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Friday, January 19, 2007


This article in today's Guardian gives an appearance that they are actually, belatedly, allowing a debate on the legality of the war against Yugoslavia.

Well guess what.
Over the last few days I have been posting on the Guardian's site. Under the name 9percentgrowth I have posted on the EU (\I think it is economicly damaging), Mao's legacy (I thought it was economicly damaging while the paper was sucking up to him), & Holocaustdenial (I oppose censorship & mentioned Tudjman as an "acceptable" denier).

So today I have found that I am FORBIDDEN to post on this allegedly liberal but actually corrupt lying, racist & pro-Nazi rag. Since none of theseswere more than merely opposed to the Guardian editorial view it is obvious where their "limits on free speech" lie. I suspect that, had my contribution today been published it would have resulted in no serious dispute as to the facts & my immediate banishment. You may judge for yourselves.
There is no question that western motives in Yugoslavia had nothing whatsoever to do with humanitariansim. 2 months before going to war Foreign Secretary Robinn Cook told Parliament that the majority of killings in Kosovo were of Serb civilians murdered by our KLA friends. Bearing in mind that most of the population was Albanian & most of the weapons in the hand of the Yugoslav army this means that it was our KLA allies & not Milosevic's forces, who were engaged in quite deliberate genocide AND THAT THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT & MPs KNRW THEY WERE GOING TO WAR TO ASSIST NOT PREVENT GENOCIDE.

The fact that easily the largest mass grave at Dragodan in Kosovo held 210 bodies murdered by the KLA in the British sector AFTER we took over proves our government's participation in genocide. It is shameful that virtually our entire media, including the Guardian & BBC have censored reporting of this & other facts prejudicial to our genocidal hirelings.

My only compliant about Neil's article is that, by omitting the wars in Croatia & Bosnia he keeps the death toll lower than Iraq. Paddy Ashdown is on record as saying that 500,000 died in all these wars. 250,000 of the "missing" are Serbs from Croatia presumably murdered by Tudjman the Holocaust denying openly genocidal Croatian Nazi leader. This was only possible because of EU & NATO assistance culminating in US officers commanding, Germany supplying guns & NATO providing air support for the Krajina Holocaust. Once again our media's censorship of Tudjman's acts, publicly expressed views & Nazi antecedents is shameful.

Even more blatant was the propaganda used to make Izetbegovic into a "moderate multi-cultural Moslem" when in fact he was a former SS auxiliary, associate of bin Laden, publicly committed to the genocide of all mom-malign communities. This again culminated in the deliberate media censorship of all mention of the primary genocide at Srebrenica (testified to by General Marillon the ranking NATO general at the time, among many others). It is indisputable that the Moslem commander in Srebrenica, Nasir Oric, was responsible for the genocide of a minimum of 3,800 Serb civilians in surrounding villages, overwhelmingly old people, women & children & showed journalists his home videos of him beheading children. He was allowed to continue doing this after the Dutch troops had moved in & officially "disamed" him. By comparison the evidence that the "official" massacre ever happened is dubious, relying heavily on the assumption that the bodies, including hundreds of children's bodies, found near those villages are actually Moslem soldiers. It is undeniable that our media are aware of this & equally undeniable that they have not reported it.

When in the next few weeks we see journalists, politicians & the "great & good" expressing their horror at silly remarks made on Big brother we should reflect that their personal remarks & actions have centipedes not to a little ill feeling but to the racial genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings.

Neil Clark's blog is He is an anti-war neo conservative who has been published in the Morning Star. I like it.


I submitted this comment on another thread but feel that it would be much better served and do more justice being under this excellent post of yours about the pro-Nazi London Guardian newspaper.

After that last response of mine on Iain Dale's blog, GaffaUK appears to have "thrown in the towel" and has decided to "cut and run", so to speak, just like Norman Fraser of the Scottish Liberal Democrats - aka Mr."Anonymous" did on numerous occasions on your blog A Place To Stand - on the following threads Three Cheers for the Scottish Daily Mail and Trnopolje & Omarska - Two Examples of The Concentration Camp Lie and Reporting of Palestinian Deaths

It appears that just like the SBS Television network (Australian version of the BBC)did in September 2004 when they asked me to show up at their headqaurters in order to be - ahem - cough, cough - supposedly "interviewed" on the genocidal Nazi beliefs & writings of Franjo Tudjman & Alija Izetbegovic; whenever the pro-ITN/Guardian,BBC,CNN pro-Balkan Nazi Western corporate media crowd spewing forth the Nazi Goebbels style "Big Lie" that "Izetbegovic was a politically moderate secular multi-culturalist dedicated to Western liberal democratic values and multi-ethnic peace & harmony in Bosnia whom was merely fighting the Greater Serbian chauvinistic nationalists" ARE CONFRONTED WITH THE IRREFUTABLE FACTS FROM SOMEONE WHOM KNOWS THE HISTORICAL TRUTH ABOUT YUGOSLAVIA , these George Soros,Bilderberg,CFR,Trilateral Commission, Carnegie Endowment, International Crisis Group,Coalition for International Justice, Human Rights Watch, NATO/EU-allied Globalist Western neo-liberal pro-Balkan Nazi "humanitarian bombing" hypocrites simply CUT & RUN FOR COVER LIKE A BUNCH OF COWARDLY, PETRIFIED RABBITS.

Know your subject material chapter & verse, back to front and "off the top of your head" and watch the neo-liberal corporate media globalist hypocrites and their supporters cut and run for cover like the cowardly chicken shit weasels that they are.

I forgot to mention: Norman Fraser aka 'Anonymous' also cut and ran like a cowardly chicken shit weasel from the 20th Anniversary of Chernobyl Predictions Update thread

My sincerest apologies for leaving this out.
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