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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"INAT" that makes the Serbians so evil

Following my previous couple of posts asking LibDems if any of them can defend their leader's complicity in war crimes & crimes against humanity against Yugoslavia I have, as expected, seen almost all of them censoring what I write. There have been a handful who printed it & a couple of replies, this one being the only to even attempt to address facts & even then refusing to be much more than saying that "the lot of it" is a lie.

However I did get this comment from a former British ambassador to Sarajevo & Belgrade who said that (A) the KLA are "reasonable" & (B) by British Foreign Office standards he can be described as "pro-Serb", which may be true but only goes to suggest the FO average slightly more racist than the SS officers who complained that the WW2 Albanian & Bosnian Moslem SS divisions were, by their atrocities, giving the SS a bad name. In any case I was amused by the word Inat which he brought up as proof of the barbarity of Serbs:
Inat would be, in the words of Dragan Milovic, “an attitude of proud defiance, stubbornness and self-preservation - sometimes to the detriment of everyone else or even oneself.”

Serbian history from the inside can seem like a catalogue of resistance to overbearing power is one key to inat. The word itself derives from the Turkish (and before then, Arabic) language of the Ottoman empire whose forces subdued and were resisted by Serbian people for half a millennium.

So when Churchill said "we shall fight on the beaches" he was showing Inat.

Patrick Henry's "Give me liberty or give me death" was a display of Inat clearly to his own potential detriment.

When King Leonidas, leader of the 300 told the Persians the road was blocked he was suffering from Inat.

When Kennedy said in his Moon speech "We choose to do this & these other things not because they are easy but because they are hard" that was Inat.

When Ireland votes in its referendum not to submit to the EU constitreaty that is Inat.

When Bruce took the example of the spider & decided to try again that was Inat (& was something he had not so much shown in his earlier career).

When the Serbs rose against a government, that was going to submit to Hitler & though overrun made Hitler's attack on Russia a month late so that it was halted at the outskirts of Moscow. That was Serbian Inat saving the world.

When Vaclav Klaus, or Sarah Palin or David Bellamy or the Oregon Petitioners say the global warming "consensus" is a propaganda lie they are each displaying Inat.

When a 94 year old man fights off a burglar that is Inat

How inconvenient it must be to burglars, diplomats, EU bureaucrats, politicians, "Liberal Democrats", Nazis and other such parasitic pond life that the world still hold proud, defiant even cussed people. And let us hope that the bastards never breed it out of us. Nil carborundum.


Yup. That's exactly what it's about Craig.

Meanwhile, Karadzic is in the Hague and the bastards are going to completely overplay their hand. Karadzic will deliver them their Naked Lunch by fighting his case on the grounds that the Clinton administration allowed the arming of the Bosnian mujahideen with Iranian weaponry, which meant that Republic Srbska was not committing genocide but defending itself from unappeasable enemies.
If only I thought the MSM would actually report what happens in the "trial".

However the blogsphere is growung in size & credibility & is not so easily controlled. I regard that as perhaps the hopeful current development in human society.
Mr Craig, I would just like to thank you for existing!
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