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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


picture of the house from this blog

This is from the Kosovo Times Kosovo's leading online journal & I suspect its only one. Since it is in English & prominently displays the "official" flag, using the same colours & stars as the EU, I suspect it is for the colonial masters rather than the natives.

The story relates to the dissection of at least 300 civilians & probably 1,300 & says that "EULEX has not found any evidence on the “Yellow House”"

The reason for not finding evidence is given within the story
said that EULEX has not yet started official investigations into the alleged trafficking of organs allegedly carried out by members of the Kosovo Liberation Army during and after the war in Kosovo. Raatikainen told Koha Ditore that apart from what has been reported in the media and published in the book by former ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla del Ponte, there is no concrete evidence regarding the case.

Raatikainen said he and his team have not found any witnesses nor any other evidence on the case. The only thing he could positively confirm is the existence of the house which was alleged to be the site where these alleged war crimes have taken place.
Back on May 3rd we were told
Now, a probe is being led by Dick Marty, the Swiss senator who headed an investigation into claims the CIA operated secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Marty, working on behalf of the Council of Europe, would not comment before his Balkans fact-finding mission is completed.

...Serbian authorities claim to have uncovered new evidence.

They say two wealthy Europeans — a Swiss and a German — apparently were among the recipients of kidneys, livers and other organs harvested in Albania and sold via middlemen in a macabre but meticulously orchestrated operation that involved private aircraft and tens of millions of dollars.

Bruno Vekaric, a top adviser to Vladimir Vukcevic, Serbia's chief war crimes prosecutor, declined to identify the alleged recipients but said the information came from "people involved in the operation," including former members of the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army.

Vukcevic showed the AP a thick blue binder jammed with documents he recently handed over to Marty. He declined to let AP review the statements, citing the need to protect the identities of Albanian informants.
Of course Carla del Ponte actually made this public in April of the previous year & admitted she had known about it since 2000. We have also been told that some of the forensic evidence found at the scene has since been deliberately destroyed by the ICTY.

Clearly any investigation by the western powers, as opposed to the Serbian, is moving at glacial slowness in the hope that the remaining evidence, including Albanian witnesses, will disappear or at least be muddied by time.

Apart from a natural desire to cover up the fact that they set up the KLA as "police" quite deliberately to carry out atrocities even Hitler never matched is there any other possible reason for such hesitation in investigating? Come to that is there any other credible reason other than being under the authority of wholly corrupt, genocidal Nazi war criminals (ie the governments of the NATO/EU countries) why these obscenities - numerically totaling more than the total deaths in Gaza, carried out in peacetime, by our own government not a foreign one, with no scintilla of self defence & in a manner both utterly obscene & utterly newsworthy - do not receive 1,000 times more coverage than the Gaza War. If not then if it received the same amount of coverage as Gaza the entire media could claim to be as much as 0.1% honest & only 99.9% corrupt Nazis. If it has received only 1,000th as much coverage, which seems about right, then our entire media is proven to be at least 99.9999% corrupt racist Nazis.

Since these organs were flown out through Tirana airport it is obvious that their destinations can be very quickly determined, though air traffic records, if there were any desire to do so. There is further evidence of them being trafficked in Italy. That in turn means that the payments can be tracked any time that is wanted. That it isn't wanted is very strong evidence that the "investigators" are guilty of the crimes they are claiming to investigate.

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Your blog is so selfish and unempathic to your readers! You just kick off mid-subject, throwing your readers into the middle of an unexplained, contextualised subject...

"EULEX has not found any evidence on the Yellow House"

You don't say who EULEX are or what the Yellow House is, you just drop your reader straight into the middle of your conspiracy rant, leaving them confused, excluded, unappreciated and turned off.

THEN you whinge that people don't 'bother' to read all your many background claims and assertions or take you seriously. Neil, it is not that people won't 'bother to read' them, it is that they 'cannot be read'. They are impenetrable. In order to understand what ever it is you are on about, one would have to go back to the very beginning and plough through the thousands of pages in your entire blog archive. And I trust even you would not sniffingly suggest that that is a reasonable request to make on your guests.

Jesus! You've been writing for years and still haven't grasped the very basic rules of how the reader reacts to stuff.
That specific line is the headline from the linked article. I grant that if I am correct & Kosovo's online newspaper is actually aimed at the occupation forces they are more likely to know what organisations starting "EU" are part of but even so if they had thought it was even half way to impenetrable I doubt if they would have made a headline of it.
1) Oh, to the link that repeatedly won't open you mean. Oh, I stand corrected then. *sigh*

2) So if troops on the ground in Kosovo are assumed to be up to speed with all the jargon and references, then [hypothetical] readers of your blog should be to.

By the way, I had a great short-term Cat1 sign today. They want the DL380s with cloud back up and the GRT. Marvellous eh? With a bit of luck I'll tie them to a complete RF. Chassis . Procurves. The whole 9 enchilladas. Annnnd no reseller MU! Ta da!
I suspect many other people have heard of the EU (European Union an initially trading union of western European countries now covering most of non Russian Europe intended to form an "ever closer" political union)
The "yellow house" looks white to me. Do I detect a conspiracy to hide the true colour of the "yellow house"? Is Paddy Ashdown involved?

If we make mad connections between flimsy evidence, dismiss the contrary evidence as part of a conspiracy, explain away the gaps in the evidence as evidence of a cover-up, throw in a tonne of reductive and irrational thinking, then Neil's case becomes rock solid.
You detect paint.
OH SNAP! Anon, you just got SERVED!
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