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Monday, November 19, 2007


I put this comment up on a rather silly Guardian article explaining how we are America's poodle (largely true), thus putting us into hock to a country run by evil neocons with far lower ethical standards than our own (largely false). He attacked an American who had said the British & US have "shared values". My comment was to puncture the self satisfaction of the writer rather than primarily to publicise Dragodan, thus the first lines are repearting, in quotation marks, what he said.
"Does the prime minister have in mind the "shared values" of Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib? Of "extraordinary rendition" and "enhanced interrogation"?"

Compare & contrast with the deliberate genocide, under British government authority, of 210 civilians in the Dragodan Massacre in Kosovo. By comparison Guantanamo is legalistic pussyfooting.

Compare also the US media's exposure of the My Lai massacre with our media's deliberate censorship of Dragodan.
Dragodan held a mass grave (officially not a mass grave but 210 separate graves all in the same place since a mass grave is, legally, evidence of genocide). It was in the British controlled sector of Kosovo, being a suburb of Pristina & many of the bodies are of people identified as being alive when NATO took over. It was presumably carried out by our KLA employees but since this could not have taken place if we had disarmed the KLA, as we undertook to do in the occupation agreement, or if we had not immediately sworn in the openly genocidal KLA as our "police" force". Consequently legally it was carried out under British authority & complicity.

I have discussed this before when the Herald published my letter about it. I was also censored on the subject by the Guardian before however on this occasion there can be no suggestion that I was being offensive or OTT, or in any way breaching their guidelines, indeed I was primarily defending the US, at least by comparison.

This is therefore clearly nothing but censorship by the Guardian of an incident of genocide. Once again this is not an example of posts being marked "deleted by moderator" - the post, like the massacre itself, has just become retroactively non-existent.

Mass graves [containing Serbian civilians in Dragodan & Istok] reveal new truths about war and peace in Kosovo and Metohija

"The interest of the Serb public in this issue remains great due to the more than 1,300 missing persons whose fate remains unknown and who are seriously suspected to have been liquidated by Albanian extremists and their bodies secretly buried. Among Kosovo and Metohija Serbs there still exists a strong suspicion that UNMIK is trying to hide the truth about the post-war murders of Serbs because these crimes occurred during the international UN protectorate and in the presence of NATO forces.

"It is the hope of the Serbian Orthodox Church that after these most recent developments Serbian investigators and forensics experts will be given the opportunity to join in the process of identifying the discovered bodies and that the process of investigating the fate of Serbs abducted by members of the KLA will be intensified.

"Recently we have been witness to the arrest of certain senior representatives of the former KLA (who in the meanwhile have become high-ranking officers of the UN sponsored KPC - Kosovo Protection Corps) for crimes committed against their compatriots, the Kosovo Albanians. Even though it is well-known that some of these individuals also participated in the liquidation of Kosovo Serb civilians, these crimes are not even mentioned in the indictments.The general public still does not know how many Kosovo Albanians were killed by the ethnic Albanians themselves because previously every Albanian victim was automatically attributed to the Serbian police (MUP) or the Yugoslav Army (VJ).

"Considering the large number of inconsistencies with regard to the discovery of missing persons and the identification of recovered bodies, the question which increasingly poses itself is why after all the fanfare with respect to the exhumation of purported "tens of thousands" of murdered Albanians, international investigators have suddenly lost their enthusiasm and the issue of unidentified and missing bodies has suddenly found itself buried deep in the vaults of UNMIK, whose representatives speak on this subject very rarely in public. One thing is certain and that is that without a transparent process in which the general public will receive timely notification there can be no uncovering of the real truth regarding the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija, which was and remains far more complex that initially represented in the international press."
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