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Saturday, December 18, 2010


  The EU have at last publicly acknowledged that the KLA, acting as NATO police & under their command authority, have been engaged in the dissection, while still alive, of about 1300 innocent Serbs. Or as the BBC say "A report accusing Kosovo's political leaders of organ-trafficking has sent shockwaves around Europe" which ihbores the fact they have known about it & censored it for years. This is an atrocity more obscene, though numerically smaller, than Hitler's worst. The act is obviously iindividually thousands of times worse than the waterboarding of  al Quaeda members who were indeed proven involved in terrorism (ie they gave information). Since there were only 3 of them it is 400 times worse that way.

    The BBC covered the waterboarding extensively as their first news item so, if honest they would be expected to give about a million times more coverage to this.

     It placed a very short item 20 minutes into the TV news. ITV was similar & as was the dead tree press.

     By doing so not only are the entire MSM proving that  they are less than 1 millionth honest & more than 99.999% lying Nazi obscenities with less humanity that a woodlouse.

     Or perhaps I am wrong.

     This letter has gone out to most of Britain & America's national; media. If some parts of it report this news properly or publish the letter (excluding the Morning Star which has already proven its liberal credentials, then I will be happy to acknowledge that some editor or journalist is something other than subhuman filth unfit to lick the boots of the Nazis who ran the ovens at Auschwitz they had the passable excuse that they would have been killed or sent to the Russian Front which is much the same whereas all that would happen to a journalist who9 decided he was not willing to be complicit in genocide, child rape & organlegging is that they would have to work for a living.


The party line has changed & even the EU has now acknowledged the unambiguous fact that the NATO police, aka the KLA, have been engaged in the dissection of living people, Serbian "Untermensch" to provide organs for western hospitals.

This has been known for a decade. Indeed even when, years ago, Carla del Ponte the "Prosecutor" of the NATO funded "war crimes trials" admitted having lnown of it for years she acknowleged that western journalists had told her of it. The almost total censorship by the British media of the dissection of people, while still alive to provide body parts for our hospitals compares, very unfavourable with the censorship of Auschwitz by the German media & makes Joseph Goebbels an icon of integrity when compared with our media. This is also in line with the total censorship of the Dragodan Massacre, where NATO polioce murdered at least 210 innocent civilians near the UK's Kosovo HQ. This censorship is even less excusable since it has been acknowleged by the government to Parliament, but we common people are not supposed to know.

There is no question that the war for Kosovo was a criminal act, deliberately fought to help a group of gangsters, drug lords, escaped Nazis, pimps & baby dissectors, commit genocide & worse. Whether acting as NATO armed & trained terrorists or as NATO police they were engaged in genocide & under the command authority of the various NATO leaders (as 'police" formally under that authority).

All those guilty of war crimes, genocide & worse should face justice, though in the case of some like Richard Holbrooke & Robin Cook they have escaped justice. Moreover Slobodan Milosevic against whom, in 4 1/2 years of show "trial" no evidence could be produced is entitled to posthumous acknowledgement that he was not only innocent but an honourable man & the only national leader involved who acted honourably. His murder could only have been carried out by ICTY operatives imprisoning him & of these the evidence points to some of the many agents seconded from the British Secret Service. It cannot be considered credible that any such high profile murder of a former head of state, in NATO hands, could have been carried except on the specific orders of then Prime Minister, Blair.

Neil Craig

I grant permission to edit this.

However the decades long undeniable lying & censorship carried out by almost the entire British & American media to fool the public & thus assist in the parasites of war crimes, genocide, the sexual enslavement of children & the dissection of living people is obviously incompatible with any claim to journalistic integrity, honesty or indeed common humanity by any of those involved. This letter is going out to most major newspapers in Britain & America (& to some countries where journalists do not have a history of lying in the Nazi cause) & I hope, at last some newspaper in these 2 countries, other than the Morning Star will show some tiny spark of human decency.

We shall see.

More coverage was given to the BBC of the Richard Holbrooke, lauded by that cannibalistic racist savage Barak Obama, for escaping the hangman.

May he burn in Hell

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         Look in the dictionary under Scottish Green leader Patrick Harvie who, on Radio Scotland's "Big Debate" explained that we need more government, more taxes & more regulation (eco-fascist policy for all scares) because we are going to have nore bad winters in future.

Naturally, this being the fascist BBC, where Harvie is a regular fixture, there was nobody in the "debate" invited to put the opposing view & the host declined to point out that for decades these[people have been saying we were seeing catastrophic warming, or indeed say anything remotely unsupportive of such fascism.

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