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Monday, August 10, 2009


David Miliband & Alan Johnson have jointly (alternate paragraphs maybe) written an article in the Sunday Telegraph about our government not being responsible for torture.
When detainees are held by our police or Armed Forces we can be sure how they are treated. By definition, we cannot have that same level of assurance when they are held by foreign governments, whose obligations may differ from our own.
Which may or may not work for MI6 officers flying out to sit outside the door as police in other countries torture people to answer British questions but it is certainly an admission that when police, directly under their authority do such things & thousands of times worse against entirely innocent people, Messrs Miliband, Johnson & the rest of the Cabinet are personally criminal.
"Murder, torture and extortion: these are the extraordinary charges made against the UN's own Kosovo Protection Corps in a confidential United Nations report written for Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

"The KPC stands accused in the document, drawn up on 29 February, of 'criminal activities - killings, ill-treatment/torture, illegal policing, abuse of authority, intimidation, breaches of political neutrality and hate-speech'.

"The 5,000-strong corps, funded by UN members including Britain, has a £30 million aid budget for Kosovo. It was set up to provide 'disaster response services'; instead, says the UN, it has been murdering and torturing people. "

Since then the kidnap of 1,300 civilians & their dissection by the KLA/NATO police has become public (if not very public thanks to the enthusiasm of our media to censor in the cause of genocide).

So by their own admission these war criminals all personally knew that their police were engaged in genocide (Dragodan Massacre) & worse (dissecting living humans to provide parts for our hospitals) as must the American & other NATO political & military leaders.
'The Law of Land Warfare']

"A military commander is responsible not only for criminal acts committed in pursuance of his orders, but is 'also responsible if he has actual knowledge, or should have knowledge....that troops or other persons subject to his control are about to commit or have committed a war crime and he fails to take the necessary and reasonable steps to insure compliance with the law of war to punish violations thereof.'"
- - From 'Nuremberg and Vietnam: An American Tragedy,' by Telford Taylor, US Chief Counsel at Nuremberg, page 58, © The New York Times Company, 1970. Taylor is citing US Army FM 27-10, 'The Law of Land Warfare,' (1956) page 178.)

As police the KLA, now called NLA in deference to being out of area, also continued their war crimes against Macedonia
"Up to 20 per cent of the KPC are now absent from active duty - and, like Mr Ostremi [the KPC chief of staff, accused of launching the attack on Macedonia!] most are believed to be fighting with the NLA...."

Cleasrly all the artificial fuss got up about torturing Binyam Mohamed's is nothing but a deliberate smokescreen to hide the fact that every senior politician in goverenment has already committed crimes thousands of times worse.

Hacim Thaci, KLA terrorist leader, Bernard Kouchner, Gen. Michael Jackson, Agim Ceku, notorious war criminal and leader of our "police", and Wesley Clark

"What's the point of having this great terrorist army if we're just going to arrest them?"
Madeline Albright

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