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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Anthony Watts of Watts Up With That has been keeping a record of how the MSM reports "Global Warming".On Tuesday he said
Over the last year or so I have been taking an informal survey of a key news metric - Google news searches for the term “global warming.” A year ago, the ratio of alarmist/skeptical articles was close to 100/1. About six months ago, the ratio was 90/10, Two months ago it was 80/20, and today it hit 50/50 for the first time
Google News searches mainly show US results but we are notoriously a bit behind the US in fashions. It has long been obvious that alarmists were very much in a minority on newspaper online comments but then they are, relatively, uncensored. Indeed George Moonbat has regularly railed against the fact that this vast majority, even in the Guardian, dares to disagree with him. However if even the newspapers themselves are finding their promotion of this swindle so unpopular that they can't keep pushing it then the game is indeed up.

Well not on the BBC where they do not yet aspire to even 1% accuracy.

Now beware of the next eco-fascist scare story coming up. Here are some pld ones I put up as an April fool threat 3 years ago. Since then I have found out acid rain & obviously last years claims that we had reached peak oil were lies too. Will 1 or more of the old ones get a retread from the eco-fascists or will it be a new one?

Peak Oil is false? I did not know that.
If it is possible to produce oil from algae & it clearly is about to be, then we can never run out. Even without that there is an unhnown amount of adiobatic oil - created by geological processes - whose existence is barely acknowledged & which hasn't been exploited.
In any case we have had numerous eco-fascist warnings of peak oil - mostly within 1-10 years of the current date & which have proven false. Most of these warnings have been based on the assumption that the only oil in existence is that currently known to be obtainable from currently exploited fields using curent technology.
Excellent article Neal, I too am disgusted with all these false stories and lying news. People need to realize that all this Global warming propaganda is just a big hoax aimed to get more tax money out of people. Climate changes have been happening for thousands of years and suddenly this one is our fault? I hope people will continue to be more informed and realize that this Global warming euphoria is nothing but a big fat lie.

Take care, Elli
I hope people will continue to be more informed...

And that is the rub. A lot of people either could put forth the minimal effort to find out that Global Warming is false, or they could just do nothing. Instead they choose to act without even turning on their computers to find out.

Really, GW is partly religious at base, so among certain people it can't be questioned.

On a related not look at this.
As a society we are immensely richer than any other in history. In any previous age a society which wasted so much of their substance on wind millery, or overgovernment would have starved. Your link on making cows religiously observant (Kosher & Halal rules were originaly a way of enforcing useful hygene rules for which science wasn't advanced enough to profuce a theory of) is an individual example of the same wastefulness, but less damaging because individuals choose it.

For a small fraction of what we waste on impoverishing ourselves we could have all the Big Engineering stuff proposed & ultimately the whole universe. That seems to me to be more worthy than frightening ourselves with shadows.
I agree with you, but J has a point. The part of man that engages in magical thinking is channeled into kosher cow feed instead of being used to promote suicide bombers or the ecopagan movement. Back when America was a colony of Britain some of the colonies used to require that residents pay 10% of their income to a church of their choice and attend too. I bet that the ecopagan movement costs us a lot more than 10% of GDP. For everything we give these religious fanatics we get nothing in return, no schooling, no healthcare, not even pretty buildings.

Those societies not willing to pay 10% probably pay a lot more to a hidden religion.
Indeed they do. A lot of that 10% went on looking after the poor. In effect therefore the Church served the role of the Welfare system, something which was not considered the role of government. Thus ehwn Franklin said it would be wrong of government to take more than 10% od national income we are probably talking about something slightly under 20% (assuming the less pius skimmed). This is very close to the results of the poll I ran on the proper level of government spending. The current level being 50% in Britain & I would guess about 40% in the US. Whatever my religious beliefs I admit worshiping government doesn't seem an overall improvement.
I found a few links on the size of the US government prior to the arrival of the Obamamessiah.

one two three four

Please remember that the above numbers may not include state and local spending. Also, a good part of my country's healthcare costs are not included either, which in the US is a large part of GDP.
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