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Thursday, December 20, 2007


When I put a post on the Guardian yesterday I got this:
This account has had its posting rights withdrawn. This may be because of a breach of our talk policy, or because you picked an unsuitable username. If you have any questions please contact

I did but they aren't replying.

I have now been barred by Channel 4 (twice) the Scotsman & the Guardian.

Clearly we have a trend here & the common factor is not hard to find. The British media are actively opposed to the truth. In not one of these cases has the party doing the banning ever come up with a single case where any criticism I made was not entirely factual. In all 3 cases I had shortly previously been discusing the Yugolsav wars so this seems to be the absloute no-go area for the truth in the British media. In the Guardian's case it may be because I said that Paddy Ashdown had perjured himself at the Milosevic "trial" a matter on which the evidence is literally rock solid or that his adminstration in B&H had fired somebody for objecting to child sex slavery being allowed by that administration. Both of which, though censored by most of our media (hats off to the Telegraph) are matters of public record.

I'd be intrigued to read the comments you attempted to post if you still have them...
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