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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


At the recent Labour Party conference Gordon Brown announced his new policy for unmarried teenage mothers
“…that there be no council flats and no welfare benefits available to unmarried mothers under the age of 21. Instead they will be placed in ‘mother & baby homes’. Here they will receive academic education as well as parenting classes, plus courses covering all aspects of their social development. The homes will be run by ‘matron’ type figures.”

As the Mirror described it
Defiant Gordon Brown unveiled a bold new manifesto yesterday as he warned the next general election would see Britain facing "the biggest choice for a generation".

Oops my mistake - though this is indeed the policy of Labour the actual phrase I gave came from a previous BNP policy. The BNP are, naturally, amused at Gordon "jobs for British workers" Brown once again being caught stealing their policies.

When first put forward the Mirror said
Unmarried mothers are next in the line of fire of the BNP maggots.

The warped racists are now out to persecute lone parents be they white, Asian or black...

All lone parents under 21 would be put in a home under 9pm curfew...

The extremists will discuss this barmy idea at their annual hate-a-thon in November.

The more I learn about the BNP the more nastily deranged it becomes
Of cfourse the difference in press coverage may be biased by other policy differences between Labour & the BNP parties. One is guilty of supporting Nazism by committing war crimes & appointing known criminals as "police" & sending them to carry out massacres, ethnic cleansing, genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & dissecting people of "inferior" races, while alive, to steal their body organs. The other is the BNP. I strongly disagree with the Mirror's claim that to be opposed to Nazism & genocide is "deranged" but I guess that is what is to be expected from such corrupt propagandists.

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Couldn't agree more Neil. The BNP can't even begin to compete with the mainstream for sheer demented evil.
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