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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today's Scotsman

SERBIA did not commit genocide against Bosnia during the 1992-5 war, the United Nation's highest court has ruled in a landmark case - but it said that the country had violated its responsibility to prevent genocide......

Judge Rosalyn Higgins, the ICJ president, said the court concluded that the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslim men and boys did constitute genocide, but that other mass killings of Bosnian Muslims did not.....

Some 8,000 Muslims from Srebrenica and surrounding villages in eastern Bosnia were killed in July 1995. The bodies of almost half of them have been found in more than 80 mass graves nearby.
A wholly corrupt verdict from an openly racist "court".

Either the court was corrupt in deciding that they couldn't rule on NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia because Yugoslavia had been expelled from the UN or the court was corrupt in deciding that they could rule in this case though Bosnia was not & never had been a member of the UN. There is no 3rd alternative.

Once again we have the Srebrenica lie brought out & subjected to no actual investigation. In fact the primary & probably inly genocide there was that of at least 3,800 Serb villagers, mainly women, old people & children, by Naser Oric the Moslem commander, who showed journalists his home videos of him beheading civilians. That, since it involved civilians not soldiers, was undoubtedly legally genocide & was carried out with the presence & indeed complicity of Dutch troops under the UN flag. There is no question whatsoever that this happened, even general Marrillon, the NATO commander on the scene testified to it at the Milosevic trial. This is fully accepted & reported by every newspaper & TV journalist who is not a wholly corrupt, racist, holocaust denying, pro-Nazi liar. Unfortunately that includes no significant number of UK journalists. On one occasion I sent a letter on the refusal of the ICTY to indict Oric for this to every major Scottish, UK & several US papers. It was published only by the Morning Star & I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that that is the only liberal or indeed honest newspaper of the lot.

In which case it is the Dutch, not Yugoslavs, who are guilty of complicity in genocide.

Note that the "official" massacre story started when Izerbegovic, our openly genocidal Nazi Moslem ally claimed that all 7,500 of the garrison had disappeared. It subsequently turned out that at least 7,000 of them reached Moslem lines & were secretly, not even being allowed to write to relatives, transferred to the Tuzla front. Izetbegovic later claimed to have been told just before by the US that he needed a massacre of 5,000 people to justify NATO bombing. to make this fit the original garrison has been retroactively doubled. The article also claims that "nearly half the bodies have been found" (a considerable overestimate) but doesn't mention that most of them have been found near the villages where Oric's genocide (which is also censored) happened (none of whose bodies have officially been found). It is obvious that these bodies, many of them of children, which are the only serious forensic evidence of any genocide, are much more likely to be those of Serb men women & chidren rather than Moslem soldiers.

The Hague court has totally discredited itself by this purely political decision to blame the Serbs, but not to such an extent as to intefere with EU plans.

I have also commented on this in the Guardian


these in-depth latest comments from the pages of Israpundit on the subject of Srebrenica and Naser Oric's genocide of 3,800+ Serbian civilians, Drazen Erdemovic's bogus "testimony", etc:


...all of Kamm’s anal crap being repackaged in glossy fluorescent cellophane on his pompous,self-important,self-righteous blog and his idiotic “pretzel logic” circular reasoning about this supposed “diary of Borislav Jovic”, even if it were true - instead of yet another spectacular Western NATO/EU media+govt hoax which it clearly is (otherwise why was it not provided by the “prosecutors” at Milosevic’s farcical Stalinist Hague show trial as irrefutable evidence to “convict” him?why was this “smoking gun evidence” NOT splashed across all of the front pages of the western papers_on the nightly news as lead story?) - this bogus diary even if was authentic, would prove absolutely ZERO that 8,000 of Izetbegovic’s islamist jihadist fascist troops were shot at close range by Karadzic’s/Mladic’s Serb troops…….

If 8,000 “men and boys” (western media & government code words for ISLAMIST JIHADIST FASCIST TROOPS)were executed at close range by AK-47 military assault rifles and dumped in mass graves, there would have been by now - after nearly 12 years of time elapsed - THOUSANDS OF BOSNIAN MUSLIM MALE CORPSES ALL WITH BULLETS IN THEIR BACKS AND/OR BACK OF THEIR HEADS DUG UP AND FORENSICALLY EXAMINED……


The place was crawling with UN troops, media people from many different countries, NATO+EU+ CIA/MI6 operatives, was being filmed + photographed by unmanned aerial reconnaisance vehicles, photographed by CIA spy satellites, etc, etc….

……even the Dutch troops who came on the scene shortly afterwards in the adjoining village of Bratunac said they never saw any evidence of a large scale massacre. Hiding and disposing of 8,000 bodies under all this surveillance without being detected would be about as likely as launching an elephant to the moon with a sling shot…..

ICRC (International Committe of the Red Cross)& media press reports back in August-September 1995, categorically stated that at least 2,000 to 3,000 of Izetbegovic’s troops made it safely to Tuzla (a Muslim controlled town) and were re-incorporated into the Bosnian (Muslim) Army “without their families being informed”. Izetbegovic’s own Bosnian government said at the time that a further 5,000 Srebrenica men (read troops) made it safely through to Bosnian Muslim lines!! (now you can understand how they came up with the figure of 7,000 - 8,000 supposedly executed”: 5,000 who “went missing” but instead made it safely to Muslim lines + 2000 to 3000 who also “went missing” but were re-incorporated into the Bosnian Muslim army of Izetbegovic “without their families being informed”)

The International Committee of the Red Cross published a press statement on September 13, 1995, in which it was stated:

“The ICRC’s head of operations for Western Europe, Angelo Gnaedinger, visited Pale and Belgrade from 2 to 7 September to obtain information from the Bosnian Serb authorities about the 3,000 persons from Srebrenica whom witnesses say were arrested by Bosnian Serb forces. The ICRC has asked for access as soon as possible to all those arrested (so far it has been able to visit only about 200 detainees), and for details of any deaths. The ICRC has also approached the Bosnia-Herzegovina authorities seeking information on some 5,000 individuals who fled Srebrenica, some of whom reached central Bosnia.”

The September 15, 1995, New York Times gives another accounting:

About 8,000 Muslims are missing from Srebrenica, the first of two United Nations-designated ’safe areas’ overrun by Bosnian Serb troops in July, the Red Cross said today. (…) Among the missing were 3,000, mostly men, who were seen being arrested by Serbs. After the collapse of Srebrenica, the Red Cross collected 10,000 names of missing people, said Jessica Barry, a spokeswoman. In addition to those arrested, about 5,000 ‘have simply disappeared,’ she said.

Aside from simply adding the 3,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica upon arrival of the Bosnian Serb military (who the Serbs then took as prisoners of war) and the 5,000 Muslim men, reported to have left Srebrenica before the arrival of Bosnian Serb forces, to inflate the figures - and therefore the gravity of the accusation - this report makes no mention of the fact that by mid-September 1995 a sizable portion of the group of 5,000 had already reached Muslim territory and safety. And the fact that the Red Cross was asking the Bosnia-Herzegovina [Muslim] authorities for information about the 5,000 (the original figure) - “some of whom [had already] reached central Bosnia” - has completely disappeared from the news. The entire 5,000 of the one group and the 3,000 of the other are still today - 3 years later - being counted as “missing” and therefore presumed dead.

The Red Cross report was, itself, lacking the objectivity that one would have hoped for from a non-partisan organization. Its very off-hand “some of whom reached central Bosnia” gives the impression that only a handful could be accounted for by mid-September. But again the press gave another picture. Within a week of the takeover of Srebrenica (July 18, 1995) one learns that:

“Some 3,000 to 4,000 Bosnian Muslims who were considered by UN officials to be missing after the fall of Srebrenica have made their way through enemy lines to Bosnian government territory. The group, which included wounded refugees, sneaked past Serb lines under fire and crossed some 30 miles through forests to safety.”

Similar reports appeared in other journals at the time. On August 2, 1995, The Times of London published the following:

“Thousands of the “missing” Bosnian Muslim soldiers from Srebrenica who have been at the centre of reports of possible mass executions by the Serbs, are believed to be safe to the northeast of Tuzla. Monitoring the safe escape of Muslim soldiers and civilians from (…) Srebrenica and Zepa has proved a nightmare for the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross. For the first time yesterday, however, the Red Cross in Geneva said it had heard from sources in Bosnia that up to 2,000 Bosnian Government troops were in an area north of Tuzla. They had made their way there from Srebrenica “without their families being informed,” a spokesman said, adding that it had not been possible to verify the reports because the Bosnian Government refused to allow the Red Cross into the area.”

There were ZERO PRESS REPORTS DURING THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY 1995 OF ANY KIND OF MASSACRE OCCURRING - ONLY STORIES ABOUT “MISSING BOSNIAN MUSLIMS” WHO WERE LATER DISCOVERED NOT TO BE MISSING AT ALL ACCORDING TO PRESS REPORTS AT THE TIME. WHY? It just doesn’t make any sense - unless you recall what happened about a month later in August 1995 and the US government’s despicable role in it from beginning to end……

“Everybody is parroting everybody, but nobody shows hard evidence. I notice that in the Netherlands people want to prove at all costs that genocide has been committed. (…) If executions have taken place, the Serbs have been hiding it damn well. Thus, I don’t believe any of it. The day after the collapse of Srebrenica, July 13, I arrived in Bratunac and stayed there for eight days. I was able to go wherever I wanted to. I was granted all possible assistance; nowhere was I stopped.” – Captain Schouten quoted below. Captain Schouten was the only UN military officer in Bratunac at the time a massacre is alleged.

“If there had been a premeditated [Serbian] plan of genocide, instead of attacking in only one direction, from the south to the north - which left the possibility of escape to the north and west, the Serbs would have established a siege in order to ensure that no one escaped. The UN observation posts to the north of the enclave were never disturbed and remained in activity after the cessation of military operations. There are obviously mass graves in the outskirts of Srebrenica as in the rest of ex-Yugoslavia where combat has occurred, but there are no grounds for the campaign which was mounted, nor the numbers advanced by CNN. [Large graves are often dug after a battle in order to dispose of bodies as part of battlefield clean-up. - EC]

“The mass graves are filled by a limited number of corpses from both sides, the consequence of heated battle and combat and not the result of a premeditated plan of genocide, as occurred against the Serbian populations in Krajina, in the Summer of 1995, when the Croatian army implemented the mass murder of all Serbians found there. In this instance, [in the instance of the fall of Krajina] the media maintained an absolute silence, despite the fact that the genocide occurred over a three month period.”

statement above made by Carlos Martins Branco, a Portuguese military officer who served in Bosnia as a UNMO (UN Military Observers) Deputy Chief Operations Officer in the UNPF (UN Peace Forces) at theatre level.

Why did it take an entire MONTH for the Bosnian Muslim government and Western governments + Western media to get the story out that a supposed massacre of “Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica” allegedly happened in July 1995?……..

Here is why: in early August 1995 the Croatian Fascist government of Franjo Tudjman was - with the enormous help of Clinton in Washington via the mercenary ex-Pentagon generals firm called MPRI - busy murdering and ethnically cleansing the remaining 300,000 civilian Serbs in the “Krayina” province adjoining Croatia proper.This was a hideously brutal Nazi style ethnic cleansing campaign unseen since the days of the Einzatsgruppen German troops slaughtering Jews in WWII.Almost the entire remaining population of the “Krayina” province adjoining Croatia was expelled in the largest ethnic cleansing operation of the 1991-1995 wars……

This of course generated a little negative press coverage for Clinton and NATO/EU governments, so they decided that the best way to counter all this negative publicity of their proxy Fascist Croatian army murdering thousands of Serbs in Croatia and expelling 300,000 more was to get that hysterically insane phony Jew, Madeleine “meddlin Halfbright” Albright, to hold up a doctored CIA photograph at the UN and make up a story about “thousands of muslim men and boys slaughtered in Srebrenica with their bodies dumped in a mass grave in a soccer field at Novo Kosaba”

Of course, the area turned out to have not 7,000 or 8,000 bodies, but 33 BODIES IN TOTAL - hardly surprising in a war zone - with none of them showing evidence of execution by rifle shot at close range…..

For the last 12 years all the western media and NATO/EU governments have shown is bodies of muslim military casualties killed in battle with the better trained & disciplined Bosnian Serbs, then thety merely get CNN and proven idiotic liars like Oliver Kamm to say “hey look how monstrous those terrible serbs are…look at all those corpses!!”

….whenever the media and NATO/EU + Washington haul out yet another hackneyed, cliched “shock horror! another mass grave discovery in Srebrenica!!” story, we are expected to suspend and jettison any kind of skepticism or critical reasoning and just accept what we are told, because “scholarly & authoritative sources” according to Kamm (read NATO/EU + Soros NGO backed sources - some of them flying under the UN flag)SAID SO!!……

Naturally, they NEVER show us the NEARLY FOUR THOUSAND bodies of the Serbian children,women,elderly hacked to pieces,burned and beheaded from April 1992 to July 1995 in Srebrenica(many while still alive having limbs cut off,stomachs torn open, eyes + tongues + sexual organs cut off)CRIMES PERPETRATED BY IZETBEGOVIC’S ISLAMIST JIHADIST FASCIST TROOPS - LED BY NASER ORIC (freed by the Hague NATO/EU war criminal “judges” after serving only 3 years!)….

These Jihadist Islamist crimes of Izetbegovic’s warlord,Naser Oric, were witnessed by French UN general Philipe Morillon, and by Dutch UN troops,all of it painstakingly documented and submitted to the NATO owned Hague ICTY kangaroo court,who decided that it was all rather irrelevant as it didn’t fit the image of the NATO/EU+Washington backed Izetbegovic Jihadist Fascist Muslims as “peace loving secular moderates” who the Western media LIED about for the last 16 years in order to support the NATO/EU+Washington war policies…..

Now we’ve got some gullible idiotic US Jewish organizations + Jewish papers to cheer on for the same type of barbaric vicious Jihadist Fascist KLA killers who are in control of Kosovo demanding independence or else there’ll be more Islamist murders, more terrorism, more destruction of property…..

sound familiar?……….(to be continued)…..


“The size of the Bosnian Muslim population in Srebrenica prior to its capture by the VRS forces in 1995 amounted to approximately forty thousand people.”

….interesting that they failed to mention that after the capture by the Bosnian Serbs (VRS) the population was 35,632 …….the population of Srebrenica was - according to the media + NATO/EU governments - approximately 40,000 people……

Add this figure of 35,632 to a minimum of 5,000 Izetbegovic Bosnian Islamist troops who had managed to escape - according to what the Izetbegovic government spokespeople themselves admitted - and you end up with 40,632 people……roughly the very same population of Srebrenica before its capture by the Bosnian Serb VRS!…….

But if we believe what the ICJ/ICTY + NATO/EU governments + media are trying to make us believe………. 35,632 Muslim “survivors” + 5,000 admitted by Izetbegovic’s people to have escaped + 8,000 Muslims supposedly massacred = 48,632 people!……

…..these ICJ/ICTY Hague idiots are not only biased towards Muslims as the perennial “victims of genocide”, they can’t even count?!…….

…….I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that logic + common sense + the abilty to reason (and ability to do simple arithmetic) are totally thrown out the window when dealing with Western attitudes to Muslims ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE as the perennial “victims of genocide”… “at the hands of Christians & Jews”………..

DO NOT THINK THAT THE ABOVE IDIOCY WILL BE SOMEHOW CONFINED ONLY TO SERBIA/YUGOSLAVIA……they are preparing to do the same to Israel in the not too distant future…..all they are waiting for is just the right set of circumstances….”an international crisis in the Middle East”……a suitable convenient pretext….with the Western NATO/EU governments sending their military forces as “peacekeepers” (flying under the UN flag) to occupy Israel… “in order to prevent an international crisis arising out of the Middle East conflict between Jews & Arabs leading to world war 3 …..and to prevent nuclear war in the region engulfing the planet….”

Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis

Founded in 1972. Formerly Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily.

Volume XXIII, No. 62 Friday, June 17, 2005

© 2005, Global Information System, ISSA

Was there “Genocide” at Srebrenica?

Unlike US-supported attacks by Croatian troops on Serb-inhabited UN Protected Zones (Western Slavonia and the Krajina), the Bosnian Serb Army’s capture of Srebrenica was a predictable response to military provocations. Unlike the Croatian operations Flash and Storm, the Bosnian Serbs helped arrange a massive safe passage operation to Tuzla for thousands of Srebrenica residents who chose to leave from nearby Potocari where the buses were deployed.

By the first week of August 1995, 35,632 people had registered with the World Health Organization and Bosnian Government as displaced persons, survivors of Srebrenica. If the goal of the Serbs had been genocide, or even an act of genocide, there would have been no safe passage for the civilian population. According to Carlos Martins Branco, “if there had been a premeditated plan of genocide, instead of attacking in only one direction, from the south to the north – which left the possibility of escape to the north, the Serbs would have established a siege in order to ensure that no-one escaped.”

The premise that Serbian forces executed 7,000 to 8,000 people “was never a possibility,” according to former BBC journalist Jonathan Rooper, who has investigated the events that followed the capture of Srebrenica on site and through official records over many years, and whose findings are presented in the upcoming report of the Srebrenica Research Group. He points out that numerous contemporary accounts noted that UN and other independent observers had witnessed fierce battles as the Muslim 28th Division and military age men accompanied them.

The official numbers provided also preclude the possibility of such a large number of executions. In addition to the 35,632 registered survivors, the International Committee of the Red Cross observed that “several thousand men,” (at least 3,000) who fled from Srebrenica with the 28th Division had survived the harrowing journey across Serb held territory and were redeployed to fight elsewhere “without their families being informed.”

Dutch military observers and British SAS intelligence officers in Srebrenica witnessed a bitter battle between Muslim factions, before the Serbs entered the town. These observers say that the clash between Muslim men who wanted to stay and defend the town and those who followed orders to evacuate, left about 100 were killed and their bodies were left where they had fallen. Some 700 Muslim soldiers from Srebrenica made their way to Zepa, emerging safely when that town fell to the Serbs during the last week of July 1995.

“Taking all these factors together, in order for 7,300 people from Srebrenica to have been massacred, the population of the safe area before it fell to the Serbs, would have had to be well over 46,000 – a figure far in excess of any credible figure put forward at the time,” Rooper reports.

Patricia Wald, one of the Tribunal Judges who convicted Bosnian Serb Gen. Radislav Krstic of crimes at Srebrenica, wrote an article on the case for Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics in 2003 where she states that “prior to the attack, Srebrenica was a village of some 37,000 inhabitants”.

“Judge Wald was apparently supremely unaware that her own figure made it impossible for the crimes for which Krstic was convicted to have taken place,” Rooper states.

According to Michael Mandel, Professor of International law at York University in Toronto
the Tribunal’s claim genocide occurred at Srebrenica was not supported by the facts it found or by the law it cited. Even the trial chamber’s conclusion that ‘Bosnian Serb forces executed several thousand Bosnian Muslim men [with the] total number of victims … likely to be within the range of 7,000 to 8,000 was not supported by its specific findings.

Yossef Bodansky, who has written several books on the war in Yugoslavia and also serves as Research Director of ISSA, calls the 7,000 figure “disinformation” and notes that “all independent forensic evidence points to Muslim casualties in the hundreds. Continued emphasis on such allegedly high numbers of Muslim deaths at Srebrenica also obfuscates the Muslim murders in that city, earlier, of Serb civilians.”

Bodansky also wrote extensively on the link between Osama bin Laden and the Bosnian Islamists in numerous articles and special reports and three books, including Offensive in the Balkans: the Potential for a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1995), Some Call it Peace: Waiting for War in the Balkans (1996), and Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America (1999).

Rooper points out that the 40,000 inhabitants the UN used in July of 1995 before the capture of Srebrenica roughly matches the number of former residents accounted for in the aftermath. A commander of the Muslim-dominated Army of BiH (Bosnia-Herzegovina) later confirmed to parliament in Sarajevo that 5,000 BiH troops escaped largely intact to Tuzla while the UN registered some 35,632 civilian survivors.

While the capture of Srebrenica was reported in July 1995, as it unfolded, an international outcry only took place a month later, after Madeleine Albright, then US representative to the UN, held up a photo which she said provided evidence that thousands of Muslim victims had been buried at field near Nova Kasaba, 19 kilometers from Srebrenica.

Excavations which took place following the war, however, yielded 33 bodies at Nova Kasaba. Two years after the event, a total of 400 bodies had been found at 20 sites near Srebrenica, an area which had seen bloody fighting over a three year period.

Instead of acknowledging that there was no support for the original figures, Rooper says a various means were used to prop up the official story.

Spokesmen for the Clinton Administration suggested that Serbs might have moved the bodies to other locations. Rooper points out that excavating, transporting and reburying 7,000 bodies was “not only beyond the capabilities of the thinly-stretched, petrol-starved Bosnian Serb Army, but would have been easily detected under intense surveillance from satellites and geostationary drones”.

By 1998, thousands of bodies excavated from all across Bosnia were stored at the Tuzla airport. Despite state-of-the-art DNA testing, only 200 bodies have been linked to Srebrenica.

Around 3,000 names on a list of Srebrenica victims compiled by the Red Cross matched voters in the Bosnian election in 1996. “I pointed out to the OSCE that there had either been massive election fraud or almost half the people on the ICRC missing list were still alive,” says Rooper. “The OSCE finally responded that the voting lists had been locked away in warehouses and it would not be possible for them to investigate.”


....that guy Drazen Erdemovic whom was mentioned in that ICTY report extract you posted in comment #4 was an ethnic Croat who just happened to be part of an 8 man mercenary squad (comprised of Muslims,Croats,Serbs)who served in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) as mercenaries on behalf of French Intelligence.

These 7 other mercenaries, who according to Erdemovic’s story allegedly took part in the killings of anywhere between 200 and 1,200 Srebrenica Muslims weren’t even indicted by the ICTY and remain free to this day!

Let’s assume Erdemovic is telling the truth (even if they can’t find the 1,200 bodies showing signs of execution to prove it). Why is it that the ICTY Hague “tribunal” never issued an indictment for any of them? Not even one? Why are they all free to this day?

So according to Erdemovic’s “testimony”, he and his mercenary colleagues allegedly killed between 200 and 300 Muslims (the OTP - Office of the Prosecutor - claims up to 1,200) but then he was never indicted by the ICTY, the OTP never even claimed there were any massacres in the specific areas Erdemovic said there were prior to his arrest by the Serbian police, and none of his mercenary colleagues gets indicted by the ICTY for any crimes - real or imagined.

Can someone smell a rat here?

Erdemovic himself was never committed to stand “trial” at The Hague ICTY where his claims would be suject to critical scrutiny: the rigours of cross-examination (the excuse given by the ICTY was that he was mentally unfit to stand trial because of a psychological disorder - but not so mentally unfit to prevent him from being a witness for the OTP and giving “evidence” on behalf of the OTP against Krstic,Karadzic,Mladic and Milosevic!).

Erdemovic was released after serving only a little over 4 years (originally a 10 year sentence halved by the ICTY to 5 years via “plea bargaining” after he turned OTP witness against Karadzic,Mladic & Milosevic).

Originally, there was no ICTY indictment issued against Erdemovic: he was initially arrested by the Serbian police in 1996 after publicly boasting he had participated “in a massacre” in Bosnia following a drunken brawl in Serbia in which he ended up suffering gunshot wounds - allegedly perpetrated by someone whom he never pressed charges against for shooting him.

He later pleaded with the Serbian police to be voluntarily sent to The Hague ICTY because he was not even a Yugoslav-Serbian citizen, but a Croatian citizen instead.

So, to recap: the Yugoslav-Serbian authorities arrested Erdemovic initially because of his public statements that he participated in a massacre in Bosnia and wanted to try him in Serbia for his alleged crimes, but then later agreed to voluntarily hand him over to The Hague ICTY to be put on “trial” (which of course never really happened - he turned “witness” for the OTP - Office of The Prosecutor- and was granted a plea bargain reduced sentence of 5 years. To top it all off, none of his testimony was ever subject to rigorous cross examination).

This all happened in 1995-1996 when Milosevic was president of Serbia.

During Milosevic’s “trial” at the ICTY, Milosevic said he would prove that Erdemovic and his seven mercenary colleagues were working under the instructions and command of French Intelligence and not under the command of the Bosnian Serb Army (VRS) during the month of July, 1995 when the Bosnian Serb Army recaptured Srebrenica.

The fact that none of Erdemovic’s colleagues were ever indicted by the ICTY - including Erdemovic himself who was arrested by Serbian authorities and voluntarily handed over to the ICTY at his own insistence - strongly suggests that Milosevic was on the right track.

Erdemovic’s “testimony” at the ICTY contained numerous inconsistencies and implausible scenarios - some of which are listed below:

Erdemovic, although he confessed the murder of between 10 and 100 unarmed men, was given a five year sentence by the ICTY. This was partly because he showed “remorse” and partly because his testimony was key in convicting General Krstic and evidence for the indictments against Mlatko Radic and Radovan Karadzic.

There are several problems with his testimony however:

Erdemovic was diagnosed with a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which delayed his testimony to the ICTY.

Erdemovic had difficulty describing the men he shot and could not say if they were blindfolded or not, were facing towards him or not, or whether their hands were bound or not or even approximately how many there were
Erdemovic said his unit was deployed to Pilica by a “Lieutenant Colonel”, but this man has never been named by the ICTY or in ICTY testimony and it is not even clear whether this Lt. Colonel was in the VRS or another military organization. In fact, Erdemovic stated he knew the man was a Lt. Colonel because he saw his “rank and insignia” on his uniform, but he did not have his name on the uniform.

Erdemovic said only he and 7 other members of the 10th Sabotage Group were ordered to commit the first massacre (the Branjevo Farm incident) yet earlier stated that unit did not engage in combat and had never killed anyone and was primarily a reconnaissance unit.

Erdemovic said he only obeyed the order to kill the unarmed men because he feared for his life and was warned he would be executed too if he did not obey, yet later the same day he refused a direct order from the same commanding officer to participate in the Pilica gov’t building massacre.

Erdemovic refused to press charges against the Serb soldier who (allegedly) shot him four times.

While in the hospital in Serbia (Yugoslavia) recovering from his wounds, Erdemovic met another member of the group of soldiers who participated in the Pilica gov’t building massacre. That soldier said he had been paid a large sum of gold for participating (Erdemovic was not). It was only after this that he told the media about the incidents.

Erdemovic testified that he had not been paid for a year and a half before he spoke to the media.

Erdemovic testified he could not remember how much he was paid as a member of the 10th Sabotage Group, or what his responsibilities were, or what his military contract stated.

Some of Erdemovic’s testimony was given during closed sessions, for which transcripts do not exist.

Erdemovic’s testimony was also allowed to be used in an “Article 61″ hearing against Ratko Mladic (VRS military commander) and Radovan Karadzic (VRS political leader). This is highly controversial because under ICTY rules, this testimony is not allowed to be cross-examined. In other words, Erdemovic’s confession was never allowed to be cross-examined by anyone.

Please read the Conclusions of the Srebrenica Research Group which Ted has posted on Israpundit once before,

and Scandal in the Hague, Part I by George Pumphrey.
Neil, another comment I found on Israpundit (this ICJ/ICTY topic you posted here has been pretty hot on Israpundit lately attracting quite a few knowledgeable comments similar to yours)

“Serbia has violated the obligation to prevent genocide, under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, in respect of the genocide that occurred in Srebrenica in July 1995″

……more of the same “are you still beating your wife?” argument by assertion crap that we have come to expect from Western media, NATO/EU governments and international bodies like the ICJ at The Hague, Netherlands, beholden to those governments for its very existence……..

The US administration of Clinton failed to prevent genocide when it armed + trained + gave political-diplomatic backing to three separatist Nazi/Fascist+Islamist terrorist groups in ex-Yugoslavia: Croatia(Franjo Tudjman), Bosnia(Alija Izetbegovic), Kosovo (Hashim Thaci+Adem Demaci+Ramush Haradinaj+Agim Ceku). Clinton is DIRECTLY responsible for KNOWINGLY aiding+abetting the genocide+ethnic cleansing of Serbs,Gypsies,Jews in Krayina-Croatia + Bosnia + Kosovo……..

How about this from cbs news’ website for the dead giveaway of the Srebrenica Goebbels style “Big Lie” by the West…..

“[ICJ Judge]Higgins said the tribunal relied heavily on the findings of the U.N. war crimes tribunal for Yugoslavia, which has convicted two Bosnian Serb army officers on genocide-related charges for the deliberate slaughter in the U.N.-protected enclave.”

What a marvellously quaint + symbiotic relationship we have here between the Hague ICJ and The Hague ICTY Stalinist show trial “war crimes tribunal”! Talk about an incestuous revolving door relationship+conflict of interest!……..

The ICJ by its very own admission in the cbs news report cited above, relies on a NATO/EU+ George Soros NGO funded (read OWNED) kangaroo “court” in order to determine whether or not a supposed “genocide” (8,000 Islamist troops supposedly executed at close range by Bosnian Serbs) even occurred in the first place!


Think how their above definition of “genocide” will (not “if”) apply in the not too distant future when the Arabs bemoan a supposed “genocide of Palestinians” in the West Bank or Gaza and Israel has to defend herself against a barrage of media+government lies in preparation for a Western NATO/EU (flying the flag of the UN) takeover “in the interests of safeguarding peace between Arabs and Jews and preventing world war 3″…… All they need is just the “right type of international crisis in the Middle East” to act as a “trigger”,i.e., the pretext to do to Israel what they did to Yugoslavia/Serbia…..
Remids me of when the NATO funded "court" said that they had relied on NATO statements as evidence in deciding whether the war was legal etc.

Just so long as all the government funded "N"GOs agree we need not let mere facts intervene.
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