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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I previously wrote about the TV Special Global Warming: The Other Side viewable here. I had written to Britain's TV companies respectfully suggesting that this would be an inexpensive & simple way to start producing balanced reports (British TV having had 1 sceptical hour & many thousands of alarmist coverage). C4 acknowledged the contact - nobody else managed even that much courtesy

WattsUpWithThat reported on the 2nd Special from the same group Global Warming: Meltdown which can be viewed here. Watts also reported "I also learned that the first special in January gave the station its highest rating ever for a one hour news report"

Armed with that fact I again emailed all the UK national broadcasters & Scottish TV (STV in particular is going through a state of collapse being unable to pay other ITV companies for some programmes & being reduced to filling prime time with stock film of the Scottish countryside with voice overs).
On 16th January I wrote to yourselves suggesting that if you wished to move to a slightly less propagandistic stance on alleged catastrophic global warming an easy way, bearing in mind that out of many thousands of hours of coverage only 1 hour on C4 has been sceptical, an easy way to double that would be to broadcast Global warming - the Other Side. With the exception of a brief acknowledgement from C4 none of you were sufficiently interested in being less than totally propagandistic to even acknowledge the possibility.

It now turns out that this programme "gave the station its highest rating ever for a one hour news report, so it is no surprise that they'd want to repeat that success." The subsequent programme Global Warming Meltdown Part 1 together with links to the previous programme is here

Since this is a highest rating programme it is obvious that it would be likely to be very popular here, indeed probably moreso due to the broadcasting censorship of the facts exercised here. There can therefore be no question of this not making very good financial sense indeed. Whether the British broadcast media is motivated to any significant degree by normal commercial considerations or indeed a desire for audience share, rather than by the requirement to propagandise in the government interest is something we shall shortly see.

I hope to see at least 1 channel at least considering the option of acting on commercial rather than political propagandist lines, since that would be a worthwhile innovation. I request the courtesy of a response.

The lack of response, when it is provable that they have been at least 99.9% propagandists in the warming cause, does not come as a surprise. However it does give unimpeachable proof that the entire British broadcasting industry are not only at least 99.9% corrupt, lying, fascist propagandists willing to report absolutely any lie the government tells them to but that they have not the slightest interest in changing.

C4 have done 1 programme which was honest - Martin Durkin's Great Globakl Warming Swindle & may claim to be only 99.6% corrupt. Of the others one can say, in connection with this & their censorship & lying to promote racial genocide & worse than Hitler in Kosovo that it is statistically proven that there is not a single person working for these organisations who is not personally an obscene, wholly corrupt, fascist, racist, obscenity lacking even the tiniest trace of personal honesty or integrity & willing to tell absolutely any lie in the fascist cause.

No offense. This does not exclude the possibility of saying something truthful & non-fascist by accident.

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Thank you for article
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