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Monday, December 08, 2008


The BBC Radio's top item today was that 57 protesters had chained themselves to a fence at Stansted & lots of planes were being cancelled. I'm not exactly sure what risk these people actually posed to the planes, or even would have if they has got to the runway. I am reminded of a line from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Mr. Prosser: Do you know how much damage this bulldozer would sustain if I just let it roll over you?
Arthur: How much?
Mr. Prosser: None at all.
I suspect on some H&E type rules requiring airports to close down in such circumstances.

As normal the BBC coverage was substantial & as favourable as it is possible to be ion the circumstances quoting the eco-fascists extensively & climate sceptics not at all.

The BBC's Stephen Chittenden, at Stansted, said protesters had brought concrete blocks and 6ft-high security fencing with them and erected a "stockade" about 50m (164 ft) from the runway. They then chained themselves to the fencing.

One of the activists taking part, Lily Kember, 21, said they had forced their way in using bolt-cutters while the runway was closed for overnight maintenance work.

Ms Kember said she was "incredibly apologetic" that passengers had been affected, but added: "The effects of climate change are going to be monumental."

Plane Stupid said on its website that the action was intended to draw attention to CO2 emissions from the aviation industry.

One protester, whose full name was not given, said: "We're here because our parents' generation has failed us and it's now down to young people to stop climate change by whatever peaceful means we have left.

"We're afraid of what the police might do to us, we're afraid of going to jail but nothing scares us as much as the threat of runaway climate change."

Compare & contrast the motivation of the 11,000 steel workers who demonstrated last week purely asking that they be allowed to make a living with these publicity seeking hypocritical eco-fascist vandals. The hypocrisy & class based hatred imfecting the "greens" is shown by this news article about one of their leaders

A leading anti-aviation activist has secretly flown to New York to hold meetings with American airport protesters - and see the sights. Former public-schoolgirl Katrina Forrester, who helped co-ordinate campaign group Plane Stupid's third runway protest on the roof of the House of Commons in February, boarded a BA flight out of Heathrow on Tuesday.

While that news got covered by the Daily Mail the BBC decided not to do so. God bless the Daily Mail - the BBC would be greatly improved if it hired some of their journalists rather than the racist liars who appear in the Guardian. The BBC is still censoring any reporting of the 11,000 strong anti-alarmist demo last week.

I dunno how any self respecting police chief or Home Secretary could have missed the opportunity to get out the water cannons.

It's the middle of winter, exacerbated by Man Made Global Cooling, and a bunch of numpties have chained themselves up in the middle of an exposed field in the middle of nowhere.

What's not to like?
"Compare & contrast the motivation"

A combination of decadence and ignorance.

The coming depression will reset the decadence index, not sure what it will do for the ignorance index.
They should have spun up a pair of Rolls Royce Trent engines next to the hippies... See what their resolve is really like...
Rather good article on Spiked making much of the same point.

It points out that in choosing Stansted the children of the aristocracy in Plane Stupid had eschewed London's big airports for the one where the common people fly from & get their holiodays ruined.
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