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Friday, December 06, 2013

Shettleston By Election

    The Shettleston by election result. 4th place puts us well ahead of the LudDums and, as always, the Greens. 3rd would have been wonderful but beating those 2 is well worth it. This ward was always a certainty for Labour so winning was never an issue, what matters is the trend. What we did manage was to put more people on the ground than the Tories - basically, as a party their members are averaging about 80, and I suspect their voters aren't much younger.  

Name of CandidatePolitical PartyElectedVotes
Martin NEILLScottish Labour Party Yes202653.56%
Laura DOHERTYScottish National Party (SNP) 108628.71%
Raymond MCCRAEScottish Conservative and Unionist Party2245.92%
Arthur Misty THACKERAYUKIP1293.41%
Jamie COCOZZAScottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition681.80%
James SPEIRSScottish Liberal Democrats 53

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Even though this is a Labour Fiefdom, any sympathy vote for Thackeray evaporated when he took part in the defenestration of Lord Monckton et al.

Your list of Candidates omitted several, also rans, and to be fair here is the full list in alphabetical order.

Charles BAILLIE (Britannica) 31

Tommy BALL (Scottish Socialist Party - People Not Profit) 35

Jamie COCOZZA (Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 68

Laura DOHERTY (Scottish National Party (SNP) 1,086

Alasdair DUKE (Scottish Green Party) 41

John FLANAGAN (No Bedroom Tax - No Welfare Cuts) 50

Raymond MCCRAE (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 224

Victor MURPHY (Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship") 34

Martin NEILL (Scottish Labour Party) 2,025 - ELECTED

James SPIERS (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 53


James TROLLAND (Scottish Democratic Alliance) 6

While my personal admiration for Monckton is unstinted (I regard him as pretty nearly the only genuine intellectual in current British politics) I very much doubt if the average Shettlestonian knew anything about him let alone had their vote swayed.
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