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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recent Reading

Strathclyde University is setting up a new space hub
EU election poll - UKIP 30%, Labour 28%, Tories 21%
I would expect us to do better as we get closer to the poll and the media have to at least occasionally mention us and also following the Farage/Clegg debate.
On the other hand 2% is within the margin of error of polls and we will certainly get less than this in Scotland.
Fewer people calling themselves "environmentalist" (well OK in the US)
Millennial generation least likely to call themselves environmentalists
The US doesn't have a manned space programme any more - this & the need to hitch on the Russians, may explain why they are only posturing over Crimea.
Mike Haseler has a new blog about UKIP in Scotland
Remember the IPCC's fraud about the Himalayas going to be melted by 2025 which got a lot of media coverage originally and relatively little when disproven. Well it seems that not only are they not melting the ice there is growing (like everywhere else). No media coverage.
Von Mises says the US transcontinental railway system built with active government assistance (not to mention a lot of bribery)  was not only a market distortion but a bad one. I don't agree but one should read things one disagrees with.
Lehman's has repaid 100% if its debts. That means it was never really insolvent.
Britain is "uninvestible" for energy. That is BAD. That does not mean just an "energy gap" of a few years when the lights go out.
A reminder from Prof Colin McInnes that, despite billions thrown at windmill subsidies, nuclear remains our largest electricity generator. 

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