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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The TEA movement & Republicans have had a major but not an overwhelming victory in the US elections. They got far more Senate seats & far more votes overall. On the other hand the TEAists failed to take Nevada where one of their leaders was up against Harry Reid & though results are not yet in, may have failed to take Alaska, the vote having split between the TEAist who won the primary & the Republican incumbent who refused to step down - the incumbent has probably won. Also in Delaware Christine O'Donnell has been beaten by both an absolutely disgusting smear campaign portraying her as a "witch" & the local Republican leaders opposing her.

Nobody has had a magic touch but Obama, whose on previous seat went TEAist, clearly has a touch of ----. The game is to play for rather than won, which is fair enough.

The BBC reporting kept on about how the Republicans will now "have to work with Obama" & that that will mean betraying what they stand for & their supporters. I don't see the point of that - the voters have more said that Obama will have to work with Congress. The Republicans can demand the Obamacare bill be shelved & a new bipartisan one be worked out; they should demand a freeze on hiring across all departments Federal government (this would cut government size by about 5% annually by natural wastage & is similar to the Gramm-Rudman Act which did similarly cut inflation); on a genuine impartial & fast investigation into catastrophic global warming & if there isn't any (there isn't) the evisceration of the EPA & all related Luddite regulations; & an X-Prize foundation. Ideally the Republicans can demand "Starting [now] we’re going to lay more pipelines … build more nuclear plants" - nominally Obama hasn't said he is against that & had it been done 2 years ago there is no question that America would now be in high growth.

Which brings us to Sarah Palin - will she run - can she win the Republican nomination - can she win the Presidency? I think she would make an outstanding President & I think she would win Republican primaries. However I am not sure she would win the Presidency even against Obama. I have said previously that the dream ticket would be a Palin/Gingrich ticket with either party heading it & stand by that. Palin has recently said she will run “if there is nobody else to do it”
& I believe that is what she means. Obama's ambition was always to be President, admired by the world & thus win his daddy's approval but was never very focused on what he would do there. I think Palin is the opposite - a politician who wants to achieve things more than to be seen (a rare phenomenon). We shall see.

Obama is now speaking & saying - we can agree we want reducing deficit, promoting clean energy, eduction, promoting technology - sounds nervous.

UPDATE Jerry Pournelle has his take on the election - it is naturally considerably better informed than my post, also more optimistic & has some good tactical advice. You should read it here.


The Republican "leadership" behaved disgracefully in all but ignoring the primaries, spliting the vote and handing over seats to Democrats. It shows they are no more interested in the constitution, limited government or even legal government than any of the Democrats
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