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Sunday, October 22, 2006


A Daily Mail article here on the BBC panjandrums admitting that even they have noticed that they are biased, though only in a pro-diversity & gay way.

My particular criticisms of them have been that they are overwhelmingly biased on the Green/anti-technology/anti-nuclear/global warming & other catatrophism side also pro-EU & anti-Serb (more, I think, because Germany, boss of the EU, was anti-Serb than because Moslems were). All of these are things that tend to increase state power, regulation & bureaucracy which, the BBC being a state bureaucracy is unsurprising.

That none of these appear to have been mentioned in their private self criticism session may be taken as evidence that I am wrong or as evidence of how deeply this institutional bias is ingrained.

A reminder of a former man on the scene's shame at the way the organisation deliberately fabricated the "news" about "atrocities" in Kosovo.

Suggested by Peter North
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Naturally, the Daily Mail has proved itself EVEN WORSE than the BBC by refusing to publish my comments with links to Neil Craig's A Place To Stand blog from Glasgow Scotland - - exposing the BBC's pro-Islamist Fascist& Nazi bias in Bosnia, Kosovo & Croatia. What else would you expect from the Daily Mail? I was - in effect - criticizing the UK, since the UK is an integral part of NATO, but since it is politically correct to criticize Blair over Iraq (since its supposedly "a war against muslims") but NOT over Kosovo (since it was a war against anti-fascist Christian Serbs), the Daily Mail, being the blatant scumbags,HYPOCRITES, and appeasers of Germany & the Vatican that they are, refused to publish anything critical of the UK's involvement on the side of genocidal Nazi mass murderers in the Balkans.

(I have sent the above as a comment to the Daily Mail - I hope the hypocrite there enjoys reading it)
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