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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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Friday 14 August 2009

"OK so my last post 5:49pm on 15 Aug 2009 has been "referred". So lets keep it simple. The first post here calls Dan Hannan a "Nazi" for saying the NHS isn't wonderful. Yet the BBC censor anybody who makes lesser accusations, with infinitely more evidence which they know to be true, against approved politicians. In what way is this not political bias?"

The above came from BBC Newsnight. The first post, which I was not advised was being censored made the same point about the BBC supporting a comment that Dan Hannan is a "Nazi" for saying that our NHS has worse survival rates & is more expensive than Singapore's.

My reply had suggested calling this Conservative MEP a "Nazi" was improper, particularly since the BBC have a record of censoring any comments which suggest that there was anything improper in government politicians engaging in aggressive war & bombing of civilians against Yugoslavia (both legally war crimes) & supporting massacres (Dragodan), genocide & the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 (from Kosovo), the sexual enslavement of children (attested to by Amnesty) & the dissection of living humans to steal their organs (given a minor mention on Newsnight), all of which have a much closer connection to Nazism than liking Singapore's health system has.

They, not to my surprise, censored the 1st comment, even though I hadn't specifically named anybody let alone accused any government minister of being a Nazi.

The censoring of the 2nd post, bold above, is less defensible, particularly on the alleged grounds of defamation. I not only don't name the politicians who planned that war of genocide I don't even say what they are accused of - so who is being defamed & over what?

I have sent the BBC this reply & in the event that they vary from previous experience by actually replying to some criticism I will publish it here.
Who is it defamatory against. I deliberately didn't even name the politicians, or party, whose apparent wrongdoing I didn't even specify.

Thus according to the BBC it is officially ok to call a Conservative MEP a Nazi, purely for not saying the NHS is wonderful, but defamatory to hint that MPs who might be Labour, might ever have anything to be ashamed of.
I formally request your justification for this apparent double standard.

This is pretty close to the endpoint of where political censorship leads. For decades the BBC have been eager to tell any lie & censor any fact to assist in murder, genocide & whatever so long as it was government & broadly cross-party policy & the dead were foreigners. Then they were willing to tell any lie & censor any fact to promote scare stories against the British people (eg catastrophic global warming). Then they were willing to lie & censor to attack small political parties outside Parliament (the BNP) or indeed to support them (the Greens). Now they are prepared to engage in purely party lying & censoring supporting the most outrageous lies (eg that this MEP is a Nazi when he is clearly a classic liberal) while censoring even the most oblique criticism of the governing party.

This is the Newsnight item under consideration. I note that the first comment, the one which described Hannan as a "Nazi" has today been removed. However this was after 4 days & clearly owes more to BBC embarrassment at having been caught out than any wish for equality - otherwise my posts would only get cut 4 days later. It is still acknowledged that the "Nazi" post was there whereas mine have been totally "airbrushed" out of existence.

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Is this what the BBC licence tax gets spent on??. its the ethnic minorities, gays andlesbians complaining again. Gordon Brown is giving awa are rights to health tourists because they governmnt is lying to us. True patriots must vote BNP. Why did nobody listen to Enoch Powell all those years ago?!?!
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