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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was announced that Radovan Karadzic was arrested last night. Unlike Nasir Oric the perpetrator of the only undisputed mass racial murder of civilians in Srebrenica, who was let off, Mr Karadzic will undoubtedly face a show trial.

Nonetheless, as Milosevic proved even a show trial is difficult to manage when there is no evidence. This is why, after 4 1/2 years of "trial" his captors, clearly knowing the judge's reluctance to convict on zero evidence but also having been told they would decide not to allow him medical treatment in Russia, poisoned him. This would have been unprovable had he not had a blood test showing the presence of Rifampicine.

Karadzic has been subject to 18 years of a racist propaganda campaign by virtually the entire western media.

He was accused of starting the Bosnian war though this was a lie. In fact it was the openly genocidal (ex-)Nazi Moslem leader Izetbegovic who first broke the law by seizing government buildings when the rotating Presidency of B&H turned to Karadzic. It was also the Moslems who fired the first shot by shooting up an Orthodox wedding outside Sarajevo. Neither of these were considered war crimes by the NATO funded hirelings of the ICTY.

He was accused by our media of holding 90,000 women in "rape camps". In fact the only such place that can be dignified with such a description was in the Moslem controlled area of Sarajevo. It was not considered a war crime by the corrupt Nazis of the ICTY.

Our media accused him of being responsible for the war continuing. In fact he repeatedly, when winning, agreed to cease fires & peace talks with the Moslem Nazi forces. These talks were equally repeatedly broken by Izetbegovic as soon as he had been resupplied with weapons by NATO & soldiers provided by our al Quaeda allies & flown in by NATO, in deliberate breach of NATO sponsored mandatory UN sanctions. This was a war crime but was not treated as such by judges bought & paid for by NATO.

Our media accused him of the genocide of 7,000/7,500/9,000/11,000/15,0000 Moslem soldiers in the capture of Srebrenica. In fact the only genocide which happened there was that of at least 3,800 identified Serb civilians in surrounding villages murdered by Nasir Oric, the Moslem Nazi commander of the town who subsequently showed videos of him beheading women & children to reporters. Only the Toronto Star & Washington Post made minor reports of this. Despite the fact that there is no dispute about this & even General Morrilon the NATO commander in B&H at the time testified to it in the Milosevic "trial". Obviously this genocide wasn't considered a war crime by NATO's lickspittles on the ICTY, indeed they didn't even consider such genocide of "Untermensch" worth mentioning.

Our media have lied continuously & deliberately about what may be called the ever changing but "official" massacre story. The story was started by Izetbegovic who has said that he had been guaranteed US support if he could come up with a story of a massacre of at least 5,000. He immediately did so claiming that none of the Srebrenica garrison of 7,500 had reached safety. The Red cross subsequently confirmed that at least 7,000 of them had, usually being instantly transferred to the Tuzla front & prevented from writing even to their families. The US then produced before & after satellite photos of "mass graves" said to be taken 24 hours apart. In one it was pointed out that an entire house had also been built in the intervening 24 hours. Shortly before the Dayton agreement allowed NATO to go looking for bodies they started backpedalling on finding them & indeed the official "mass graves" contained none. However NATO did find bodies near the villages where Nasir had carried out his genocide & they were announced to be Moslem soldiers, even the 500 bodies of children. Obviously bodies classified by NATO as Serb have never been found. DNA measuring has advanced so much in the last 13 years that it is now possible to determine ethnicity. The hired Nazis of the ICTY has refused to engage in such testing or allow others to.

There is no factual doubt that the case against Karadic, for war crimes, is far weaker not only than that against almost all NATO politicians & journalists, who are certainly guilty but against the tea ladies in Labour, Lib Dem & Tory HQs & the canteens of the BBC, ITN & most of the press since they are all thus involved in the "joint criminal conspiracy" (to use a term beloved by NATO's paid "judges") of war crimes, ethnic cleansing, child sex enslavement, genocide & the dissection of living people to sell their organs which NATO & our media assisted in.

In the last few hours we have seen the media telling the same old lies over again & they will doubtless continue in the same vein. I can say from experience that almost the entire western press will not allow even a single truthful letter to apear on their pages. However the internet is much freer & very much more omnipresent than in the 1990s. Open debates on the net, such as the one done by Jurist some years ago, have almost all resulted in an overwhelming conclusion that the MSM have lied to us to support genocide for 18 years.

ICTY = International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia.

Often refered to by the media as a UN court but was actually created by the NATO majority on the Security Council (US,UK,France). The UN Charter is quite specific that real UN courts have to be set up by vote of the General Assembly, where NATO does not have an inbuilt majority. It is also funded by NATO members & they make up modt of the personel.
The Massive Hitler style "Big Lie" spread by the US and NATO Imperialist Globalists - and their paid media prostitutes - about what happened in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995.Srebrenica was a Muslim Nazi HOAX.

Srebrenica was a massive Muslim Nazi Hoax sponsored by Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright - Part 2 (More Detailed)
Thanks Peter - do you know a good article on the history of the rape camps lie? Did you get an email from me a few days ago?
Bill Clinton was a Saint. Madeline Albright brought North Korea to it's knees by offering Kimmy Il basketballs signed by Michael Jordon and delicious boxes of chocolates. The Clinton years will go down in history as the finest 8 years in the history of man.
When a box of chocolates signs a basketball do they add a sweet comment?
The box of chocolates signature was forged I'm sure.
Why did the Dutch Government resign on masse for their role in what happened at Srebrenica?

Weren't they part of the conspiracy?
Hi Neil,

My apologies for not replying to your e-mails. I haven't had regular internet access for quite some time so I haven't been checking my webmail.

David Binder (formerly of the New York Times and one of a handful of Western journalists who wasn't a media whore) exposed his very own newspaper's monstrous lies about the Serbs many years ago.


Former NY Times Reporter: '93 Pulitzer Should Be Revoked

Here is one of the best articles from the early days of the Bosnian war exposing the Hitlerian Big Lie that Bosnian Serbs were running "rape camps" - when in reality the Bosnian Moslems and Croats were actually running "rape camps" for Serbian women instead (highly detailed and extensive documentation was submitted to the UN at that time containing names, dates, perpetrators and locations but was covered up by the Western corporate media whores and NATO governments):

FOREIGN POLICY Number 93, Winter 1993-94 p.152-172.


by Peter Brock

Here is an extract:


The 1993 double-barreled Pulitzer Prize for international reporting, shared between "Newsday's Roy Gutman and "New York Times" correspondent John Burns, raised at least a few eyebrows. Burns received the award primarily for his account of seven hours of interviews with a captured Bosnian Serb soldier, Borislav Herak. Herak's confession of multiple rapes and murder occurred under the approving eyes of his Bosnian Muslim captors.

Assured he would not be subjected to brutality as a prisoner, Herak also alleged that the then-commanding general of the U.N. Protection Forces (UNPROFOR), Lewis Mackenzie, had committed multiple rapes of young Muslim women...


The entire media response to the issue of atrocities against Serbs raises a troubling question: why did the press show such minimal interests in Serb claim of death camps housing their own people? Documents submitted to the European parliament and U.N. by Bosnian Serbs have included horrible claims:

* late March 1992 - Serb females imprisoned at Breza were raped and then murdered by Muslims; their bodies were later incinerated.
* May 27, 1992 - female prisoners from Bradina were taken to the camp in Celebici where they were repeatedly raped.

* July 26, 1992 - an escapee from Gorazde reported Muslims forced Serb fathers to rape their own daughters before both were murdered.

* August 27, 1992 - an affidavit by Dr. Olga Drasko, a former inmate of an Ustashi camp at Dretelj, described rapes and mutilations of women, including herself, during her three month confinement.

* November 1992 - a group of Serb women released from Tuzla requested late-term abortions after having been repeatedly raped by Muslim during lengthy captivities.

* December 10, 1992 - in Belgrade, Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle told official of the Swiss Federal Parliament and representatives from European Ecumenical Movements that 800 Serb women were documented as repeated rape victims in 20 camps operated by Muslims and Croats. The Patriarch also cited parts of an August 2, 1992, report from the State Center for Investigation of War Crimes (Serb Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina). Compiled for the U.N. in November 1992, it identified locations at Sarajevo, Tuzla, Bugojno, Konjic, Bihac, and Slavnoski Brod where Serb women were allegedly confined and raped by Croat and Muslim soldiers.

Also unnoticed by the media was the submission on December 18, 1992, of the lengthy report (s/24991) by the U.N. Security Council to the General Assembly. The report includes some of the depositions by Serb rape victims from the incidents above. U.N. officials have never explained why it was not made publicly available until January 5, 1993, even though it was the only report produced by an international agency that contained documented testimonies from any rape victims up until that time.

Yet, while that report was receiving minimal circulation at the U.N., the news media were focusing on undocumented claims [Bosnian Serb] soldiers had committed as many as 60,000 rapes of Muslims women.

From the start of the Bosnian war in April 1992 until November of that year, thousands of refugees fled into Croatia and other countries. There, extensive interviews failed to disclose allegation of "systematic rape."

Then suddenly, in late November and early December, the world received a deluge of reports about rapes of Muslim women. The accounts originated in the Information Ministries of the governments of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The January 4, 1993, "Newsweek," for one, quoted unsubstantiated Bosnian government claims of up to 50,000 rapes of Muslims by Serb soldiers...

The resulting handful of rape-produced births also clearly contradicts claims of waves of systematic rape-induced pregnancies supposedly treated in Bosnia hospitals and reported by Bosnian government authorities and Western journalists.

The general lack of follow-up on the rape allegations is in stark contrasts to the lone account of French journalist Jerome Bony, who described in a February 4, 1993, broadcast on the French television program "Envoye Special" his trek to Tuzla, notorious for its concentration of Muslim rape victims:

"When I was at 50 kilometers from Tuzla I was told, 'go to Tuzla high school ground (where) there are 4,000 raped women'. At 20 kilometers this figure dropped to 400. At 10 kilometers only 40 were left. Once at the site, I found only four women willing to testify."

At the height of the rape story, media gullibility reached new levels. In mid-February 1993, the Associated Press, citing only a Bosnian government source, reported alleged cannibalism by starving Muslims in Eastern Bosnia. The story achieved instant headlines in the United States.

Receiving little if any play, however, was the vigorous denial the following day by U.N. officials in Bosnia, who rushed to the scene of supposedly starving villagers and discovered them still in possession of livestock and chickens.

The "rape camps" lie is also exposed in the following articles:
The were going to lose their parliamentary majority anyway. This was a good excuse to get out ahead.

The massacres in villages around Srebrenica are not disputed by anybody. They are merely ignored by our media.
"Why did the Dutch Government resign on masse for their role in what happened at Srebrenica?Weren't they part of the conspiracy?"

Anonymous: I would NOT rely on the BBC to tell you the real reasons for why the Dutch government resigned at that time.

If you want to know the truth about the resignation of Wim Kok's corrupt regime I suggest you read the following articles:

Here is an extract from the first article:

The Dutch Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) wrote in its official report last year on Srebrenica that the Pentagon in fact has armed Muslim terrorists. This is what Richard J. Aldrich wrote in The Guardian of April 22, 2002, in an article with the title, “US Sponsored Foreign Islamists In Bosnia”:[4]

[Start Excerpt From “US Sponsored Foreign Islamists in Bosnia”]

“The official Dutch inquiry into the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, released last week, contains one of the most sensational reports on western intelligence ever published. Officials have been staggered by its findings and the Dutch government has resigned.

One of its many volumes is devoted to clandestine activities during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s.

For five years, Professor Cees Wiebes of Amsterdam University has had unrestricted access to Dutch intelligence files and has stalked the corridors of secret service headquarters in western capitals, as well as in Bosnia, asking questions.

His findings are set out in “Intelligence and the war in Bosnia, 1992-1995.” It includes remarkable material on covert operations, signals interception, human agents and double-crossing by dozens of agencies in one of dirtiest wars of the new world disorder.

Now we have the full story of the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims - some of the same groups that the Pentagon is now fighting in “the war against terrorism.”

…By 1993 these groups, many supported by Iran and Saudi Arabia, were anxious to help Bosnian Muslims fighting in the former Yugoslavia and called in their debts with the Americans. Bill Clinton and the Pentagon were keen to be seen as creditworthy and repaid in the form of an Iran-Contra style operation - in flagrant violation of the UN security council arms embargo against all combatants in the former Yugoslavia.

The result was a vast secret conduit of weapons smuggling though Croatia. This was arranged by the clandestine agencies of the US, Turkey and Iran, together with a range of radical Islamist groups, including Afghan mojahedin and the pro-Iranian Hizbullah. Wiebes reveals that the British intelligence services obtained documents early on in the Bosnian war proving that Iran was making direct deliveries.

Arms purchased by Iran and Turkey with the financial backing of Saudi Arabia made their way by night from the Middle East. Initially aircraft from Iran Air were used, but as the volume increased they were joined by a mysterious fleet of black C-130 Hercules aircraft. The report stresses that the US was “very closely involved” in the airlift. Mojahedin fighters were also flown in, but they were reserved as shock troops for especially hazardous operations.

…The volume of weapons flown into Croatia was enormous, partly because of a steep Croatian “transit tax”. Croatian forces creamed off between 20% and 50% of the arms. The report stresses that this entire trade was clearly illicit. The Croats themselves also obtained massive quantities of illegal weapons from Germany, Belgium and Argentina - again in contravention of the UN arms embargo. The German secret services were fully aware of the trade.

Rather than the CIA, the Pentagon’s own secret service was the hidden force behind these operations. The UN protection force, UNPROFOR, was dependent on its troop-contributing nations for intelligence, and above all on the sophisticated monitoring capabilities of the US to police the arms embargo. This gave the Pentagon the ability to manipulate the embargo at will: ensuring that American Awacs aircraft covered crucial areas and were able to turn a blind eye to the frequent nightime comings and goings at Tuzla.

Weapons flown in during the spring of 1995 were to turn up only a fortnight later in the besieged and demilitarised enclave at Srebrenica. When these shipments were noticed, Americans pressured UNPROFOR to rewrite reports, and when Norwegian officials protested about the flights, they were reportedly threatened into silence.

…Iranian and Afghan veterans’ training camps had also been identified in Bosnia. Later, in the Dayton Accords of November 1995, the stipulation appeared that all foreign forces be withdrawn. This was a deliberate attempt to cleanse Bosnia of Iranian-run training camps. The CIA’s main opponents in Bosnia were now the mojahedin fighters and their Iranian trainers - whom the Pentagon had been helping to supply months earlier.

Meanwhile, the secret services of Ukraine, Greece and Israel were busy arming the Bosnian Serbs. Mossad was especially active and concluded a deal with the Bosnian Serbs at Pale involving a substantial supply of artillery shells and mortar bombs. In return they secured safe passage for the Jewish population out of the besieged town of Sarajevo…”

[End Excerpt From “US Sponsored Foreign Islamists in Bosnia”]


Another article worth reading:
And these?
Indeed. They appear to be photos of war. If there is a single fram that proves the alleged Srbrenica masscre perhaps you could point it out.

That is like "proving" that the US was responsible for Auschwitz by showing films of american troops in WW2.

If that is the strongest "evidence" on the NATO side may I suggest you look at the pictures on
& then produce evidence of Serbs doing even 1/10th as much evil as they got.
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