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Saturday, August 13, 2005


A couple of days ago I woke to Radio Scotland doing their review of the papers. One of the major stories they chose as particularly important was a piece in the Guardian, which few read but shares a lot of personnel with the Beeb, about how there was "proof" that billions of tons of methane in Siberian permafrost are being released into the atmosphere & we are all doomed - doomed I say.

Well guess what Saturday's Chaos Manor has the origins of this story researched & it appears that it originates with the most junior member of a group who have published 1 (count it 1) paper not cited by anyone other scientist.

& we thought that basing the justification of invading Iraq on the say-so of 1 ignorant but obedient Iraqi expat was pushing it.

In another instance the "GW proven by ocean temperatures" claims which recently got front page prominence, in the Indy among others, have been so discredited that the author won't even defend it. Anybody want to bet on how much front page coverage the rebuttal will get? That's what I thought.

The press claim merely to be "reporting" the news not manufacturing it but they can choose which of 6 billion people in the world to use, or to misquote, as a source.

In fact there is always some "source" they can find to announce that global warming/al Qaeda/Cottingly fairies/Iranian WMDs/GM food is more dangerous than previously thought & needs more government restrictions. Equally it is possible to choose to ignore sensible & credible experts who say such claims are rubbish. In turn by only quoting favoured "sources" the media turns such into celebritiettes.

We also have the refusal of the media to report on the evidence that low level radiation is good for you, Srebrenica is faked, AIDS isn't caused by HIV, every cabinet meeting is opened with a child sacrifice, Diana was pregnant, Carlos Marcello organised the Kennedy hit. (2 of these are disinformation but if you have to rely on the BBC you have to treat each as equally truthful or to put it another way if our media are totally corrupt how can you believe them when they once tell the truth)

Individually it is possible for the media to claim that each of these are accidents but collectively this is certainly a lie. It is inherent in the nature of accidents that they are random. Thus while their is a 50% chance that one 1 occasion the BBC/Guardianistas will overemphasise 1 global warming/evil Serb/nice eurocrat/Luddite report there is only a 25% chance that they will do it twice running. The chance that they will honestly do it 365 days running is 2 to the power 365 (ie 1:1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) which is the chance of finding an honest journalist on TV

Friday, August 12, 2005


Since Professors of Mathematics impress me in a way which Prime Ministers, economic experts & Popes decidedly do not I was pleased to see Professor Levitt's letter here on Spiked. My letter was put up first though it is scrolled at the bottom, as with most blogs.

Henry Joy McCracken's article makes several interesting points, concerning NASA's manned space programme, but blurs the most important one - since its inception, the shuttle programme has been an extravagant, useless waste of time, resources, technological talent and human lives (Retreating from the final frontier, 3 August).

The same may be said, of course, of the International Space Station. Neither project has any serious value - scientific, economic, or military. They are both, to use the splendidly apt Americanism, boondoggles of the first order. They exist, not in spite of being wasteful, but precisely because they are wasteful. That is to say, they provide a convenient rationale for NASA's enormous bureaucracy, its huge budget, and the generous contracts it allots to its favoured partners in business and industry. The Shuttle programme, with its monopoloisation of the function of putting big payloads in orbit, was tantamount to buying a custom Rolls Royce and hiring a chauffeur in order to haul a few bails of hay from time to time. Or perhaps it might be compared to building a luxury cruise ship and providing it with a full crew and staff, in order to tow a few barges.

The presence of astronauts is superfluous. To the extent that they're needed to assist payload delivery, that's merely because the delivery system was awkwardly built around the limitations of the shuttle, rather than around a more appropriate unmanned booster. As to scientific research carried out by the astronauts, it's safe to say that there has been none of an importance commensurate with the cost. Moreover, whatever results have been achieved could have been achieved faster, more cheaply, and more thoroughly by an appropriate unmanned mission. When we talk about scientific work by the astronauts, we're talking about busywork specifically contrived to cover those people with the illusion of usefulness. It may be that a manned mission to Mars is desirable and important. Conceding this for the sake of argument, neither the shuttle nor the existing space station has anything to contribute to that goal. It must be achieved from scratch.

Norman Levitt, professor of mathematics, Rutgers University, USA

The practical purpose of the NASA organisation is to keep its annual budget of over $10billion (Dragging Discovery down to Earth, 10 August; Retreating from the final frontier, 3 August).

Anything else, such as doing stuff in space, is a bonus. This is a common fault of bureaucracies everywhere. If half of NASA's money had instead been given to fund X-Prizes, we'd certainly have developed low cost-to-orbit craft (the energy cost of going to orbit is the same as flying to Australia), bases on the Moon, industries on the asteroid belt, and would be at least preparing to land on Pluto by now.

Neil Craig, A Place to Stand, UK


Letter unsurprisingly unpublished:

When appraising Robin Cook's legacy we should remember his words about the importance of us having an "ethical foreign policy". We should equally remember his statement to Parliament 2 months prior to the bombing of Yugoslavia that the majority of the killings in Kosovo were racial killings of Serb civilians by our KLA friends & his subsequent absolute support for the largely civilian bombing of Yugoslavia to help the genocidal campaign of these same KLA friends on the grounds that this was "humanitarian bombing".

It is paradoxical that were the Yugoslav war crimes court to be in any way impartial & therefore to have brought Mr Cook, & others apparently guilty of the crime of planning aggressive war, to trial instead of Mr Milosevic he would be imprisoned but still alive.

Whatever his actions over the Iraq war history will ultimately judge him by his commitment to genocide in the wars where the genocide & the destruction of the rule of law was first made part of global poliitics.

UPDATE - I find this letter was published by the Daily Mirror in England.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I got this by email from Peter North in Aussieland ( see note at end) -

Hello Neil,

Just happened by chance to discover your website blog
when doing a search on Srebrenica.

I've been writing letters to the Australian SBS [Special Broadcasting
Service - a government funded "multi-cultural" station that champions a
rabidly anti-Serbian line] for a year now. It is absolutely amazing how
utterly devoid of moral conscience and professional journalistic standards
these people are - they have no scruples whatsoever in their zealousness to
demonize the Serbs, and REFUSE - point blank - to acknowledge the REAL
genocide perpetrated by Croatian and Muslim Nazis in Bosnia, Krajina and
Kosovo - despite the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE available.

You know what's really strange? In response to my post to their on-line
forum for their current afairs program,"Dateline" a year ago [a post
which,incidentally, had ALL reference to the Balkans and all associated URL
links ENTIRELY CENSORED], SBS initially ASKED ME to assist them in preparing
a story on the NATO-KLA-Al Qaeda link [ this was back in early September
2004]. They explained that the reason they censored my post was allegedly to
prevent other journalists from doing the story. I was somewhat skeptical of
this explanation, but nevertheless, I decided to send them a massive amount
of information to assist them in their research - just in case,by some
miracle, they were indeed sincere.

For some reason, about a month and a half later, in October 2004, they
flip-flopped and went back on their word and subsequently IGNORED ALL of my
e-mails demanding to know the reason behind their perfidious decision to

It was bizarre, to say the least. Almost a year has gone by now, and I have
LITERALLY sent dozens of e-mails in the hope that they might change their
mind. Amazing as it may sound, SBS TV really DID request my assistance
[which I glady gave] then went completely the other way - ignoring all my
subsequent e-mails and then six weeks later INSTEAD of doing the story they
promised to do - did a diametrically opposite story lambasting the
Macedonian government's policy against the Albanian "rebels" [the KLA-NLA
terrorists]- as a "racist" policy to "oppress" the innocent Albanian muslim
population -including implying there was absolutely no NLA-KLA CONNECTION
to Al Qaeda whatsoever !!!

Guess who did the above story? It was none other than Elizabeth Tadic, the
Dateline reporter whom initially approached me to assist her research
efforts on instructions from her executive producer, Mr. Mike Carey. What is
even worse than that, is that Miss Tadic just happens to be of Serbian
descent - and has no qualms about demonizing her own nationality or that of
the Macedonians in order to stay in line with the US/NATO establishment
BALONEY concerning the Serbs and Serbia.


Neil, Please find attached below, the initial e-mail letters I received from
SBS' "Dateline" program requesting my assistance. If you need the e-mails
with the full headers I can glady supply these if you have any doubts that
what I am sending you is genuine. You may write to SBS or telephone them if
you wish, but I seriously doubt that you will get an explanation - I
certainly haven't been able to for a year now.

Warmest regards,

Pete Robert North
[e-mail received from SBS Dateline, September 6, 2004]

Dear Pete,

I am writing in response to your post to "Dateline". I think you have
presented a very pertinent argument, one that I have also voiced in the
past. I am a video journalist here at Dateline and I would like to
further research this angle for a Dateline story.

I would like to speak with you further, if possible, regarding your
point of view. Could you please send me you telephone number?

Alternatively, I can be contacted on 0401 861 178 or 9430 3427

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Tadic

[** +61 401 861 178 or +61 2 9430 3427: note by Pete North** ].
[e-mail received from SBS Dateline, September 9, 2004]

Dear Mr. North,
I instructed one of my reporters to contact you
so that we may begin to research a report on the material you wanted to
I didn't post it all because I don't want other TV programmes getting
the idea to do a report from your posting. Our reporter, Liz Tadic
should have contacted you already.

Please ring me if you need more info.
My numbers are; 02-94303704 , mob 0411-286077. If you are overseas
then its 612-94303704, or 61-411-286077.

Mike Carey,
Executive Producer,

[e-mail received from SBS Dateline, September 20, 2004]

the relationship between the KLA and the US and Nato has never
been revealed on TV in Australia. Also the spin that surrounded the
attack on Yugoslavia has not been fully explained. Also Al Qaeda links in
the Balkans have been ignored.


Mike carey,
EP, Dateline.


Dear Mike,

Please find attached below a copy of the message I sent to your
colleague, Elizabeth Tadic. I would like a response from you to some of the
questions [see end of this e-mail] I have raised with Elizabeth as I have
not received a reply. Considering you are the executive producer of
Dateline and therefore, her superior, I would appreciate clarification of
the "angle" of your forthcoming report.

Please note in particular below - in my correspondence with the ABC's
'7:30 Report'- the exposure of the bald-faced and outrageous LIES of the
Clinton Administration and NATO leaders in relation to their protege-
the Tehran-backed Islamist Izetbegovic regime - claim in 1995 that
"7,000 [now raised to 15,000] Muslim men and boys were massacred by Bosnian
Serbs at Srebrenica".

These Clinton/NATO [and ipso facto, ICTY] lies concerning Srebrenica
have long ago been exposed as a Bosnian-Islamist Psychological Operations
propaganda campaign by the intelligence analysts of the prestigious
Washington-based International Strategic Studies Association
[], as well as by independent US based
researchers,Jared Israel and Professor Francisco Gil-White,of the
'Emperor's Clothes' website [] and Professor Michel
Chossudovsky of the Canadian 'Center for Research on Globalisation'

Former United Nations Military Observer in Bosnia,Carlos Martins
Branco, who was on the ground in Bosnia when the supposedly "de-militarised
safe zone" of Srebrenica "fell" in 1995, revealed the following back in
the late 90's:
"...If there had been a premeditated plan of genocide, instead of
attacking in only one direction, from the south to the north - which left
the hypothesis to escape to the north and west, the Serbs would have
established a siege in order to ensure that no one escaped. The UN
observation posts to the north of the enclave were never disturbed and
remained in activity after the end of the military operations. There are
obviously mass graves in the outskirts of Srebrenica as in the rest of
ex-Yugoslavia where combat has occurred, but there are no grounds for the
campaign which was mounted, nor the numbers advanced by CNN.

"The mass graves are filled by a limited number of corpses from both
sides, the consequence of heated battle and combat and not the result of
a premeditated plan of genocide, as occurred against the Serbian
populations in Krajina, in the Summer of 1995, when the Croatian army
implemented the mass murder of all Serbians found there. In this instance,
the media maintained an absolute silence, despite the fact that the
genocide occurred over a three month period..."


Pete North.

Letter to Australian SBS TV Network "SBS World News" & Current Affairs
program: "Dateline" Executive Producers

The Srebrenica hoax: Cover Up for Clinton's support of Al Qaeda and known
Bin Laden ally: Alija Izetbegovic

Dear SBS staff,

Please find my letter of May 14 ,2005 attached below, EXPOSING the"official"
Srebrenica "massacre" story as a COMPLETE HOAX to cover up US/German
government backed NAZI/Islamist crimes against the Serbs INCLUDING THE
1990'S [i.e. these Al Qaeda terrorists WERE IMPORTED into the Balkans with
Administrations of Clinton/Albright, Kohl/Genscher and Shroeder/Fischer -
this CRUCIAL SUPPORT of Islamist terrorism during the 1990's led DIRECTLY to
the EVENTS of 9/11 and to the murder of 3,000 innocent American civilians.

Washington, D.C. has publicized ALL of these PROVEN established Bosnian
Muslim and Albanian KLA links to Al-Qaeda terrorism [all the way to the
Clinton White House - UMPTEEN TIMES over the last four years - including
DEBUNKING the "official" corporate media version of events surrounding
Srebrenica] and yet the Corporate-Controlled Media [including SBS] remain

Instead, SBS prefers to DEMONIZE the Serbs with utterly DEFAMATORY and
RACIST broadcasts such as the BOGUS and utterly MISLEADING July 12 UK
"documentary" [I use this term VERY loosely] on SBS' "The Cutting Edge"
Arab Islamist-Jihadist "Mujaheddin warriors" serving in Al Qaeda today].

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an expatriate American currently residing in Australia. I am familiar
with the events surrounding the Clinton Administration's [mis]handling of
the Rwanda and Bosnia crises during the 90's - having spoken to intelligence
officials who were privy to classified information, including officials
present on the ground when the events occurred. So I have NOT been duped by
"Left revisionists" or the "regime of Slobodan Milosevic and its
propagandists" et al. All four sides have committed atrocities and ethnic
cleansing against civilians - but only one side - the Serbs- have been
demonized repeatedly and labelled as "war criminals" and everyone else the
"victims" -this is grossly unfair, nonsensical and illogical.
I carry no brief for any of the parties concerned in the Bosnia or Rwanda
conflicts - nor do I have an ethnic axe to grind - since I am neither of
Hutu, Tutsi, Serb, Muslim, Albanian or Croat ethnic origin. However I am
aware of the continual attempt to conceal the truth by Clinton
Administration appointees who actively supported radical Islamist terrorists
during the 90's - terrorists who are strongly linked to Al Qaeda. These
Clinton appointees are still in critical positions of power in the Balkan
area [due to their pre-occupation with Iraq, these individuals were NOT
replaced by the current Bush Administration].

I see that you repeat the corporate media claim that 7,000 [or 7,500 or
8,000] Muslim men and boys were killed at Srebrenica and that the "[Bosnian
Serb] perpetrators" have already "confessed". Problem is this, my friend:
the report the corporate media cited as a basis for this allegation is a
FABRICATION forced upon the Bosnian Serb [RS] government by none other than
Paddy Ashdown: the neo-colonial overlord [Office of the High Representative]
of Bosnia-Herzegovina -well known in the UK for his pro-Izetbegovic partisan
views during the 90's. Izetbegovic met with Osama bin Laden in 1993 and
GAVE HIM AN OFFICIAL BOSNIAN PASSPORT to travel freely into and out of

There was NO GENOCIDE in Srebrenica. BEFORE you get angry and upset and
holler : "Serb War Crimes Denier!!"/ "Bosnian Holocaust Denier!!"/"Muslim
Hater!!" or branding me "pro-Serb", I challenge you to PROVE to me that
7,000 [or 8,000] Bosnian muslims were killed there.Since it is logically
impossible to prove a negative [i.e you cannot logically "disprove" anything
- in reality you must PROVE something], the onus is on YOU to come up with
the concrete PROOF that this massacre occurred, and not for me or anybody
else to prove that it DIDN'T occur . I don't see ANYTHING even remotely
resembling positive PROOF on your website - and yet, based on your
editorials in the past you implicitly decry and label any and all
websites/researchers which expose the Srebrenica fraud [i.e that it has NOT
been PROVEN beyond reasonable doubt] as liars: in effect implicitly
labelling them "Serbian war crimes deniers"- an extremely biased and
illogical conclusion if there ever was one.

When I say PROOF, I don't mean statements and/or sources controlled by, or
closely allied with that illegal [under international law] and corrupt
UN/NATO globalist-inspired institution known as the "ICTY"; corrupt because
it receives its funding from NATO member governments, corporate America
[AOL/Time Warner/Disney] and people like ruthless currency speculator and
professional Bush-basher, George Soros and his "Open Society Institute" and
"International Crisis Group" All of the aforementioned groups have a direct
or indirect interest in controlling and exploiting the territories'
geostrategic position and wealth/resources/labor -clearly a conflict of
interest n their part. Relying on sources such as these is just as bad [if
not worse] as being "duped by Serbian propaganda".

Why would I so unequivocally state that the "Srebrenica massacre" story is
a hoax? Because I have yet to be shown convincing PROOF from a TRULY
independent source [i.e., independent of the US and independent of NATO
governments] i.e., a truly independent forensic scientists' team of experts
comprised from various non-NATO States as well as reports from various UN
observers on location on the ground in Srebrenica at the time [when said
massacre allegedly occurred], who would SWEAR [under penalty of perjury
leading to imprisonment] in an affidavit that they have concrete proof that
7,000 muslim men and boys were massacred by gunshot at close range [ and NOT
Bosnian muslim troops killed in combat with Serbian forces] and that they
have positively identified these remains as belonging to Bosnian muslims
[who were unarmed non-combatants].

I also unhesitatingly challenge the mass media claim in corporate media news
reports in 2004 that "Bosnian Serb authorities have made the first official
admission that their forces took part in the murder of thousands of Muslim
men and boys at Srebrenica in 1995..."

The referenced "official report" of the Bosnian Serb [RS- Republic of
'Srpska'] government is a complete and total fabrication FORCED upon the
government of RS by two individuals in the Office of the High Representative
(OHR) of Bosnia Herzegovina: chiefly, US Ambassador Donald S. Hays, the
Deputy High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the High
Representative himself: former British politician, Lord Paddy Ashdown. The
latter has the power to summarily dismiss ANY official of the Bosnian Serb
government - including the Prime Minister of RS - should they refuse to obey
his orders. Threats were made in 2003 to use this power in order to force RS
government officials to comply by publishing the report. Here are some
excerpts from three articles which appeared in the prestigious journal of
the Washington-based International Strategic Studies Association [ISSA]- one
prominent subscriber of the ISSA journal "Defense & Foreign Affairs
Strategic Policy" being a well known Australian politician - now current
Australian Labor Party [ALP] leader Kim Beazley - which confirm my sources
[] :

The articles are by ISSA president and world renowned intelligence expert,
Mr. Gregory Copley, who incidentally was briefly interviewed on an
Australian current affairs program [the 7:30 Report] in relation to
terrorism and the war in Iraq - and NOT some "Leftist revisionist" or
"ignorant dupe of Serbian propaganda".


[Excerpts begin here]

'...On the eve of the dedication of a monument to Muslims killed at
Srebrenica, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1995, a group which includes a former
UN official, intelligence experts, and journalists, released a statement on
September 18, 2003, challenging the alleged casualty number of 7,000 victims
as "vastly inflated and unsupported by evidence"...'


'...In essence, Amb. Hays and Lord Ashdown are attempting to force the
Government of Republica Srpska (RS) to admit that Serbs were responsible for
killing thousands of Muslims at Srebrenica."

'...The Government of Republica Srpska’s leadership — indeed any of the
elected officials of the state — can be summarily dismissed immediately by
the High Representative at any time should they refuse to obey his orders,
regardless of whether or not the officials were democratically elected or
whether the High Representative’s own actions violate the Dayton Accords,
which he was put in office to sustain. This threat was implicit in the
ultimatum delivered by Amb. Hays in a series of meetings he held with the
Republica Srpska Prime Minister, Mladen Ivanic, in late August and early
September 2003 in Banja Luka, the RS capital...

'...Amb. Hays presented the [RS] Prime Minister with a document — on the
letterhead of the Office of the High Representative (OHR) — which the
Government of Republica Srpska was "advised" to accept as à fait accompli,
in which three major points were made. The content of the two-page document
was to be re-issued by the Government of Republica Srpska, probably through
the RS Office of Human Rights, as though it represented the RS "final
report" on the Srebrenica issue."

'...Amb. Hays’ two-page document was expected to lead to a statement,
possibly as early as September 8, 2003, by RS officials, which would not
only serve to protect the Clinton Administration officials, including the
former US President, but would also serve as an admission of guilt of Serbs
for killing thousands of Muslims who, in fact, were not known to have been

' Several hundred bodies have been found as a result of the fighting in and
around Srebrenica, but the Islamists and their supporters have claimed
figures which grow higher with each telling, with figures now claiming some
15,000 alleged deaths. At the same time, there is no acknowledgement of the
Muslim killing of thousands of Serbs at Srebrenica earlier in the war, when
the city was supposed to have been a demilitarized zone.

'...The document which Hays has been pushing essentially forces the RS
Government to state that:

1. Nothing is unclear in the Srebrenica investigation except the number of
victims. In other words, the Islamist propaganda, supported by Ashdown — who
has long been disavowed in the UK by his former colleagues in the Royal
Marines because of his unequivocal acceptance of Islamist propaganda — is
accepted as fact by the RS Government, thereby admitting guilt for crimes
never committed;

2. The RS apologizes to the Muslims for earlier RS statements which disputed
the Islamist propaganda; and

3. A new commission would be organized which would investigate further what
happened at Srebrenica, despite the RS Government’s à priori acceptance —
implicit in point one of the statement — of the alleged crime. This
"commission" would include three individuals from RS (not necessarily
selected by the RS Government), three from the "international community" and
one from an unspecified non-governmental organization.

'The Government of RS would have to pay for the work of the new

' Sources in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Washington have made it clear to GIS
that the present US Bush Administration has been totally ignoring
developments in the former Yugoslavia because of preoccupations with Iraq
and the "war on terror", while former Clinton Administration appointees,
actively supported by the George Soros Foundation — which has been avowedly
anti-Serb and anti-Bush — have been able to compound their control of the
area. Significantly, as numerous GIS reports have shown, the Iranian and
al-Qaida/bin Laden terrorist infrastructure in Bosnia and Serbia-Montenegro
has been increasingly active during 2003, preparing for a new breakout to
draw US pressure away from Iran and al-Qaida activities elsewhere.

It appeared that the OHR wanted the statement issued before the opening of a
Muslim monument — essentially a shrine which was being promoted as a site
for annual Muslim pilgrimages from around the world — memorializing the
radical Islamist allegations about events in Srebrenica to occur on
September 19, 2003. The unveiling of the monument would be attended by
former US Pres. William Clinton, and "finalizing" the Srebrenica case would
help stop the ongoing wave of allegations of illegal Clinton Administration
activity in supporting radical Islamist activities in Bosnia during the
1990s. This is particularly critical given the fact that a significant
number of the Islamist terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks on the United States had strong links into the Bosnian
Muslims whom Clinton had supported.

The US Embassy in Sarajevo donated $1-million to the construction of the
"shrine", even though all proper investigations of the Srebrenica affair in
fact showed the Islamists’ claims to be unsubstantiated and, in many
respects, without foundation at all.

'...Recent information emerging from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and particularly
from the RS investigations into the Srebrenica affair and other aspects of
terrorism in the region, have highlighted the fact that the Clinton
Administration had, during the war, facilitated the Islamist terrorist
activities because of the Clinton Administration’s need to demonize the
Serbs in order to provide a casus belli for US-led military actions in the
area to distract from domestic US political problems. Significantly, when
the Muslim representatives involved in building the "shrine" in Srebrenica
approached New York Mayor Michael Blumberg to establish a sister-city
relationship with New York, the Mayor refused, based on intelligence showing
the link between the Bosnian Islamists and the al-Qaida attacks on his city.

[Excerpts end here]


It is clear that the claim that "7,000 muslim men and boys were killed at
Srebrenica" is a blatant corporate mass media LIE used by the
Clinton/Albright team to take the American public's attention away from
Clinton's crimes both at home and abroad.Forget the Monica Lewinsky/Paula
Jones/Jennifer Flowers/Juanita Broaddrick sex and rape scandals: I'm talking
about something FAR more SERIOUS and DEADLY. I'm actually referring to
Clinton's support during the 90's of Bosnia's Islamist "president", Alija
Izetbegovic, and his alliance with Osama bin Laden [Izetbegovic gave him an
official Bosnian passport in 1993] and fanatical Islamist terrorists from
Iran,Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia - these terrorists being
directly linked to the Al Qaeda organizers and perpetrators of 9/11.

Add to that the high treason of giving away US nuclear secrets to the
Communist Chinese government [exposed in the Congressional 700 page Cox
Report] and you have plenty of reasons to harp on about a fabricated
"genocide of muslims" . Interestingly enough, the brother of Bin Laden's #2
man, Dr.Ayman Al Zawahiri, was up until recently [before he got thrown in an
Egyptian jail] training KLA terrorists in Kosovo [and prior to that
Izetbegovic's Islamist allies in Bosnia] in full view of US/NATO troops.

I suggest that you and your research team check these facts for themselves.
It is high time that the truth of Clinton Administration support during the
90's of radical Islamist terrorists - terrorists linked to the September 11
attacks on innocent civilians in the United States - is exposed.

See the ACTUAL report published by the RS government in September 2002 - a
report thoroughly exposing the alleged "genocide" of 7,000 muslims as a
complete and total fabrication. This is the REAL Bosnian Serb government
report SUPPRESSED by Ashdown and his cronies in the OHR [as well as by the
corporate media] available at:

Now, onto Clinton's other BOGUS and fabricated "genocide"; the alleged
"massacre" of 11,000 Albanians in Kosovo- referred to by the corporate mass
media as "Kosovars" [the same way that Bosnian muslims were referred to as
"Bosnians"[or was it 100,000 to 500,000 slaughtered? Never mind, I really
couldn't keep up with Jamie Rubin -who just happens to be the husband of
CNN's Christianne Amanpour- but then again, who's counting, right?!]

Amazingly enough, the majority of these Albanian "Kosovars" just happen to
belong to yet another "victimized and persecuted" minority religious group
in ex-Yugoslavia: i.e., muslims! How convenient for Clinton/Albright and
their cover-up of support for Al Qaeda Islamist terrorists in Bosnia, that
those "dastardly evil Serbs" just weren't satisfied with their [alleged]
perpetrating of "genocide of 7,000 muslims at Srebrenica", that they had to
further worsen their public [corporate-media shaped] image abroad by
committing yet another horrible "genocide" of hundreds of thousands [or was
it tens of thousands?] of innocent Kosovars. Oh yes, I forgot what you've
been telling me for the last 10+ years, the Serbs are "Nazis" and horrible
"evil monsters" who just can't help themselves, since it's just "in their
blood" to kill their innocent muslim neighbors [shades of Nazi-style racist
propganda thrown in for good measure by the corporate media].

Last year, in April 2004, on the 10th anniversary of the [genuine] Rwanda
genocide, on an Australian current affairs program [the ABC 7:30 Report],
they had a former "UN war crimes prosecutor" who made the following comment:

"Fortunately, in Kosovo, even though a lot of people
did lose their lives, NATO was not as slow as what
happened, for example, in Rwanda and Bosnia."

This comment implies that what happened in Rwanda was
a result of the US Clinton Administration and NATO
being "slow" to act, and that while this contributed
to the genocide in Rwanda, at least in the case of
Kosovo this "slowness" on the part of the US Clinton Administration
and NATO was miraculously avoided.

Nothing could be further from the truth - in both
instances. The US government, along with NATO states
knew EXACTLY what was going on in Rwanda - but
patently refused to call it by its proper
term-i.e.,genocide;unlike in Kosovo, where the term
'genocide' was frivolously being bandied about by NATO
governments even BEFORE the bombing by US/NATO
aircraft commenced.

In fact it was NOT a matter of being "slow" to act in
the case of Rwanda - and "quick" to act in the case of
Kosovo;it was actually a matter of outright REFUSAL by
the Clinton/Albright team to acknowledge that genocide
was happening in Rwanda and then deliberately
obstructing-at every turn- every effort by UN
peacekeepers to prevent the genocide of up to 800,000

Why did the US Clinton Administration do this?
One possible answer can be found at the following URL:

In a report by an eminent panel entitled "Rwanda:The
Preventable Genocide" by the Organization for African
Unity [now the African Union-released in May 2000] it
is openly declared that even though the US was fully
aware that genocide was occurring in Rwanda, then-US
ambassador to the UN, Madeleine Albright, was
responsible for "playing the key role"in "tossing up
roadblocks" at the UN to "..prevent effective action"
to stop the genocide.

Isn't it strange how Clinton and Albright were ACTIVELY involved in direct
actions at the UN to ensure that the Rwanda genocide took place [ which is
far worse and completely different to doing 'nothing' at all]and yet claim
that they were intervening on the side of of a known terrorist organization
[the KLA] in Kosovo and siding with the Iranian-backed Islamist regime of
Alija Izetbegovic [a known Osama bin Laden ally] in Bosnia because they were
allegedly trying to "prevent genocide"? It just ISN'T credible.

See the story at:
The report can be viewed in its entirety at:

As terrible as the carnage committed by all three
sides was during the Bosnian civil war from '92 to
'95, it certainly did NOT qualify as anything
approaching genocide of any single ethnic group in the
war [i.e., deliberate extermination of an entire
people].See for example the articles by the
prestigious International Strategic Studies

Nor did what occurred in Kosovo in 1999 (max. 2,200 to
2,500 deaths in total for all civilian and military
personnel on ALL sides from ALL causes-including "accidental" NATO
bombing of civilian victims) qualify as genocide
either-despite Clinton/NATO claims to the contrary.
See for example the article by renowned Canadian author, Professor Michel

Since June '99, at least 95% of the pre-war
non-Albanian minority population of 19 distinct ethnic
groups [amounting to approximately 350,000 people] has
been ethnically cleansed from the province under the
very supervision of NATO troops who were supposed to
be protecting them. The NATO bombing of Serbia/Kosovo
in 1999 had less to do with preventing genocide and
more to do with "regime change"in Belgrade just as the
2003 war in Iraq had less to do with preventing an
attack by WMD and more to do with installing a
compliant regime in Baghdad.

The attempt by US and NATO governments to exonerate
themselves by, in effect, saying: "Well we know that
800,000 people were masscared in Rwanda and it's
really an unfortunate and sad thing we didn't prevent
it because we were just too slow to act, but, hey, at
least we prevented genocide in Kosovo and you have to
give us credit for that" is a lame and specious
argument not supported by the facts.


Pete Robert North.

PS: The Srebrenica Hoax was a Cover Up for Clinton's support of Alija
Izetbegovic: a fanatical Al Qaeda Islamist Jihad supporter and close friend
of Osama bin Laden and KNOWN WAR CRIMINAL Nasir Oric [to top it all off, the
terrorist KLA leader was Agim Ceku - also a KNOWN WAR CRIMINAL -who worked
with the brother of Osama bin Laden's #2 man, Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri - also
another Al Qaeda fanatic supported by Clinton and NATO]

AFTERWORD: I was unaware of the statement by UN operative Mr Branco (available in full here) which clearly supports the case that the Srebrenica massacre (of Moslems) is a deliberate race libel in which the BBC, ITN etc have engaged. Australia did not publically support the bombing so theoretically one would expect their media to be less partial unless we assume that the anglophone media really are a unitary propaganda organisation.

Unfortunately the evidence that the entire world media were told by Albright that she had quite "deliberately set the bar to high" to ensure war but wanted the world's media to lie by saying that it was the Serbs who were preventing agreement. Though the news off this briefing has leaked out it is a matter of record that all of them lied at the time. Anybody searching Google's latest newspaper stories will also have noted how often stories & even headlines are repeated verbatim even continents apart. The world's media is not competitive it clearly acts to spread the same lies worldwide. There is obviously a lot of common ownership (ie Murdoch) but I suspect more of it is arranged at cosy chats between owners at Bilderberg & suchlike.

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Very funny. Skewers the bastards with a very sharp knife. (click on title to link).

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