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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Ultimate Resource

      I thought it worth mentioning 2 serendipitous discoveries of resources available at sea. Once again proof that we are not "running out of resources" & never will as long as human ingenuity is allowed.

Japan has discovered methane hydrate lying over a large area in the Sea of Japan in northwestern Japan, in addition to previously discovered areas in the Pacific Ocean, the trade ministry said.

The government plans to spend the next three years trying to determine the nation’s reserves of methane hydrate – a frozen gas known as “flammable ice” – as part of its goal to achieve commercial production within six years.
A geological survey in June and July confirmed 225 “gas chimney” structures off Joetsu and Noto Peninsula, which likely contain methane hydrate, the ministry said. The survey also confirmed shallow methane ice forming over a large area within one of the structures.
In March, Japan succeeded in producing 120,000 cubic meters of gas over six days from a test tapping of methane hydrate in the Pacific Ocean off Aichi Prefecture in central Japan.


Freshwater reserves have been found under the ocean floor  that could sustain future generations.
Australian researchers claim to have found 500,000 cubic kilometres (120,000 cubic miles) of freshwater buried beneath the seabed on continental shelves off Australia, China, North America and South Africa

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Isn't that stuff what the guy from Dallas discovered at the start of the recent remake/rehash of the soap?
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