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Sunday, November 13, 2005


This from B92 an anti Milosevic radio station in Yugoslavia (formerly) funded by NATO.
Asked whether he will be making another appearance at Slobodan Milosevic’s war crimes trial, in which many have questioned the truthfulness of his testimony regarding events which took place in Kosovo, Ashdown said that he is prepared to testify once again if the Tribunal calls on him to do so. Asked if the video footage shown in court which shows him meeting with armed members of the Kosovo Liberation Army puts into question his objectivity, Ashdown said that he made it clear to both Belgrade and London that he intended on meeting with both sides, including the KLA.

Ashdown said that the footage which was shown by Milosevic was old footage of his visits with Albanian civilians who were showing him their old weapons, which they had bought from the Serbs.

“That’s the communist way.” Ashdown said, and added that he stands behind everything he said while testifying before the Hague Tribunal.
Strange folk those communists who have such a principled position against gun control (& in favour of free markets) that they happily sell weapons to people who want to fight them. Of course it would have been grossly improper for Ashdown to have met what was at the time officially described as a terrorist group (more for running drugs westerly than for the genocide of Untermensch) so obviously it didn't happen - we have his word for it.

The rather coy bit about many having questioned the truthfulness of his testimony in the Milosevic "trial" is a refernce to his having said, on oath, that he stood on the Albanian border & watched Yugoslav troops ethnically cleansing named villages & the subsequent introduction, by a defence witness, of a map proving that the villages are not visible from the border unless you can see through mountains. Fortunately for Ashdown, Wesley Clark & numerous KLA members who testified that there were no KLA in their village, giving perjured testimony is not an offense. Refusing to testify when Milosevic was denied the right to conduct his defence was an imprisonable offence but perjury isn't.

Equally let us remember that Mr Ashdown claims to have been unaware of the endemic practice of child sex slavery by members of his administration in Bosnia & Hercegovina in conjunction with his Moslem Nazi friends - so endemic indeed that you could get fired for objecting to it.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER I accept absolutley that all 3 claims by this former Lib Dem leader & MI6 operative (whether he quit the latter before taking up the former is unknown) represent the very highest standard of honesty of Mr Ashdown, & will uphold anything else he says in such terms.

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