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Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Mandela News The Media Won't Report Though It Shows His Nobility

      The broadcast media are still, after 2 days making the death of a 95 year old 3rd world politician the almost the only news in the entire world (C4 news last night apologised for having to give 30 seconds out of an hour to reporting the World Cup draw). For more than they did for Thatcher & infinitely more obsequiously. Objectively Thatcher us far more important to the world let alone in Britain.

       My contribution is I have decided to link to this post by Steve Sailer with something you are definitely not going to hear from any "official" MSM source. Indeed I will submit it as  letter to the nation's press to prove that statement.

     It shows the essential decency, love of country and freedom nobility he had.

     It also shows a degree of Machiavellian ruthlessness and disbelief in democracy, which allowed him to do the right thing when the plaster saint the media are erecting could never have done it.

     Also that real politics, behind the scenes, is not remotely as simple and black and white as what we, the audience, are shown by the "mainstream media":

You may vaguely recall that the first open election in South Africa in 1994 was accompanied by huge lines at the polling booths and scenes of chaos at vote-counting centers. The media predicted it might take weeks to tabulate all the ballots. Then, almost instantly, the final, official results were announced, with no one objecting that that was logistically impossible.

Several years later, The Economist explained what happened: The vote counting was indeed chaotic and looked to go on indefinitely, but early returns conclusively showed Mandela's African National Congress winning a crushing victory that would give it the 2/3rd's majority needed to write the new constitution all by itself. So, Mandela called together the leaders of opposition parties and told them he was rigging the results to restrict his own party to about 5/8ths of the seats so that the new constitution would require some support from other parties to pass. He also gave local control of the Cape province to the white-led party and the KwaZulu province to the Zulu party. Not surprisingly, the opposition was deeply grateful and while many within the ANC were angry, they could hardly overrule Mandela.

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