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Friday, January 22, 2010


On Monday I mentioned the Global Warming - the Other side television programme in the USA.

It can be see, in 5 parts, here.

It would be easy for any of our broadcasters to put it out if they wanted & since John Coleman made it to be seen rather than for the money, it would be inexpensive, even by the standards of travalogues Scotland's STV is reduced to filling the airwaves with. I sent this out to all our broadcasters & to Roger Harrabin the BBC' "environmentalist expert" (he studied English & has no qualifications outside that which clearly is what the BBC want as an expert.
I would be interested to know if amy part of the British Broadcast media have any intention of showing the new American programme on alleged catastrophic global warming. Global Warming - The Other Side in the near future.

With the sole exception of 1 hour on C4 (The Great Global Warming Swindle) British broadcast media has done nothing on the subject except to push the scare story, even in the BBC's case publicly declaring that they were not going to apply "due scepticism & balance" to any alarmist claims.

There have been many thousands of hours of alarmist reporting alleging anything up to a 300 ft sea level rise to be imminent. That means currently coverage is running at a rate of 99.9% alarmist. Perhaps, particularly in light of the contents of the climategate emails, it is time for the broadcast media to at least try to reduce their bias to only 99.8%.

Doing this to reduce bias is obviously less urgent for SKY but I think that, precisely because the reporting has been so biased, for SKY to broadcast this would be a commercially attractive option.

So far the only response has been a brief reply from C4 saying they have no plans to broadcast it so I think we can take it as proven that, whatever they may say, none of them have the remotest intention of being anything other than +99.9% government propagandists (on this or any other subject).

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