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Saturday, May 01, 2010


This letter is in the Scotsman today
Stan Elder points out (letter Friday) that his Lordship Peter Mandelson recently said "I'm not very keen, frankly, on the third small party wagging the dog, as it were."

The polls show his party to be in 3rd place. I assume that, not being a complete hypocrite, he is about to encourage Labour voters, particularly those who have always been told to vote Labour, not because they are any good but simply to keep the Tories out, to switch to LibDem to keep the Tories out.

There is, of course, some question about whether having Lord Mandelson's endorsement is a good thing.
They cut the first rather bitchy reference to the Dark Lord's title, though not the 2nd one & toned down the reference to the fact that the Lab/Cons have always made their main selling point not that they are particularly good but that voting for a third party risked letting in the Con/Labs.

I did send this, without the first 6 words to a number of other papers but a Google search shows no sign of it being used.

In case anybody thinks I am going soft on the LudDims it is simply that voting for them in preference to the other 2 may get a democratic electoral system & give us the chance to vote for new ideas. I have put this comment on the "Liberal Conspiracy" site which explains my position - despite the wholly dishonest title they are entirely illiberal & if they act according to form will censor this comment.
The LibDem's policies are clinically insane. Given the chance they will destroy most of our electricity generating capacity which, since energy & GNP closely relate means destroying most of the economy. They will deliberately cause massive blackouts & expand the present deliberate murder, by fuel poverty, of 25,000 pensioners a year. They are strongly opposed to economic growth through free markets & indeed almost all traditional liberal values. They are supporters not only of war crimes but of racial genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & the dissection of living people to steal their body organs.

On the other hand this barely makes them worse than the other 2 parties. The reason to vote LD is because they want, for reasons of pure self interest, to have a democratic electoral system & that mean that in the following election we will have a chance to vote for some real alternatives.

"if that won't get them voting LudDim nothing will"

Jerry Pournelle has also published this from me which I have also discussed here before
I am reassured by this article & graph. CO2 rise definitely means better plant growth & thus produces a negative feedback. The human component of CO2 is only 3% whereas if we were to reach the prophesied 450ppm that allegedly triggers disaster plant growth would have increased 8%. The arithmetic seems to show that either the CO2 growth is not manmade but natural or it will reach balance at under 400ppm.

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