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Friday, August 12, 2005


Letter unsurprisingly unpublished:

When appraising Robin Cook's legacy we should remember his words about the importance of us having an "ethical foreign policy". We should equally remember his statement to Parliament 2 months prior to the bombing of Yugoslavia that the majority of the killings in Kosovo were racial killings of Serb civilians by our KLA friends & his subsequent absolute support for the largely civilian bombing of Yugoslavia to help the genocidal campaign of these same KLA friends on the grounds that this was "humanitarian bombing".

It is paradoxical that were the Yugoslav war crimes court to be in any way impartial & therefore to have brought Mr Cook, & others apparently guilty of the crime of planning aggressive war, to trial instead of Mr Milosevic he would be imprisoned but still alive.

Whatever his actions over the Iraq war history will ultimately judge him by his commitment to genocide in the wars where the genocide & the destruction of the rule of law was first made part of global poliitics.

UPDATE - I find this letter was published by the Daily Mirror in England.

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