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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Some time ago I reported on Shirley Williams lecture in Glasgow on political integrity & human decency & my question about how the actions of British politicians in going to war to assist in genocide in Kosovo, subsequently appointing the chief practitioners of genocide as "police" & sending them out to commit massacres; genocide; ethnic cleansing, kidnapping, raping & selling into slavery 10s of thousands of schoolgirls; & kidnapping of thousands of teenagers & while still alive, cutting them open to remove their body parts for our hospitals was consistent with principles or integrity?

Williams agreed we had done this but justified it on the claim that Milosevic had done the same & that she personally had seen Serb troops committing such atrocities so that made it OK.

I subsequently wrote to her asking her to give details of these alleged atrocities & her role as observer. Today I have received her reply:

Dear Mr Craig,
I have received your letter of October 17th regarding my lecture at the Royal Philosophical Society.

I find your insinuation that I was untruthful in what I said in response to your question offensive in the extreme. I was in Kosovo at the height of the violence in 1995.

You incorrectly attribute to me a statement that eighteenth century politicians were not corrupt. Either you didn't hear what I said, or you mistook irony for a statement of fact. Either way such a statement would be completely incorrect.

Your Sincerely
Shirley Williams

To think that this is the standard of our senior politicians. Apart from the lies & general evil she has said a couple of things which are just plain stupid. My reply:

Dear Baroness Williams,
Thank you for yours of 3rd Dec. I note that that you have made no attempt whatsoever to provide places or dates for the Serb atrocities which you claimed, at the lecture, to have personally seen.

Nor have you made any attempt to prove your extraordinary justification that Milosevic had been engaged in the same atrocities, including child sexual enslavement & the cutting open of teenagers to steal their body organs for western hospitals, which you acknowledged "police" under British government authority engaged in.

I note also you do not deny knowing in advance that the war was fought to support the only people engaged in genocide in Kosovo, the NATO armed KLA, as the Foreign Secretary had admitted this to Parliament 2 months prior.

In fact, as you now admit, you were not in Kosovo during the fighting. You only visited in 1995, which you, alone in the entire world claim to have been when the violence was "its height". Everybody else says the first attacks in the NATO armed KLA terror campaign were in 1996 & it did not get going in earnest till 1998.

Since you maintain your claim to having seen atrocities, of which you refuse to give details & that Milosevic personally, like yourself, was involved in dissecting people for our hospitals I must accept this as representing the absolute pinnacle of honesty of which you are capable. On the other hand these are obviously lies which could never have been maintained by anybody who was not a wholly corrupt, obscene, racist, Nazi whore.

I find your insinuation that I was in any way untruthful in anything I have said about you offensive in the extreme. Lying about Milosevic is even worse.

Should this country ever have a legal system which has any respect for the rule of law, mass murdering Nazis like you will be hung by the neck (I would also like to see the death penalty applied to the likes of Rosemary West though obviously she does not compare in murder or atrocities to yourself).

On your very minor point you say both, that in the lecture, you never held up 18thC British politics as uncorrupt & that you did but it was meant in a humorous & ironic manner. A small amount of thought would show that both statements cannot be true. Perhaps you could advise which of these ignorant lies you wish to stand by?

Neil Craig

One of the atrocities the Nazi whore justified

Amazing. I got to hand it to you, you certainly have courage, principles and integrity in abundance telling the truth in a 'no holds barred' sort of way.

Aside from these admirable character traits, may I ask how it is that you ended up knowing so much about this particular topic?

Did you perhaps do a Masters degree in Political Science or a PhD thesis on the subject?

If not, how did you get interested in it firstly and discovered the truth (when, where, what books did you read and by which authors) and secondly, why are you not the director of some international research group based in Scotland, fighting to bring these Western war criminals to justice (e.g.,similar to Professor Michel Chossudovsky's 'Global Reasearch' organisation in Canada)?
Many years ago I had been interested in the history of WW2 in eastern Europe & had therefore read up on the background. When the Yugoslav wars started in 1990 I knew enough background to see that the media were lying to us about the "democratic" Croats & Moslems & the Serbs being "new Hitlers". Ever since then every time I have looked deeper into this can of worms I have found even more disgusting things wriggling around. At the start I did believe that Milosevic probably was at least comparable with our allies & would never have believed that the British government would get involved in child sex slavery & dissecting people to steal their body organs.

You may find this overview of motivation interesting

Thanks. What can I say to the above except, 'enlightening'. I'm very deeply impressed. Your article should be required reading for all political science and modern history students.

I had my suspicions that President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia (and before that, of Serbia) was murdered by our own leaders back in March 2006.

In my case, I was convinced after reading an article dated 1st of June 2006, on Michel Chossudovsky's 'Global Research' site which specifically referred to your blog address as the source.

Not only am I now thoroughly convinced that Milosevic was murdered by our intelligence services on the direct orders of our leaders, but I am also firmly convinced that he was not guilty of even a single war crime.

What specific fact (or set of facts) was it that convinced you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Slobodan Milosevic was murdered by our government and aided and abetted by the Hague judges and prosecutors in Holland as accessories and accomplices, both before and after the fact?
Here is the address of the Canadian 'Global Research' article I am referring to above
When they found the drug Rifampicine in his blood test there really was no doubt that somebody was poisoning him.

Here is an article by my Australian friend Peter North, who has commented here & can come up whose mastery of detail is unmatched, certainly by me. It dissects how the "court" has lied, concealed murder & contrdicted itself to such an extent that their involvement is obvious.

My index
though I have not updated it for some time, should help you find most of my articles on Yugoslavia.
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