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Monday, June 15, 2009


Checking Google for Neil Craig + letters (ok I love the sound of my own writings) I found I had some letters published I didn't know about by the Daily Record/Mirror group but they are basically things for which the subject & often the specific letter had also been published elsewhere. More interesting were 2 completely separate publications I had had several letters published in.

Firstly the Morning Star

Why is the media silent on Sri Lanka?
Friday 08 May 2009 --- Why has there been relatively little coverage of the deaths in Sri Lanka when Gaza got front-page treatment for weeks?

Perhaps because it is further away or because Britain is in no way involved or because it is difficult for the media to portray it in goodies v baddies terms.

However, the coverage of both has been infinitely greater than that of the admission, over a year ago, by the chief Yugoslav war crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte that she and NATO governments had known for many years that NATO police (formerly the KLA) had been dissecting hundreds, probably thousands, of innocent people, while they were still alive and selling the body parts to Western hospitals.

Since this is both closer and far more directly our responsibility than Sri Lanka or indeed Gaza, the only remaining reason for it going unreported is that it does not fit the media "goodies and baddies" story with which they and our political leaders sold that illegal war, hospital bombings and subsequent genocide.
Once again, NATO gets away with murder
13 Mar 2009 --- PHIL Brand's letter (M Star March 5) correctly points out that, though Serbs are being "tried" for war crimes, "no KLA men are on trial for atrocities carried out in the 1999 Kosovo campaign."

It is worse than that. The main atrocities were carried out by the KLA after the war.

Acts such as the Dragodan Massacre, comparable to My Lai, where 210 unarmed civilians were murdered in cold blood a few hundred yards from the British military HQ.

Acts such as the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 Serbs, Gypsies, indeed anti-Nazi Albanians.

Acts such as the kidnapping of thousands of schoolgirls to sell to brothels across Europe.

Acts such as the reported kidnap of 1,300 Serb teenagers and their dissection, while still alive, to sell their body organs to Europe's hospitals.

These are attested to respectively by Denis MacShane in Parliament, public record, Major Plummer of the Royal Greenjackets, Amnesty and chief "war crimes court prosecutor" Carla del Ponte in her autobiography published a year ago.

All are crimes orders of magnitude worse than anything credibly alleged against any Serbs and all were carried out purely because of NATO occupation and under the legal jurisdiction of NATO members.

All of these cases are criminal. All of them have gone unpunished. All of them have been essentially censored by our media.
Sickened by release of murderer Oric
08 July 2006 --- I WAS sickened to learn of the release of Naser Oric, the real perpetrator of the Srebrenica massacre.

Oric carried out repeated attacks on villages around Srebrenica, killing thousands of old men, women and children - 3,800 of whom have been identified by name - since the younger men were away at war.

Unlike the alleged later massacre of Oric's soldiers, for which there is virtually no credible evidence, Oric's genocide is certain.

Not only did senior NATO General Marrilon testify to this at Milosevic's "trial" but Oric showed journalists videos of him beheading women and children from his very extensive home video collection.

This was reported by the Toronto Star and Washington Post, but not elsewhere.

Letting this genocidal creature go merely demonstrates, if there was ever any doubt, that the "war crimes tribunal" is a wholly corrupt and racist propaganda instrument of a racist and genocidal NATO.

By comparison, the later alleged "Srebrenica massacre" of Oric's Muslim "warriors" which, unlike the primary genocide, has been massively hyped by the Western media, is certainly in part and probably wholly a deliberate propaganda "big lie."

What goes unreported is that the bodies were found near the sites of Oric's genocide and far from where they should have been if they were Muslim bodies and that, despite massive DNA testing of them against Muslim records - but not Serb - they have overwhelming proven "unidentifiable."

NATO and its semi-judicial hirelings have deliberately released the real author of the Srebrenica massacre because they know that the propaganda lie that they have told and the press and TV have dutifully sold for over a decade could not survive a conviction of this nazi war criminal.
Lib Dem leader guilty of double standards
Tuesday 04 July 2006 --- WHATEVER the reason, it seems indisputable that the Israelis are being held to a higher standard than other nations.

On Thursday's BBC TV Question Time, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen stated that Israeli reaction to the killing of two soldiers and the kidnapping of another by attacking a civilian power station "is a war crime under the convention."

The reasoning for this is that deliberately targeting civilians has been a war crime since Nuremberg.

Mr Stephen must be aware that, during the war against Yugoslavia, NATO bombers repeatedly attacked power stations. Indeed, they used graphite bombs deliberately designed to short out power systems and render them beyond repair.

The Lib Dem attitude to this aggressive and, therefore, illegal war was entirely and enthusiastically supportive. Thus, Mr Stephen has put himself in the, I believe, unique position as a party leader of saying that his party has been involved in war crimes.

To be fair, both Labour and the Tories have been guilty too, though SNP hands were not bloodied.

To continue being fair, destroying people's electricity was hardly the most serious war crime there. The war itself, being aggressive and launched without a UN resolution, was clearly a war crime and the allowing of the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 people and the genocide of 6,000 others in Kosovo after NATO took over is legally a crime against humanity.
28 March 2006 --- BY refusing Slobodan Milosevic access to his own doctor when he was very ill, the NATO-funded war crimes tribunal has a case to answer that it deliberately shortened his life.

It is not surprising that it chose to do this. The only evidence ever produced against him was when former NATO chief Wesley Clark alleged that, at an international conference, Milosevic had taken him aside to say that he had known about the alleged Srebrenica massacre in advance.

The only deliberate massacre that actually took place there was of at least 3,800 Serb civilians, about which the Muslim commander Nasir Oric boasted.

By comparison, the case that NATO leaders committed such crimes as starting aggressive wars, targeting civilian centres and knowingly assisting the KLA and Croatian and Bosnian nazis in ethnic cleansing is overwhelming.

The fact that the tribunal prosecuted Serbs and the Muslim Fikret Abdic, whose commitment to opposing our al-Qaida allies in Bosnia was deemed criminal, but no NATO leaders and only a few token nazis does lead one to think that NATO secured the best that money can buy.

When the history of these atrocities comes to be written, the role of our media will not appear honourable.

Throughout the period of the wars, reporting was done consistently from the anti-Yugoslav side and every propaganda lie, no matter how improbable, treated as fact.

The failure of the media to report on what it called "the trial of the century" as soon as it became clear that Milosevic was dismantling the prosecution case is also shameful.

I have no doubt that historians will agree with the evidence of Lord Owen that Milosevic was "the only leader to sincerely continuously support peace" and "a man to whom any form of racism is anathema."

That is a very fine epitaph.
No double standards for nazis This one from 4th March 2006 was also published by the Scotsman
Show Muslims it's safe to stand up
20 August 2005 --- NOW would be a good time to consider whether the conviction and 20-year sentence of Fikret Abdic for opposing al-Qaida's press gang was unjust.

If we are seriously asking moderate Muslims to stand and be counted, we have a duty not to imprison those who do.

Abdic was the most popular politician among Bosnian Muslims. He was a moderate, committed to free marketism and the Yugoslav union. As such, he was inconvenient to our leaders.

They funded Izetbegovic, a fundamentalist former SS member who eventually flew in al-Qaida members to make up the non-conscript part of his army. Eventually, Abdic led a popular Muslim rising against Izetbegovic and, particularly, his Afghan press gang.

After the Dayton agreement, the NATO-funded war crimes commission indicted Abdic for opposing al-Qaida, apparently at the behest of Izetbegovic, who wanted him excluded from standing in any election.

Paradoxically, immediately Izetbegovic died, the commission claimed to have been about to indict him.

Abdic was finally "tried," with the commission's approval, by the genocidal Croatian nazi Tudjman - immediately Tudjman died, the Nato commission claimed to have been about to indict him - and was sentenced to 20 years.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that he was imprisoned purely because, when we were trying to destroy Yugoslavia, the last thing that we needed was a moderate Muslim leader.

It is equally difficult to escape the conclusion that, by supporting the continued imprisonment of the only Muslim leader that ever had a following among Christian Serbs and, indeed, the only one not implicated in their genocide, Gauleiter Paddy Ashdown and his supporters are acting to maintain divisions, which keep them in a job with fringe benefits not available here.
It's not just the 10th anniversary of Srebrenica
04 August 2005 --- YOUR newspaper gave extensive coverage to the 10th anniversary of the alleged Srebrenica massacre, though with no mention allowed of the prior murder of 3,870 Serbs in Muslim genocide raids or the question of exactly whose bodies have been found.

I trust that you will be giving a considerably greater amount of space to the anniversary of the Krajina Holocaust started on August 4 1995 by our Croatian nazi friends, under the de facto command and control of US and UK officers, and to the 250,000 people we helped to ethnically cleanse, of whom half are still "missing."

Journalistic integrity would seem to require proportionate coverage.
Why wasn't Muslim commander indicted for crimes?
01 August 2005 --- WE have seen a lot of media coverage of the fall of Srebrenica. Unfortunately, there has been absolutely no coverage of the events that caused it.

In the previous months, Srebrenica's Muslim commander Nasir Oric carried out dozens of raids on neighbouring villages in which he, often personally, murdered thousands of men, women and children.

This is attested to not only by reporters from the Washington Post and Toronto Star, to whom he proudly showed videos of him beheading Serb civilians, but also by the UN commander in Bosnia at the time.

Speaking as a prosecution witness, he told the war crimes commission: "I met Naser Oric much later, in March, when I intervened directly on the ground. The actions that you are referring to were one of the reasons for the deterioration of the situation in the area, especially in the month of January."

Naser Oric engaged in attacks during Orthodox holidays and destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants.

This led to the Serbs seeking to arrange a ceasefire, which Dutch UN troops duly signed, guaranteeing that Oric's forces would be disarmed and prevented from launching attacks through ceasefire lines.

Unfortunately, the Dutch did not do so and he was permitted to continue his genocidal raids, leaving the Serbs with no alternative to taking the town.

These well attested facts, together with the fact that no other mass graves have been found, lead to the immediate conclusion that the bodies of the thousands of adults and children found very near the villages where Oric killed thousands of adults and children are not, in fact, those of Muslim soldiers, but of Serb adults and children.

The remaining evidence of Serbs massacring anybody consists of statements, some certainly untrue, made by Izetbegovic's Muslim government, witnesses provided by that government and forensic examiners based entirely in its territory.

The refusal of the war crimes commission to indict Oric for the genocide identified by their witness, though he is facing trial for lesser unrelated atrocities, proves that they are a body dedicated not to justice but to propaganda.

Assuming that Messrs Blair, Clinton, Kohl and every involved government and journalist have access to information equal to that available to any internet user, this proves that they have deliberately lied and censored over 10 years.
I had known of this letter previously indeed I defended it in strong terms when the LibDems used this as one of the "illiberal" letters I had had in papers. I said that for the "LibDems" to expel me for not censoring such genocide woyuld be incompatible with any claim to Liberalism. Norman fraser has since confirmed that that is precisely the reason these Nazis did so
Different responses to different massacres
12 May 2005 --- RECENTLY dumped minister Denis MacShane publicly expressed regret before the election that the media had given so little coverage to the finding of 1,500 bodies in a mass grave in Iraq.

Some years ago, as a result of a query that I had put to my local Labour MP, the same Mr MacShane, then a junior Foreign Office Minister, wrote to me to confirm the existence of a mass grave.

This particular grave was in Dragodan, a mostly Albanian suburb of Pristina in the British occupation zone, and was easily the largest ever found in Kosovo.

Two hundred and ten bodies had, by then, been recovered from it, mostly unidentifiable but many identified as Serbs who were proven to have been alive at the time NATO occupied the place and started handing out police uniforms to our KLA friends.

I had read about this on the net and been unsure of its veracity, since it had not been reported by our conventional media.

If Mr MacShane feels that the media should give more coverage to the discovery of mass graves, I would agree with him. If he is only calling for coverage of mass graves for which his government is not responsible, I would strongly disagree.

In a follow-up letter, I asked him what measures were being taken to bring the perpetrators of the Dragodan massacre to justice, but received no reply.
Fear for my country with current leadership
05 May 2005 --- AT one time, if a minister said something untrue to the House, even in a minor matter, he was expected to resign.

There were no quibbles about whether an untrue statement was a deliberate lie or told without concern as to its truth or if the minister hadn't been properly informed. In all cases, he was constitutionally expected to resign.

Today, we have a Prime Minister who, on receiving advice from his Attorney General that war would only be legal if it were possible to demonstrate hard evidence of non-compliance and non-co-operation and knowing that this was not so, sent him away to produce new advice. And he did so.

We have a PM who has constitutionally lied to Parliament, who is almost certainly a serious war criminal and who has encouraged "inevitable" and "massive" voting fraud.

Yet, under a corrupting electoral system, if he gets as much as one-third of the vote and 5 per cent fewer votes than the Tories, will still get an overall majority and, under our non-constitution, effectively absolute power.

It is almost superfluous to point out that he specifically promised, in 1997, that we would be allowed a referendum on this same corrupt electoral system.

I am certain that he would deny that that promise was a lie either, but it is difficult to see how it was truthful. I fear for the future of my country.
Birmingham fraud judge cannot be ignored 07 April 2005
Also published in the Herald
Kerry's KLA connection
01 November 2004 ---- DUTCH TV has made a programme on KLA financing of and jovial relations with John Kerry.

This hasn't been screened on British TV and I assume not in the US either.

Of course, normally to be joking with and taking money from a terrorist organisation known to have been engaged in genocide, linked to al-Qaida and trading in drugs and kidnapped schoolgirls would be considered a bit of a vote loser.

On the other hand, the KLA is our terrorist organisation, engaged in genocide, linked to al-Qaida, trading in drugs and kidnapped schoolgirls, so I guess that makes it all right.
As you can see these, with 2 exceptions, are about the war crimes against Yugoslavia. They are ones I sent out to the entire UK press & usually to much of the US press as well. As the search shows they have been published by this & one other paper in the entire English speaking world to whom I have written. I will write on the other tomorrow.

One reason I missed the Morning Star is that it does not get wide distribution. What my American readers will not know is that the Morning Star is a British national daily newspaper, traditionally linked to the Communist Party and widely acknowledged as the only English-language socialist daily.

It is also the only British national newspaper which has not demonstrably lied & censored, even in its letter columns, traditionaly the voice of readers, to promote genocide & war crimes. The fact that it & one other decided to publish so many letters, none of which were published by any part of the "official" press of both Britain & the USA shows beyond any honest dispute that they alone can claim to be honest, liberal & freedom loving. The Guardian, The Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times are corrupt racist Nazi filth. Obscene propaganda sheets whose journalists & editors do not exceed the moral level of guards at Auschwitz. Filth that will tell absolutely any lie & censor absolutely any fact to help their murdering Nazi masters. And the same in spades to the broadcast media. I remember when I did the Stop the war Coalition hustings I was impressed by the integrity of the elderly lady Communist candidate.

The facts are clear & open to no other interpretation.

On a personal level I have sometimes been disconcerted to find myself labeled "right wing" by friends as much as enemies. This is because I consider it proven that, in current technological circumstances, free enterprise has proven more efficient than what calls itself "socialism". If somebody presented facts I would change my mind, indeed in my youth I did think central planning had worked & under the mass technology of the Stalin era i am still not convined it didn't - then. It should not be a question dividing politics.

Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. -- Robert A. Heinlein

I slightly disagree with him here - political tags do have a real meaning it is just that the labels get abused by the scum. In particular "liberal" does have a distinct meaning, as one who supports liberty & thus does not desire to control people. Fascist has a meaning too. What has happened is that the people using such tags are often doing so dishonestly - in particular "fascist" which has a specific meaning of believing strong & centralised government is more desireable than liberty is a brand difficult to sell under that name which is why the fascists use the term "liberal" in the same way they talk of "humanitarian bombing" or the UAF being against fascism but such people are fascists not liberals.

I stand for human freedom, truth & against genocide - so does the Morning Star but not the "official" media in either Britain or the USA. Those who do so whether they call themselves communist, liberal, socialist, nationalist or conservative are on the same side on the important things.

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