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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dalgety Bay Scare Raises Its Ugly & Fraudulent Head again

  Newspaper letter sent out a few days ago. That the entirely false Dalgety Bay radiation scare is promoted by SEPA and the BBC, is scandalous. The rest of the media are not willing to allow serious reporting of the facts either:

       Once again we see the Dalgety Bay scare story being hawked around by the most scaremongering, and least reliable, parts of the media (that would be the BBC & Guardian). 
       The facts are that not only is there zero evidence of any harm whatsoever.
      Worse SEPA (nor indeed anybody else) have even attempted to deny that the very maximum radium that could have been put on that site 65 years ago was 0.25 grams, one quarter of what is there naturally and 36 billion times less than the 9 tonnes of uranium and thorium in a normal square mile of soil)
      Which is why SEPA have known but kept silent that the radiation at Dalgety Bay, all perfectly natural, is over 1/3rd lower than found, equally naturally, in any Aberdeen street.
      Rather worse that, though SEPA have publicly claimed to have found "the daughter elements of radium" as part of their collection of rocks there is only 1 such element, Radon gas, which, being an unreactive gas, could not possibly be a rock.
      This scare may have provided years of gainful employment to government "environmental officers" but it has cost the taxpayer many millions of £s and by planning blight, cost homeowners in Dalgety Bay at least as much. All for a scare which any honest scientist knows to be false.
      If it were not the Ruhr, over which a thousand times as many, with miniscule amounts of radium containing paints, were destroyed, would have been uninhabited ever since.
Neil Craig
Ref - the theoretical maximum exposure
a range of articles on the subject, none disputed by SEPA

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To clarify - one acre of soil to a depth of 6 inches contains about 1000 tonnes. So a square mile of that depth would contain 640,000 tonnes. The normal rate of inclusion of thorium and uranium varies a lot, but 9 parts per million would not be uncommon. So to provide the 9 tonnes you quoted would require a depth of about 9" - about what a plough would normally turn over.
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