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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Recent Reading

   Bristol Spaceplanes crowdsourcing £150,000 towards spaceplane development.
   And a bit of the history of lost opportunities.
We are all doomed because of climate change - links to dozens of articles from the (non-existent the current alarmists lie) 1970s global cooling scare.
Physicist create synthetic magnetic monopoles. I remember when this was a staple of Larry Niven's stories about the Belters (settlers in the Asteroid belt) - monopoles being the equivalent of gold, In some ways it would be a shame if the adventure of going out looking for them turned out to be unnecessary and we can just run them off a production line.

Nonetheless yet another instance of scientific progress actually outstripping the "we were promised jetpacks" science fiction - and it being only political parasitism that is holding us back.
And another - teleportation. Well OK this is only at the quantum level which is very different from the Star Trek version.
How successful is fracking? Well the United Arab Emirates are planning on importing this hydrocarbon energy source from the USA to the Gulf.
Via the GWPF - could the failure of prophesied warming over the last 18 years discredit science. My view is not because science itself is such an impartial process and because, despite all the lies about a "consensus of 97%/99%/99.9%" etc of scientists supporting it the truth is that if not one single scientist anywhere in the world, out of the 40% not paid by the state, supports it, claims of consensus (except for a sceptical consensus) simply cannot be in any way truthful.

However the author does make the fair point that national scientific bodies have overwhelmingly supported the fraud (& are overwhelmingly state funded. When the fraud disappears there will have to be major changes in these corrupt government funded sock puppets.
Unifying Scotland's police forces under one man directly responsible to Alex Salmond is a bad thing for freedom. From Brian Wilson:

I never fancied the idea of a single, Scotland-wide police force and I fancy it a lot less having read Sir Stephen House’s over-zealous recent epistle to The Scotsman in response to concerns expressed by Lord McCluskey on the issue of corroboration.

......But when it comes to the justice system, there are particular reasons for being wary of reforms that blow away established safeguards and replace them with a system that is much closer to political control. 

There used to be three legs to Scotland’s police stool – “the trilogy” as it was known. Central government was the funder, chief constables ran operations and were accountable to police authorities, made up of elected councillors. The creation of a national police force kicked away one leg and the two that remain now seem interlocked.
And here is a use of 3D printing nobody would have thought of before it happened. Via the estimable Register.A 3D baby in its presentation box. Pic: 3D BabiesYour very own plastic foetus.

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