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Friday, December 05, 2008


About 11,000 workers from the steel industry in European countries gathered on Tuesday in Brussels to protest the European Union's climate change policy which they fear might make them lose their jobs.

The European Parliament and the French Presidency of the European Union agreed Monday on details of future targets on emissions from cars, setting the target for 2020 at 95 g CO2 per kilometer.

"We don't want to lose our job," one protester said, adding that the new regulations will possibly kill the steel industry in Europe. Several protesters held a coffin to indicate that the European steel industry will die when EU's climate change plan is implemented.

Under the new regulations, from 2012 to 2018 manufacturers exceeding the carbon dioxide targets set by the regulation will have to pay fines 5 euros for the first gram of CO2, 15 euros for the second gram of CO2 and 95 euros from the fourth gram of CO2.

Not perhaps the middle class types George Moonbat is so keen on reporting about but a protest by 10,000 is pretty big. It does show real & massive popular discontent with the alarmists & the fact that it is driven not by theortical or scientific disagreements but by apolitival people just wanting to keep their jobs makes it all the more important.

So obviously the BBC, who spent days on reporting a well funded demonstration at Heathrow which, despite all the tents etc set up by the organisers, only drummed up 300 people will have given this massive coverage.


The above report comes from the Chinese news agency. A Google news search shows this 11,000 person demonstration has been considered to small to report by anything but a couple of Belgian papers & a mention by AP not used by our media.

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