfirmed intelligence, the Chetniks suffered casualties among the civilian population.”

After reading out the document Karadzic asked the witness, “Which ethnic community and which army would have tolerated any such thing, despite any resolutions of the United Nations? Do you agree with me that we were fully in our right not to tolerate that?”

Harland answered saying, “Well, I certainly agree with you that this appears to be a violation of the agreement you referred to, yes.”

The fictitious genocide in Srebrenica by Andy Wilcoxson
Unless somebody wishes to dispute all of this factually I do not think it can be disputed that all the western politicians and journalists who supported these obscenities are wholly corrupt, lying, subhuman savages who, in a civilised society, would, after a fair trial, be hung from the nearest lamppost

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