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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Daily Mail photo of UAF demo

According to their friends in the government funded fakenewspaper the Guardian the "anti-fascist" demonstrators of UAF outside the BBC during the recording of Question Time were chanting
Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put Nick Griffin on the top, put the Nazis in the middle, and burn the fucking lot."
Not much dispute then who are the fascists. This is the same group of thugs who were able to attack Griffin outside the House of commons with, allegedly, no nearby policeman noticing, & no subsequent arrests though TV crews filmed the attack.

So who is behind UAF?

Links to supporting organisations
» National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR)Well their website says
who don't say how they are funded but whose site isn't asking for donations so is almost certainly a government funded Fakecharity
» Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) do claim "we are largely self-funding, with the extent of the work we can do depending on fundraising events, and on sponsorship and individual membership and donations" on the other hand they don't actually list where that funding comes from & their list of supporters is a bunch of pop singers I have never heard of & don't sound like they can give vast amounts. Subject to them putting their funding sources on their site I must consider them a Fakecharity
» Show Racism the Red Card
shows the logos of their sponsors who are a mixture of government quangos (eg One Scotland), football organisations (Football Foundation) & unions of government employees (Unison)» University and College Union (UCU) so at least partly a Fakecharity
» National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) independent Union
» Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) Union of Her Majesty's Royal Mail» Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) Government employees
» National Association of Schoolmasters and Women Teachers (NASUWT) Government employees» National Union of Teachers (NUT) Government employees
» National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) Government employees
» UNITE the union Easily Britain's largest Union contains both public & private workers & cannot be considered under public employee control. The fact that it is listed last may mean its contribution is less than that of smaller unions.

So 2 1/2 of them, the ones at the top of the listing too, are government funded Fakecharities. 4 Unions of government employees. 2 independent Unions. Note that people have been fired from various parts of government employment simply for membership of the BNP. Clearly being paymaster to a group of violent thugs threatening politically approved murder is not a breach of the same rules.

The conclusion must be that this violence is being overwhelmingly paid for by the government or government unions acting with their specific approval. Though the Consevative, LibDem & Green partites are also affiliated to these filth the primary culpability must lie with Labour since they control the government.We are seeing government rent-a-mobbery & on the edge of seeing government paying to have people beaten up. If anybody other than the government were doing this they would be quickly arrested on conspiracy charges. In fact it is becoming obvious that the police consistently refuse to arrest those engaged in UAF criminal violence.

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