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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday checking people who had linked to me I tracked back to the Google search link for "Penny Marshall ITN". This is the woman who led the ITN team who, allegedly accidentally faked the Bosnian concentration camp film. As I reported (my link is currently #24) ITN have since rebroadcast it claiming it was not only truthful but proved Karadxic had been running concentration camps. Marshall's claim that she had accidentally faked the film relies on the contention that neither she nor ITN had actually said it was a "concentration camp" but merely not noticed when everybody else did. Clearly their recent claim that it was, which they refused to retract, represents the very highest standard of honesty to which anybody at ITN aspires. Of course it is also total lie.

I am happy to report that the overwhelming majority of popular links Google lists are to reporting of her fraud. Despite the judge telling the jury that it "doesn't matter" that the allegations against ITN were essentially true the court of public opinion has spoken.

Whatever she achieves in her career it seems that the only thing she will be remembered for is producing an, accidentally she assures, faked film used to promote genocide. That is as it should be.

This, the 2nd picture on Google Images, is from the Yugoslav TV crew that were also present at the time & shows her inside the barbed wire enclosure which she "accidentally" entered & through whose barbed wire she "accidentally" filmed the people on the outside.

It would be nice for her to be remembered for being convicted in a trial but there are very many before her on the list. It is clear that, however belatedly, the truth is becoming known.

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Ed Vulliamy is worse, go to youtube and listen to his rant on Bosnian radio.
Yes. He is the one who wrote in the Guardian that anybody who didn't support Izetbegovic's thugs was guilty of "a mutated kind of anti-semitism"> I comp-lained to the Press Complaints Bureau that, since the Guardian knew that he was an anti-semitic Nazi this was clearly a lie. The PCB said that since it was an opinion piece rather than a news item it wait need not stick to the truth. I pointed out that the PCB code require that it was reporting the previous day's news (the LM trial verdict) & that the PCB code specificly required that if that defence be claimed the article had to be clearly labelled as opinion which this wasn't.

The PCB said - yes but we are so corrupt scum that we don't give a toss about our rules & exist purely to say that the lying corrupt fascists of the British Press aren't lying corrupt facists - but not in exactly those words.
Ed Vulliamy along with Oliver Kamm and Nick Cohen are part of the Srebrenica bregade, who sound like they get the views offen undigested from Marko Attila Hoare who's an out right Ustase.
Follow up to previous comments - This article details how the racist daughter of the owner of the Guardian was allowed to use her position as moderator of the Guardian's comments not only to promote antisemitic remarks from others & to censor non-racist remarks but to join in with her own filth.

The Guardian editor, presumably knowing whio the boss was, refused to reprimand her.
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