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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Q1 What would you say is the most important issue facing Britain today?
Q2 What do you see as other important issues facing Britain today?

Ist number is those who think it is the single most important issue, 2nd think it is important
Economy/economic situation 34 54
Crime/law & order/violence/vandalism/ASB 11 32
Unemployment/Factory Closure/Lack of Industry 14 30
Race relations/immigration/immigrants 11 25
Defence/foreign affairs/international terrorism 5 17
National Health Service/Hospitals/Health care 2 16
Education/Schools 1 12
Morality/individual behaviour/lifestyle 2 10
Inflation/prices 3 9
Drug abuse 1 7
Poverty/inequality 2 6
Pollution/environment 1 5
Housing 1 5
Bird flu/Pandemic Flu/Swine Flu 1 4
Pensions/social security/benefits 1 3
Public services in general 1 3
Taxation * 2
Local government/council tax * 2
Common Market/EU/Europe/EURO * 2
Low pay/minimum wage/fair wages * 1
Petrol prices/fuel * 1
Nationalisation/Government control of institutions 0 1
Transport/public transport * 1
Pound/exchange rate/value of pound * 1
Countryside/rural life 0 1

As normal "its the economy stupid" with 51% choosing it, unemployment & inflation as the most important issue. Pollution/environment comes at 2% & that includes a lot of local things rather than just global warming so it seems this catastrophic warming doesn't upset many people. For most subjects the important listing is less than double the those listing it as primary. I am a little surprised since that means people on average, listed fewer secondary subjects than primary ones - it may be that it was the people asking the questions rather than those answering them who were so single minded. Ones which scored high on secondary - race, defence, NHS, education, morality, drugs, pollution, housing & swine flu look, with the exception of race which we don't like to admit being important, like things that people here more about from the media than experiencing directly.

It does suggest that the election, like most of them, will be won by whoever looks most competent to run the economy. All Cameron's cuddly greenery may have improved his position among 1% of the electors, & if it hurts perceived economic competence, as it certainly should, has weakened them among 51% of electors. Fortunately for them Brown & Clegg are even worse.

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