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Saturday, April 10, 2010


multiparty democracy as it used to be in communist Poland

The Labour, LibDem, Conservative & in Scotland, SNP parties are, in practice, all one movement. The comparison with Warsaw Pact countries where there were often not merely the Communist Party but a Peasant Party & a few others who all agreed with the basic programme with occasional tweaks has been made by others. The Green party is essentially a government funded & publicised party designed to make the official ones look sane.

They all promise that public spending should be cut, very slightly, from the current 53% of GNP. However none of them will give a figure of what or how it should be & I doubt if there would be 5% between them if they did. None of them want the state sector to include nationalised industries so that means they want the 53% to be entirely parasitic.

They all support war crimes, genocide & the dissection of living untermensch to provide western hospitals with body organs. Indeed the only party to have said there is something wrong with such meta-Nazi atrocities is the BNP.

They all promised us a referendum on EU membership in the most solemn way they could (manifesto promises for the Lab/Libs & a "cast iron" one for the Tories).

They all, under no pressure, cynically & deliberately & showing a total contempt for the electorate, broke their promise proving that there are no circumstances whatsoever under which any promise made by any of these corrupt thieving parasites can be treated as being, in the remotest degree, honest.

None of them intend to aim at achieving world average growth of 5% indeed all of them will go to any lengths not to even mention that figure & have the advantage that the media can be relied on not to mention the world average either.

All of them want to massively increase electricity costs, despite the fact they can be quartered, as in France. Indeed none of them care even slightly about the fact that we are facing blackouts because they won't let the power companies produce more.

All of them are using the catastrophic warming lie to keep us obedient.

All of them are committed to fascism through the eco route.

They have a virtual monopoly of media coverage, particularly of the state funded media like the BBC & Guardian & none of them want to change this means of fascist control.

They are all, at best, sympathetic to Labour's policy of massive 3rd world immigration for "social reasons" & openly in favour of unlimited immigration from the EU. This was foreshadowed in Brecht's bitter satire that "the people Had forfeited the confidence of the government And could win it back only By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier In that case for the government To dissolve the people And elect another?

All 3 believe in petty & vindictive bullying of us over things like passive smoking or eating salt when they know not only that there is no justification for them but that the psychological effects of their own bullying is a far greater health risk.

All of them want to prevent the common people getting houses by the expedient of preventing builders build them or artificially push up the prices through mandating Victorian building practices & extorting either bribes (which are illegal) or campaign denotations (which aren't) for planing permission.

All of them support having a dishonest state controlled propaganda machine supporting fascism dominating broadcasting.

All of them draw their candidates overwhelmingly from people whose backgrounds are as lobbyists, party researchers, media creatures, who have never had a salary that wasn't paid from ordinary people's taxes (that includes most lawyers) & often children from the same group

All of them wish to destroy 60% of our electricity producing capacity & thus a similar amount of GNP by 2050 (or in Scotland an even more insane 50% over the next 10 years).

All of them are making sure that their "campaigns" around the country involve meeting very few, if any, members of the public & are largely resricted to posing for photes in "local" places so that the tame reporters they brought with them have a photo to go with whatever, carefully calculated irrelevances, they write.

Despite their complete exclusion the polls show that 8% of people will vote for unofficial parties - thousands of times more than Kasparov got in Russia (in an uncorrupted electoral system) who, if the BBC is to be trusted, was treated unfairly by the Russian state.

The only issues the parties seem to be discussing is which leader's wife is more suitable & changing & not changing taxes by under 0.5% of GNP through National Insurance. That's it.

[expanded from a Neil Clark comment]

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Labour, LibDem, Conservative & in Scotland, SNP parties

That's four parties, not three. You can't even get that right.
Farage put it well on SKY today "We are being offered a change of management not government"
Well put. And on SKY which is not directly owned by the government. He & everybody outside the Management seem to be compltely censored from the BBC.
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