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Thursday, February 24, 2011


   A short rant here because it won't appear elsewhere. Better Nation is, despite being run by a convinced Green has shown an unusual degree of thought in its posts. That is why I have contributed to it despite having my comments censored when somebody, completely off topic, accused Milosevic of genocide. When he did so I asked him either to produce some evidence or withdraw the claim. I also mentioned the undenied fact that our KLA police inn Kosovo had been allowed to engage in massacres, genocide, the kidnapping of schoolgirls to sell to brothels & organlegging. That bit got censored. OK the whole thing was off topic and perhaps censorship can be justified if it is off topic.

    However he recently denounced Bill Aitken, a Conservative MSP, in terms of pseudo outrage for having made the politically incorrect but surely factual remark that women who are not prostitutes are likely, on balance, to be more traumatised by forced sex than those who are. If anybody wishes to dispute that please do but they should produce some evidence or at the very least believable line of reasoning rather than merely assert that it it must be so because it is politically incorrect.

     I put up a post saying that there was some hypocrisy in denouncing a simple remark on the grounds that it showed insufficient respect for prostitutes while censoring even the very mention of our government's complicity in sex slavery. In this case it was clearly on topic.

     It got censored.

    There is therefore no question that Jeff 's post was not, in the slightest degree, motivated by concern for the victims. It was simply a cheap attack on somebody purely for being a Conservative politician. Jeff himself has clearly, entirely deliberately, censored to promote sex slavery and child rape (also genocide but that is off topic).

     If this is the highest standard of integrity one may expect from even the most thoughtful members of the eco-fascist "left" and clearly it is, there are no circumstances whatsoever under which any of them can be worthy of any respect.

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