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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Pete North. a regular here, has just started a new blog;

Real Srebrenica Genocide

His first article (which is largely mirrored on his original blog he may have decided that the title of the new blog, while no less factual, is more approachable than the old one.contains a number of photographs of atrocities against Serbs in Bosnia. I warn you that these are not in any way for the squeamish but then seeing what we have been doing they would have to be.

The BBC & other mainstream media (MSM) have, over the last 16 years shown us mant films & photos of alleged Serb atrocities. The most famous being the faked ITN video. I do not know of any one of them, though I am open to evidence, which was not either arguably staged &/or fabricated. Some years ago on a BBC Radio Scotland phone in in which I mentioned the ITN fake & another one of a murder certainly carried out by our Nazi allies to give the Guardian a front page exclusive. The Guardian journalist being interviewed assured me that if they had known of photos showing atrocities against Serbs they would have shown them. I replied mentioning the photos of beheadings* among those Peter has put up, at which point the interviewer immediately decided it was time to go to the next caller.

Let nobody dispute the fact that the BBC, Guardian etc have spent 16 years propagating faked pictures & have censored the true ones. Because of the time period this censorship has been going on & its widespread nature it is statistically impossible that this is anything other than deliberate racist censorship or, again given the time period & the entirely different slant given to Israel, that these Nazi lies represent anything other than the very highest standard of honesty of these journalists.

Damien, the BBC's head of telling people what a fine organisation the BBC is, has yet to reply to my letter to him giving the specific details of BBC censorship of genocide in the Nazi cause he had asked me for.

*My spellcheck was unaware that beheading came with a plural.

Dear Neil,

Thank you ever so much for doing the article!! I just saw it and was very impressed and thankful that you took the time and effort to write it up and post it on your blog. Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project dealing specifically with evidence of genocide NOT reported by the corrupt Western pro-Nazi media.

I have already added considerable new material over the last couple of days, and will CONTINUE to do so every so often. I have already added material on the Sarajevo "Vox" and "Svijet" magazines' public announcement of the intent to commit genocide as well ex-president Bill Clinton being paid US$250,000 in late 2003 to attend the unveiling of an al Qaeda shrine dedicated to fallen Arab Jihad Islamist terrorists in Srebrenica on behalf of the Izetbegovic SDA Islamists!

Once again, a very, very big THANK YOU, Neil, for doing the article post!!!

Best wishes and respect,


I am basking in the GLORY of having an article published on IsraPundit because of - and based on - my new blog to counter the lies of the Guardian/ITN/BBC/CNN et al:

The Real Srebrenica Genocide

A very big THANK YOU for all of your moral support and encouragement over the past year for making this happen. PLEASE contribute to the comments section of IsraPundit concerning this important achievement in educating the Jewish/Israeli people about the facts concerning what really happened in Srebrenica.




by Rodney Atkinson

Dateline 27th March 2006

"I never saw the Yugoslav Federal Army mistreat anyone in Kosovo" Roland Keith, Commander in the OSCE's Kosovo Verification Mission, 1999.

In the week of the death of Milosevic anti-Serb propaganda reached a peak with not a single word of praise for a people who have in all three European Wars of the 20th century proved their anti-fascist credentials.

Instead it is the propaganda of Croatian fascism, German imperialism and BBC appeasement which defends the attack on Yugoslavia (illegal on at least 7 counts under international law) and its break up into the same petty nationalist states with clerical fascist governments which Nazism and Fascism constructed in the 1940s.

So the EU (under German direction) the USA and the UN conducted the most illegal war of all time, without UN approval, destroyed the most ethnically mixed State in the Balkans (Serbia) and brought about the most ethnically and religiously pure state of Croatia and a religiously divided Bosnia.

The UN has failed to disarm the KLA who have now invaded Macedonia - with the weapons that the UN was supposed to remove from them! Now, having allowed the Kosovo Muslims to drive out most of the Christian Serbs from Kosovo, the UN seems bent on removing Kosovo from Serbia. This in religious and cultural terms would be like removing Kent from England or Texas from the United States, with Canterbury and Houston becoming Muslims' cities!

Throughout the 1990s, the BBC, the British press and the Western media in general have lied and deceived, covered up the truth, broadcast fabrications prepared by anti Yugoslav forces, ignored historical fact and have been willing victims of one of the most successful propaganda missions of modern times. Here are some of the myths and lies which now pass for "facts" in the media today.

Milosevic "started the wars against Bosnia and Croatia"

Serbs were not the aggressors but the defenders of their internationally recognised State of Yugoslavia against foreign powers (principally Germany and the USA) who financed insurrection by Bosnian Muslims, Croatian nationalists (using the same "U" emblem as the Ustashe fascist allies of Germany during the second World War) and Kosovo Muslim Albanians. All three of these groups had provided the Nazis with Waffen SS divisions against our allies, the Serbs, between 1940 and 1945).

Milosevic was a "fascist"

He was in fact the exact opposite, his opponents in Croatia and Bosnia being the historical fascists whose 1990s actions were based on precisely the same imagery, ideology and in some cases even the names of their fascist movements during the second world war. Milosevic could be described, as the whole of Yugoslavia was during the cold war, as a "Reform Communist".

Milosevic was a dictator.

He was elected three times, with the same lack of Western democratic niceties which we praised in the election of Yeltsin and Putin!

He persecuted the Kosovo Albanians.

The exact opposite was the case for the Kosovo Liberation Army had been murdering Serbs and Albanian Kosovans for years. In this they had continued the ethnic cleansing of Serbs started by the Nazis and fascists during the Second World War and carried on by Tito (a Croat) after the war. There were Albanian Muslims in Milosevic's Government - but that did not stop the gradual ethnic cleansing of Serbs from their historic homeland (and centre of Orthodox Christianity) in Kosovo by the KLA, rightly described by international observers as a terrorist organisation.

The KLA has now invaded Macedonia, where Albanian Muslims are creating "a third Albania"!

Both the Commander of the OSCE's Kosovo Verification Mission in 1999 (just before Yugoslavia was attacked) Roland Keith and the former Canadian Ambassador in Belgrade James Bissett have condemned the war and defended the Yugoslav Government. Bissett said that the 1999 attack was a "put up job" and quotes the most revealing admission by the former British Defense Minister, Lord Gilbert, who told the British House of Commons in July 2000 that the terms that NATO sought to force upon Milosevic at Rambouillet were deliberately designed to provoke war.

Commander Keith described the KLA as a terrorist organisation which had a grip on most villages in Kosovo. He had direct experience of grotesque lies told by villagers about ethnic cleansing and he said he never saw the Yugoslav Federal Army mistreat anyone in Kosovo.

Milosevic would have been found guilty of war crimes.

In fact the trial and Milosevic's detailed and penetrating challenge to prosecution witnesses had made a complete fool of the kangaroo court which had effectively kidnapped him in Belgrade (using the same anti-constitutional methods as the European Union did to destroy the sovereignty of the nation states of Europe - Presidential or Crown Prerogative!)

Milosevic was not accused in the International Court in The Hague but by a "special Tribunal" set up by the anti Serb forces. Blair and his partners in the illegal war were indicted at the REAL International Court - but refused to turn up.

The evidence at the trial proved Milosevic's guilt.

Far from that the Court was repeatedly unable to make any connection between Milosevic's orders and the assumed "atrocities". Indeed several Serb army personnel gave evidence that Belgrade had always insisted that soldiers who committed crimes should be brought to justice.

The Court case also revealed that Lord Paddy Ashdown had lied to the Court and one of the Prosecution's star witnesses exonerated Milosevic and said he had been tortured to make him provide evidence against the accused.

What about the war time atrocities?

Most were myths, the rest questionable.

The Sarajevo market bomb was not set by Serbs but by Bosnian Muslims, as the UN later confirmed.

The skeletonic "concentration camp" victim was a hoax, as the BBC's John Simpson confirmed.

The "10,000 deaths in Kosovo" was proved a complete myth.

The Srebrenica "massacre of 8,000 Muslims" consists of some 2,000 bodies including Serbs who died in battle over a long period.

Teenagers among the dead were commonplace especially among Croat and Bosnian army troops.

The "International Community" never describes the massacres of Serb villagers around Srebrenica before the Yugoslav army moved in, nor the evil Muslim Commander Naser Oric who, Roland Keith testifies, carried out those raids and showed journalists video tape of the beheadings he ordered. Oric withdrew his troops from Srebrenica before the Serbs arrived. His army was later caught and badly defeated - which explains the origins of the Bosnian bodies found.

The Rajmonda murder. The US broadcaster CBC revealed a KLA soldier's lies about a "murder by the Serbs" in 1999, months after the original false story had been widely broadcast. By the time of the retraction, the damage of course was done, many times over, and could not be undone.

The Racak massacre. The road to Racak, broadcast by CBC in May 2000, showed how the famous casus belli of the war on Yugoslavia was a hoax, that the Yugoslav army did NOT slaughter unarmed ethnic Albanian civilians, as had been the US/NATO claim to justify the need to bomb the country.

What about ethnic cleansing?

Why should the leader of Yugoslavia break up his own country? Only the Croats (who drove out 400,000 Serbs from the Krajina) and the Bosnians and Kosovo Albanians (who drove out a similar number of Serbs) had a reason to do so - and they did. It was in fact the federal Prime Minister of Yugoslavia who happened to be a Croat who ordered the army into Slovenia and Croatia. And it was another Croat President Tudjman who wrote a constitution which described the Serbs as an "alien minority". He then drove 40,000 Serbs out of Croatia - the first ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia.

What about political bigotry?

Anyone reading Milosevic's historical speeches would recognise someone who lacked political, racial or religious bigotry - unlike the extreme bigotry of his opponents President Tudjman of Croatia ("genocide is a natural phenomenon commanded by the almighty in defence of Roman Catholicism") and President Izetbegovic ("There can be no peace or co-existence between the Islamic Faith and non Islamic institutions"). So why were Izetbegovic and Tudjman not put on trial in The Hague?

In the light of such hypocrisy it is not surprising that one of the most criminal war Commanders - General Agim Ceku, who at various times fought in the Croat and KLA armies, murdered hundreds (at the Medak Pocket) and ethnically cleansed hundred of thousands of Serbs (from the Krajina) and had been indicted at The Hague, but was then put on the payroll of the UN in the "Kosovo Protection Force"! His indictment was later rescinded.

For further evidence of the massive fascist attack on Yugoslavia over the years please read the following papers - all but the first one are on this website:

The Illegality of NATO's War against Yugoslavia

Canadian Ambassador and Kosovo Commander explode myths of Yugoslav War

John Kerry gets funds from Terrorist KLA

The Carcass of Yugoslavia

Illegal Yugoslav War a boost to Islamic Extremism

Kosovo - German Imperialism to defy UN?

The Vatican and Islam

German Nazis aided Croat Fascists in 1990s.
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