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Monday, February 10, 2014

A NeW Way To Hide The Decline - Destroy Your Own Measuring Instruments

    Some time ago it was noticed that the number of sites recording temperature worldwide were being reduced. The suspicious might conclude that this was not because modern measurement systems allow measurements at sites where measurement has been ended,

    Here are 3 new examples, all from the latest SEPP Newsletter. Anybody interested in whether we are experiencing alleged catastrophic global warming or whether it is a totalitarian lie promoted by state parasites (I don't think there is a 3rd option) should follow SEPP. You can sign up for it on
The Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

 Last week, TWTW reported that the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean array of buoys is failing for lack of maintenance. These buoys monitor the warming and cooling events in the equatorial Pacific, known respectively as El Niño and La Niña, which are important natural for climate change. About 50% of the NOAA-maintained buoys are not reporting. The budget for maintaining the buoys fell from about $10-$12 million to $2-3 million. Somehow Washington can spend $22.6 billion in 2013 on climate change but not maintain critical instruments on understanding weather and climate change. The amount for buoys is tiny compared to DOE spending on renewables.

TWTW Reader Timothy Wise reminded us of a GAO report last February, which stated that there is a significant timing gap between the end of scheduled life existing satellites, and replacement with new satellites. The US has two complementary sets of satellites, polar-orbiting ones, and geostationary ones. They are used by weather forecasters, climatologists, the military, etc. According to the GAO report, the timing gap between end of scheduled life and replacement with new satellites could span from 17 to 53 months or more, depending on how long the current satellite lasts and any delays in launching or operating the new one. As reported in past TWTWs, based on three separate, but somewhat overlapping government reports, the US has spent some $165 billion on climate change since 1993, but the US cannot spend the money needed to maintain critical instrumentation. Another source for funds is the $8 Billion in "Energy Payments in Lieu of Tax Provisions in the FY 2013 Federal Climate Change Expenditures. A new report will not come out until early 2015. See link under Measurement Issues.


+++Government abandons temperature records+++
By Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, Feb 4, 2014
Carbon dioxide is still a greenhouse gas of course, but it is startling to realise that the government has effectively abandoned the temperature records as evidence for global warming. Everything comes down to the climate models.
[SEPP Comment: If the data does not agree with the models, discard the data?]


    That does indeed look like it - even the alarmist pseudo-scientists & political parasites do not not expect that future measurements will support their claims and would rather have absolutely no evidence, even evidence they "collate and interpret", than what they expect to come out. 

    Note, in particular that the only explanation they have for zero warming over the last 18 years is that, in some manner not explained by the Laws of Thermodynamics, all the heat has been going into the oceans. If they believed that they would certainly want the buoys to remain in place so that they could prove it. On the other hand if they believe their explanation is a lie they would certainly wish to nbe able to let the measuring system fail by not paying for maintenance.

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