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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


With the Information Commissioner's Office website having an undertaking to answer any questions about any refusal to act on any Freedom of Information Act inquiry I got an email from them yesterday afternoon (ie 14 days after I appealed to them) saying it was a Scottish matter & I should therefore contact the separate Scottish organisation. I note that the ICO site does not mention only covering England, indeed it actively claims the opposite.
the ICO is the UK's independent public body set up to protect personal information and promote public access to official information.
On the other hand they are merely stretching the law to protect SEPA. Their claim to have proven the radioactivity at Dalgety Bay, they are allegedly so worried about, isn't simply normal background radiation there since before humans arrived there is clearly untrue. The ICO aren't actually breaking their own rules.

However the ICO must, on a purely population basis, be finding that about 15% of queries from the public (I assume journalists will know the rules) are having to be returned, after a 14 day delay, on the grounds that they come from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. One would have thought they could run it better :-)
I have emailed the Scottish Information Commissioner repeating the email I sent to the ICO with this cover:

2 weeks ago today I put this on the Information Commissioner's Office site by their complaints form

Since they guarantee to come up with a response in 14 days they have, today, said it was nothing to do with them & I should contact you. How unfortunate that the 2 organisations are not on speaking terms or they could have sent you this automatically & how unfortunate that absolutely nobody in the ICO was aware, with anything less than 14 days investigations, that no such contact was possible.

A cynical person might think they had deliberately been delaying & finding a pretext purely to protect civil servants in SEPA who have clearly & deliberately broken the law.

Please acknowledge receipt of this & whether your organisation will be able to reach a decision as to jurisdiction & everything else within 14 days.

Hopefully they will acknowledge later today.

What a palaver over nothing! It looks like the main result of all your flailing around is to prove yet again that you cannot read simple instructions.
So I take it Norman you ain't planning on taking me on on the LibDem site you were so eager to take me on over because I wouldn't be able to stop you answering.

As regards the point you make:

1 - SEPA have clearly spent hundreds of thousnads of pounds "investigating" this scam, so they don't think this nice little earner unimportant.

2 - Since I started this what was quite clearly intended to be a scare campaign has sputered & died.

3 - They were trying to screw a large amount of money out of the air force to "clean up" this non-existent pollution. So in total we are clearly talking about millions of £s.

4 - That this is a lie clearly suggests that the Aberdeen & Dounraey beach stories are equally untrue. The latter lie has been an excuse for spending billions on bureaucarcy.

5 - That SEPA have knowingly & deliberately lied on this to build their bureaucratic empire proves they are willing to knowingly & deliberatley lie on anything. The parasitic organisation should be abolished.

6 - That the head of the Scottish civil service has refused to reply on this question proves that the entire Scottish government are willing to knowingly & deliberately lie.

OK Norman you think that government theft, fraud & lying on a mass scale are unimportant. But then you think dissecting thousands of human beings is unimportant. I think there are much more important things in the world than what interests you.
Neil, go to the sites I linked to in a earlier comment, buy a friggin meter, and go scan Dounraey beach and its surrounding area for radiation. You can find out what the background radiation rate is for that area and a few others for comparison and you can shame the entire Scottish EPA bureaucracy in the process.

You can collect all of your results in another blog called Scottish radiation surveys or something like that. An entry each week could report a radiation level from one beach, or forest, or Tesco parking lot.
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