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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Deliberate Fakes Created by Alarmists - Trend is Undeniable

  There has been another ecofascist hoax on the blogsphere. Someone nominally unknown but stylistically identified as Peter Gleick, who is currently declining to deny it. Andrew Montford reports..

    What happened is that a faked paper was released together with a number of stolen genuine ones. The faked one was written in the subtle manner used in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion fraud.

  As Anthony Watts points out 
Key sentences are rather clumsily written and some make no sense. This contrasts with purposeful language in the other documents. This one sentence in particular has gotten a lot of attention:
"His effort will focus on providing curriculum that shows that the topic of climate change is controversial and uncertain – two key points that are effective at dissuading teachers from teaching science."

I can’t imagine pitching “…dissuading teachers from teaching science.” to a board of directors at a meeting. It is a sure recipe for a public relations nightmare.
  Clumsily written and makes no sense does point to a Green agenda. They might as well have quoted them as saying "Heh, heh this is how we Jews/Sarah Palin/scientific sceptics will run our secret plan to take over the world/abolish black people/take over the world will run.

    Some years ago I was one of only 4 bloggers worldwide who were, for a few hours, taken in by a similar fraud fronted by a Guardian journalist David Thorpe, though it subsequently became clear he hadn't read it. Who, in the ecofascist movement a minor Guardian apparatchik might take orders from remains a mystery to me and to George Moonbat.

     This appears to be wholly unrelated but while one fraud may be exceptional 2 (well there were attempts at fraud against the Oregon Petition) at least allows to show a statistical trend - namely that warming alarmists consistently have no compunction about fraud.

     This is supported by the enthusiasm with which the alarmists in the media pushed it.

     Within an hour of receiving it, with no attempt to contact the Heartland Institute Desmogblog had frontpaged it. 12 hours later, shortly AFTER Heartland had officially announced it was a fraud the BBC were pushing it, so presumably they also didn't check. Their claims have been rewritten in Orwellian tradition on the BBC site but are republished here.
"Denier-gate" is the label being applied in the blogosphere, in case you're interested.
    Incidentally a Google news search shows that the sole use of that term is by him so one assumes he simply made it up and is lying. Who woulda thunk the BBC would lie?

      Compare my behaviour when I found I had been hoaxed, I immediately acknowledged this publicly and followed this up with reporting how the fraud was being reported. At the time i suggested that, having been proven false it was more likely to get reported by the BBC & Guardian than similar real news would and was quickly proven right as they both hired Thorpe to detail the success it clearly wasn't. Clearly nobody honest could suggest that the entire BBC has remotely as much journalistic integrity as I have. Indeed even at the time I pointed to a silly story non-science "news" story the BBC were pushing which had already been proven a fraud (they didn't ever correct that either).

     Thorpe himself, it turned out, had been paid by the government to abuse children by writing a book aimed at them to scare them about catastrophic warming. This is an example of the very bottom of the warming alarmist food chain.

   Scottish Sceptic reprints an interesting article comparing the sums available to sceptics and alarmists.

      The other point the alarmists have been making is that the Heartland Foundation have, over time, received several millions in donations and that this can only mean that they are corruptly in the pay of "Big Oil" (though this is small beer by the standards of many thinktanks let alone the WWF's of the world. Of course, since the econazis themsleves have received many billions to push their story, thereby proving they are thousands of times more corruptly in the pay of the government. That is why every single person at the BBC who is not a wholly corrupt Nazi parasite has publicly pointed out that the BBC gets 33 billion a year from the aforementioned state. Should anybody ever met a single employee of the BBC who is not personally a wholly corrupt, racist, murdering, child raping Nazi animal, with less human decency than a rabid dog I hope they will let me know. Such a unique creature would deserve comment if it existed.

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