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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Professor Laffer (of curve fame) on how to end unemployment

Americ'a ruling class, political correctness and why we don't need them

Dan Hannan on why the American Revolution was a conservative attempt to retain liberties and why the Tea Party is the same

UK excess winter deaths, which could be massively reduced by cheap nuclear power

Accumulated economic growth 1990 - 2006

 Regardless of the indicator, the larger the city, the more innovative the “social capital” it produces. For example, if the size of a city doubles, then, on average, wages, wealth, the number of patents, and the number of educational and research institutions all increase by approximately the same degree, about 15 percent

Is schizophrenia a delayed effect of post birth illness? "Schizophrenia is usually diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 25, but the person who becomes schizophrenic is sometimes recalled to have been different as a child or a toddler—more forgetful or shy or clumsy. Studies of family videos confirm this. Even more puzzling is the so-called birth-month effect: People born in winter or early spring are more likely than others to become schizophrenic later in life. It is a small increase, just 5 to 8 percent", “The birth-month effect is one of the most clearly established facts about schizophrenia,”

California heading for bankruptcy

Study done to prove we need positive discrimination to get more women on boards finds "that when a board had a 10% increase in the number of women, the value of the company dropped. The bigger the change to the structure of the board, the bigger the fall in returns."

Why Obama's Luddite policies are responsibly for high energy prices - by Sarah Palin

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