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Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have this letter in today's Scotsman. It is a reworking of this blog I recently did & is in response to other letters on the subject recently. The highlighted line is excised. Saying that the images of Christ prior to the Renaissance vary widely, some bearded & some not etc., but that almost all those since have been the face depicted & thus the face of Leonardo da Vinci may have been a step too far.
If the Turin Shroud were genuinely caused by Christ's body miraculously transmigrating through it while it was wrapped round him the marks would be as wide as the circumference of the front half of a body rather than the diameter as it is. It is also taller at the front than the back because the face is larger than real faces. It is unlikely that God would have made such elementary errors.

The alternative is that it was manufactured using what amounts to a photographic process using silver sulphate, by some Renaissance artist with a unique knowledge of anatomy & attitude to heresy. That is almost certainly Leonardo da Vinci.

I do not think that seriously reduces its importance. If art is the process of evoking awe & empathy the Crucifixion is the ultimate subject & Leonardo, whose face appears to be the one used for Christ, & which since then has become how Christ is depicted, has created, unknown to the world for centuries a work of art which makes the Mona Lisa look like a painting.

I have also sent 2 letters (well 1 1/2 because the 2nd was a rewritten version of the first) to papers everywhere on the leaked global warming alarmist information. Google search doesn't show any of them published. It seems some things are nowadays just too heretical to be discussed & it is interesting to see where the divisions are.

Professor Colin McInnes also has a letter in it attempting the Sisyphean task of educating Professors of "architecture & alternative energy" (Howard Liddell) in the basics of economics, engineering & physics.

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When you stop and think about it, they are committed to the lie.

Can you imagine Gore standing up and saying "er, you know the Oscar, the Nobel prize, the adulation from movie stars and the weak-minded everywhere for that error strewn film Goebbels would have been proud of? Well not so much. I was in fact, global alarmist-in-chief and dead wrong. I am as many of you may have suspected, a fat loser, who not only failed to implement what I now espouse when I was hanging onto Clinton's coat tails, but never even lived up to my own eco principles before they were discredited. It was all a ruse to enslave you with taxes and restrictions on behaviour. Feel free to ignore my every pronouncement henceforth as the ramblings of a drooling idiot.
But not that much of a loser since he is well on the way to being a buillionaire on this & payola from political connections. I have compared this to the fall of an electronic Berlin Wall. We should & may see very prominent people serving time for this. We may see worse.
Well I believe old Matthew Hopkins got himself quite rich on the back of hos activities as witch-finder...
He didn't get £13.6 million like Prof Jones.
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