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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Pete North. a regular here, has just started a new blog;

Real Srebrenica Genocide

His first article (which is largely mirrored on his original blog he may have decided that the title of the new blog, while no less factual, is more approachable than the old one.contains a number of photographs of atrocities against Serbs in Bosnia. I warn you that these are not in any way for the squeamish but then seeing what we have been doing they would have to be.

The BBC & other mainstream media (MSM) have, over the last 16 years shown us mant films & photos of alleged Serb atrocities. The most famous being the faked ITN video. I do not know of any one of them, though I am open to evidence, which was not either arguably staged &/or fabricated. Some years ago on a BBC Radio Scotland phone in in which I mentioned the ITN fake & another one of a murder certainly carried out by our Nazi allies to give the Guardian a front page exclusive. The Guardian journalist being interviewed assured me that if they had known of photos showing atrocities against Serbs they would have shown them. I replied mentioning the photos of beheadings* among those Peter has put up, at which point the interviewer immediately decided it was time to go to the next caller.

Let nobody dispute the fact that the BBC, Guardian etc have spent 16 years propagating faked pictures & have censored the true ones. Because of the time period this censorship has been going on & its widespread nature it is statistically impossible that this is anything other than deliberate racist censorship or, again given the time period & the entirely different slant given to Israel, that these Nazi lies represent anything other than the very highest standard of honesty of these journalists.

Damien, the BBC's head of telling people what a fine organisation the BBC is, has yet to reply to my letter to him giving the specific details of BBC censorship of genocide in the Nazi cause he had asked me for.

*My spellcheck was unaware that beheading came with a plural.

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