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Friday, January 24, 2014

Scotland - We Will Have Monte Carlo Climate ;-)

    This is a graph of world temperatures:

    I find this of interest in relation to the alleged catastrophic warming scare.

   Basically if the scare were true we could all, on average, expect to move to the next warmer band - 5 C warmer.

   If James Hansen's famous prediction in 1988 - 3-9 Fahrenheit warmer and a 1-4 ft sea level rise by 2025/50 - had in any way been true we would surely have noticed 26 years later (with 11-36 years to go), indeed be at least half way there.

   As a Scot I would now expect us to have the sort of climate previously seen on the border between
the yellow & brown zones - western France, Benidorm in Spain, Monte Carlo, central Greece.

   Can't say I have noticed it.

   To be fair I can see that a 5 C rise - from the massive Brown zone to the very small red spots in New Guinea, south Sahara & Andes would make a major change, unless, of course, Hansen's prediction that the increase would be greater at the poles and less near the equator, were true.

    But obviously reality shows none of it is.


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