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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


   Bin collecting is not sexy but it is one of the 3 things corrupt but competent politicians look after (the other 2 are keeping their hands off the schools and not killing people in "nice" neighbourhoods). This was in EU Referendum recently:

"Refuse disposal is one of those issues which I find seriously depressing – on several levels. On a professional level, trained and qualified in the arcane ways of managing Britain's waste, I find it offensive that our effective and economic systems have been destroyed, to be replaced by a shambolic mess.

At a second level, my status as a taxpayer kicks in, where it becomes doubly offensive to see the waste shambles set to cost us an additional £10 billion in set up and infrastructure costs, plus an additional £8bn a year to run, all for absolutely no gain – in fact, quite the reverse, a worse system. It is difficult to know what is more offensive – that it is to cost more, or that we get a worse system for the extra money...

 we once had a refuse disposal system admired across the world, which made landfilling a public benefit, not something to be looked on as almost as evil as smoking."

   Indeed. We spend that 8 billion on sorting rubbish into categories which still leaves it more expensive to "mine" it than to refine natural ores. The alleged justification for this is a shortage of landfill, ie holes in the ground.because the eco-fascists don't like us filling them in.

    Meanwhile we are digging out hundreds of millions of tons of coal from open cast mines which the eco-fascists object to because they leave holes in the ground.

     So more government parasitism is required and billions must be wasted to solve an artificial shortage and an artificial surplus of the same thing (or same nothing) at the same time.

    Oh for the days when we could do something about people who tell us what to do Bernard Cribbins - Hole in the ground

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