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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

EU Chief Science Advisor - Bosses Say "Find me the evidence"

   Anne Glover, the EU's Chief Science Advisor has denounced the EU's rulers in a job destroying manner. Via Bishop Hill & EU Referendum.
“Let’s imagine a Commissioner over the weekend thinks, ‘Let’s ban the use of credit cards in the EU because credit cards lead to personal debt’. So that commissioner will come in on Monday morning and say to his or her Director General, ‘Find me the evidence that demonstrates that this is the case.’”

    Quite remarkable since she is not some sort of competent, dedicated scientist. quite the opposite as I have previously described:

    Here is a review of a lecture on CAGW she did some years ago when she was still Scotland's Chief Science Advisor.  Her assertion that warming would increase day length seemed to show a remarkable ignorance of science but it was clear the lecture she was giving was one used for her main job - going round schools frightening children with the CAGW scare.

    That she is less able to thole the eurocrats than 10 year old schoolkids, and has presumably decided to get them to fire her, is interesting.
      I did invite her to answer this depiction apparent ignorance of orbital mechanics but she decided not to.

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